The bread chronicles - part two
I'm working on...


Sarah Jackson

it matches your pretty pretty eyes! Love it.


i think the girls each need one.........

Julie (Knitsational)

Instant it!


That was quick. definitely cute too.

Account Deleted

Oh, and i just enjoy coming here to see the variety of going on's in your life Erin. And for the green paint in your house!

Account Deleted

another great hat, you have given yourself a gorgeous collection this season!


you do blue really well!

Mary-The Yellow Door Paperie

I like this!


Love this! It is so cute, I love the color. and anything chunky rocks.


Dang, you're fast. I adore how chunky that is.


so cute... i really need to learn how to knit.


cute! !!! !!!!!


That's so funny---I just made one yesterday almost exactly like that (a little more teal) using your Rose Hill Hat as a model!

I think I'll try this pattern and see which I like better.


I just saw that hat on Ravelry last night. This is a sign that I must make this to match my new scarf! Did you use double pointed needles? If not, how do you knit in the round without dpn's or circulars?


1 Hour? Whoopee!

Chara Michele

Cute! :)


Perfect. Just this morning I thought about knitting a little hat for a young friend who is leaving soon to work at a camp in Colorado!


Love that hat!!!


You are so pretty. I see where your girl gets her lovely auburn hair. And a cap in an hour; I could go for that!


nice!!! great color too.


It's very cute.. & I thought I would be the first to tell you how great you look in blue. :) Thanks for sharing ALL the details (yarn, needles)... I'm really bad at getting it all right. Very helpful!

Mellissa - wondermommy

I really, really wish that I could knit. That hat is fabulous!


It's so cute on you!

mary smith

One hour, wow! Cute is the word that sprung to my mind too! Love the photo of you!


ooh, thank-you so much for the link! Yours turned out fabulous! I'm thinking an hour for you = 1 week of knitting time for me!


how many unfinished projects is too many when considering casting on for something new?


Well...look at you! Very flattering hat for your pretty face. You know...I've visited you for a long time now...and you never fail to inspire. Where does all this creative energy come from? It's really quite fascinating. Please stop in some time for a little visit.

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