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The bread chronicles - part one



You go girl! How about a simple stitch-in-the-ditch approach??


go lady !


Oh my! This is beautiful and I would not quilt over the art.
Because the top took you so much longer than expected and because you do not want to take anything away from the art work; I think the best thing may be to stich all the straight lines. Just outline each and every peice of fabric.
What a priceless treasure some blessed person will receive.
Enjoy lunch!


what a treasure you're creating!

Meg Evans

It's just wonderful! I echo the stitch in the ditch suggestions--even if you don't quilt over the drawings, additional quilt lines would distract, imo.


Oh Erin! That's FANTASTIC!!! I can't WAIT to see what the other one is going to look like!


If it were me I would make my quilting lines in the middle of the printed border fabric on each piece of art, then in the middle of each of the linen (?) pieces around the border piece. So each art piece would have two squares of stitching around it to mimic the two squares of fabric around it.


You are so good! I am totally procrastinating my class project! We made summer pics(8x8) since the theme is "summer at the shores." I am doing borders for each square(16x16 finished)and quilt with stitch in the ditch.At least that is my plan...

amy h

You could go old-school and just stitch in the ditch. What a fun quilt.a


I was just coming here to suggest "quilting in the ditch" but see I've been beat to it! It looks wonderful!

Gretchen Skovron

Oh that is awesome! I just finished a quilt too and posted it on my blog today.


Oh my goodness, that is wonderful! I'd probably quilt it in the middle of the borders and sashing, like Sarah mentioned. Since I can't stipple, that's how I've done my quilting. Just follow the lines.


it looks great!

Sarah Jackson

if your desire is to do as much continuous stitching as possible (my preference, always) then I'd follow the stitch in the ditch advice - going all the way from one end to the other, across the block and then back down, across the next block, etc. Then reverse going the other way so that when you look at the back, it's a grid. Same concept as Kathy Mack's pencil roll, but going both from bottom to top and from side to side. If I weren't concerned about constant thread cutting, then I'd probably outline each square somehow.

Regardless, it's beautiful.

Account Deleted

This made me happy today.

Nadia Lewis

I love the frames!


So fun! :) Congrats on getting this far. I can't wait to see it all quilted!


It looks great Erin! I would just quilt in straight lines in one direction, then do it again turning the quilt 90 degrees. That way you can "box" in the art, but also do it in continuous lines. Does that make sense? I think I made it sound more confusing than it is. Can't wait to see it finished!

oops, I just realized Sarah said the same thing. Anyway, that's the quickest way and it looks nice too!

Julie (Knitsational)

Wow, that looks great! I would love to learn to quilt.


my df Wendy made me something similar with my children's art work and she used fancy buttons to embellish the kids pictures with that had the double use of tying the quilt. She also stitched in the ditch.

Mama Urchin

It looks great. For my grandmother's quilt (with the handprints) Amanda Jean free motion quilted arond the handprints.


what a great quilt!


I think it would look cute with a cursive alphabet in the sashing.

kat \ Taylor Made designs

oh erin, this is so beautiful. I'm sure this is a big ticket item at the school auction. Congrats. They must absolutely love you.


I love this so much! Good luck with the quilting (and the other one, too)!


I love the kid's art work on the quilt. I bet it will bring in a mint.


yeah. what they said. ( you know i have no idea)

that is so sweet. i would SO bid on it.


It is lovely! I'm in the same boat with not knowing how to quilt a project. I wish I had some good suggestions but I don't. I'm sure you will come up with something fantastic.


This is beautiful. i am no expert, but i think quilting over the straight lines might work.
I love the border.


How cute is that!? This will be a very popular item.


This is just the greatest!


oh, i predict a bidding frenzy! absolutley darling.


That is awesome! I think quilts always do well in auctions and are so cherished!


It's delish, like all your other projects. Details of the auction? Outsiders allowed to bid?


You are such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing the fun...again!

Jane Weston

I did a project like that with my DD's class many many moons ago. How about a meandering stitch all over but the artwork...The kids will love it!


erin - this is so great! looooooove the border. well done.


great quilt! another idea would be with so many straight lines do some scrolls in the frames of the blocks, then it won't be so...(straight) it will have more interest. I used to work in a quilt shop and my friend always said when you have so many straight lines it looks better quilted with curves and when you have curves do straight.


yay hooray, and man it's cute! I love the border!


Wow - looks great already! I'm not a quilter, so can give no advice nor opinion on how to finish it up, but as a parent (and consumer) I know that it will go fast and high at the auction whatever you decide to do. Please move to my neighbourhoood in Canada so that we can have one of your quilts at my boys' school auction. It's a crazy -30 CELSIUS here today and I need a good quilt to keep me warm!


You HAVE been busy! It looks very good. I don't know anything about quilting, but I'm sure you could quilt around each section of artwork and perhaps hand sew down (tack down) only specific areas within each drawing...of course that would take even MORE time...


Beautiful :)


it's lovely! i can't believe that you are making 2 auction quilts!!!

katie r

It's so cute. We need to get coffee sometime soon. Hope you are staying warm.


I love these these types of quilts! So beautiful. They just make me smile.

I've done two similar projects. I found that we had to do stitching on the pictures themselves otherwise the art was just poofy and lost their definition.

The first quilt I did on my machine. They were portraits and I free-motioned around the heads and the shoulders. It gave great definition to the pictures without taking anything away. (Mr. E's quilt here on Flickr: )

The quilts I pieced for last year's auction were done by a long arm diva. She did some similar type of outlining but also added in thematic swirls like waves in pictures of the ocean, etc. Pretty amazing. (those quilts are on a flickr set here: )

Have fun and hope you raise lots of money!


It's so cute!

Chara Michele

Erin this looks wonderful!


it's so awesome erin! they are lucky to have you. my daughter's school does a similar quilt every year for their auction, but the in between fabric is usually a busy and kid friendly print... it's cute, but the childrens artwork is much more prominent on yours. i'm curious what the art quilts raise at your school? they are pretty coveted here and generally bring in about $800. we don't let this go to the live auction though because we don't want to exclude people who don't have that kind of money from a having a chance at their child's work... the art quilt is auctioned by raffle tickets... $10 or 3/$20... it raises more money this way and evens the playing field a bit. win win!! :)

i can't wait to see the second one!

Pearl Hadden

Erin, SO BEAUTIFUL! Can I ask, did the kids use permanent markers on muslin? Did you prepare the muslin in anyway for the kids to draw their creations? THANKS!Pearl


It looks great! I just finished a quilt where I didn't want to quilt over the middle picture squares. I just did stipling around them and they stand out really nicely.

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