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jen j-m

ellie's making a lot of potholders these days, too.
i am working on a custom drawing for someone's laptop skin at the moment. it's fun.
happy weekend!

Sarah Jackson

I'm working on quilt squares! 5 more of them! Ack! And finishing Tangled Yoke before it's too hot to wear it again. And gocco valentines - some for us and some for sale.

The quilt is looking good!


tote bags for auction (amy butler pattern):

happy weekend!


stuff for a swap from Bird and Little Bird and a sweater for my daughter.
Plus, I think I need a loopy weaving kit.
I loved that when I was little.


I'm making a wagon wheel twin size quilt
Happy weekend!!


I am going to work on my black and white quilt. hopefully i will get more pieces cut and I can get some sewing done for the top. We'll see. :)


I used to make potholders with one of those! Thanks for making me smile :)


I'm working on getting to the bottom of the pile on my sewing table. Lots of unfinished projects - a dress for me, dresses for my twin girls, a lovey for a friend's new baby, and lots of mending! I hate mending so it usually piles up. Good crafting this weekend!


I will be working on a cover letter, and a quilt block and quilting the quilt, and tidying the house, and drinking margaritas.


where did you get your loops for the loom?

the ones that came with ours are TERRIBLE. most won't even stretch across the loom.


I've got a left front, a right front, a back and one sleeve knit for a sweater for Quinn. I'm stalled on the second sleeve and I'm determined to finish it this weekend. Maybe.

Kim D.

I'm looking forward to the same thing. While oldest son (ahh - new teenager) has a scout camp out in negative 20+F windchills, dh will go along tomorrow to assist. Littlest son, had tonsils out this week, so we (ds#2, ds#3, and dd#1) will stay in and work on projects. A couple of them will paint, one will work on webelos art pin, and I will finish knitting on sweater and hopefully finish quilt top. Throw in some baking and just enjoying a wonderful winters day inside with lots of cocoa.

Isn't winter awesome!


ditto that, how funny!
quilting, knitting, craft-overseeing & music music music. have a nice weekend!

Laura, Lulabellesview

I'm also working on an auction quilt as part of a group project for a local athletic association. In addition to that, I'm working on some pieced pillows and a knitted baby sweater that is very slow going :)

LOVE your yarn choice for the hat you are working on. I hope you'll show us your finished auction quilt!!


hoping i will finish the body of my feb lady this weekend. also working on finding my research topic for school (as well as schoolwork). pulling together supplies to start making valentines with kidlet.

oy! what a busy weekend!


Just reading your post and all of the comments is getting me motivated to get the quilt I was going to complete before christmas CUT OUT!! Yikes!
My poor son... waiting and waiting.. not really... he is only two but I know he is going to just love his quilt once it is finished! His current thirfted quilt has seen better days and I caught him pulling some batting out of it today!! Sad, sad state!
Thanks for the motivation! Have a relaxing and productive weekend!


crafting! I must get crafting.

And I think I'll be getting our loom out.


I remember LOVING to make potholders- what memories!

Dara Enns

I am finishing up a doll quilt for my first ever swap. And taking pictures of the moose in my backyard.


oh gosh, my list of unfinished stuff is so long (fetching gloves, sandwich a quilt, finish off some pajama pants for the boys, try some new recipes, take a bubble bath).
I'll be happy if I can sit on the couch and read some new magazines too.
happy weekend!

Stacy T

I am working on the motherload of diaper orders through my biz, lol. Down to 198 now!! I also have drafting plans for a few more patterns I am just ITCHING to get to though, but alas diaper sewing comes first!

Wish my weekend sounded as relaxed!

stephanie alaine

i am working on:
valentine's day cards for my etsy shop
a mixed media painting
myself: everyday
yo-yo's with a friend (hopefully tomorrow)
living with a little more inspiration as each new sun rises...

{& the best to you in all your endeavors!}


I'm working on my girls' shared bedroom. Finished some pillow shams and a curtain panel today, tomorrow more embroidery! :)


I'm finishing off a sweater and planning my next project. I wish I could sew but my basement is way too cold to spend an hour in.



Have a great weekend of crafting!


Elliot got that loom (from Lucie) for Christmas, except with the wool loops. Those have really pretty colors. Ours are darker.


Colourful, beautiful things always seem to be in the works over in your world Erin. I'm envious - the laid back weekend I can do though. : )

Thanks for the burst of colour to brighten another wintry day.


You have really hit your stride with the photography lately ... it is just so great these days!!! xoxoxox

Lisa Clarke

I'm working on a chunky knit beanie, too. For my 5-year-old. And if that comes out nicely, my next step is to make something similar for me, but with thick & thin yarn, and maybe a big decorative button on the side.

Good luck with your sweater - one day I hope to be able to handle a project like that!


Ah the February Lady Sweater, I'm working on one at the moment and that beast, before your split for the sleeves - I swear the stitch count was driving me bananas! It hasn't been the easiest knit for me.


i'm working on a blue and green quilt. and trying to actually write a pattern. oy.

Tracey I.

Oh my gosh! I have one of those loom things pictured in your last photo. I got it from my mom a few months ago. It looked kinda interesting in it's old box so I took it. Do you have any instructions? I would love to try whatever your making!
Thanks Tracey I.


A grandmother's flower garden baby quilt, a sewing pocket for my craft chair to hold scissors and straight pins and such. Fun, fun, fun!

Jane Weston

Looks like you have a lovely weekend planned...I'm hoping to get some dreaded cleaning done with a reward of quilting when I'm done :o)


love the weekend you are going to have.
i need a weekend like that!


You are enticing me with the beanie hats. I am going to have to try one, even though we are having 70 degree weather here in TX. It hasn't been very wintery lately. :-(

Enjoy your weekend!


I am working on a randomly pieced quilt top in brights and white. My mother in law and I are also going to a paint your own pottery place today as well.


I am finishing my first afghan, finding patterns to use up my yarn stash, sewing a button on a trench coat, and taking my first online class. It is a photography class so I am learning a whole new language, as well! Happy crafting!!


I'm working on a felted box and learning how to use an ancient sewing machine.


hello :) that sounds like a busy weekend. I´m working on two simple blouses for my little one and a map for my knitting needles. And maybee I find the time for the perfect first item for a new etsy shop i´m planning. i´m a bit excited. :o)
love your hillroad. happy weekend. ah, i´m also looking for a swap i could join, but i have no idea where they are listed or so - do you know?


Ahhh, memories. I used to make a ton of those woven potholders! I bet my kids would enjoy that. I'm working on scrapbook pages. With #3 on her way, I'm trying to do a turbo catch up so I'm not so far behind!

Gretchen Skovron

Laid back weekend here too. Enjoying the quiet.


I love the potholder! I think I will try that with my six year old! That'll be something new for the both of us! Thanks for the inspiration!


ooh, I remember making those kinds of potholders as a kid!


who is that putting the loops in color order on the loom? a girl after my own heart. (and who's painting?)


I loved making woven potholders as a kid - sadly, it was the beginning of my family being unimpressed with hand-made gifts.

But that hasn't stopped me, this week I'm finishing up a green aran cardigan and I'm working on a lace shawl for summer and a pair of socks.


Love the potholders -- I think I will get these for my daughter -- I can see her working quietly, no questions asked. We are working on putting in a hardwood floor in my back entry area...

Julie (Knitsational)

Love the colorful potholder! And that yarn is a great color. Makes me want to knit something in orange.

Btw, I'm having a giveaway on my blog this week.


thanks to your link I did a chunky knit beanie last weekend (colour of flames, really hot and unfortunately slightly itchy). during those winterstorms here in Ireland we don't lose electricity any more (as it still used to be some 8 years ago) but our satellite powered internet often breaks down... modern worries...


Hi, your blog is wonderful!
Can you help me? I can see a toy (?) on the 3th picture, looks like a little loom.
What is it? What's its name? I'd like to buy it in a webshop.

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