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The bread chronicles - part two

The bread chronicles - part one

Jan 4 008_1_1

For Christmas, my parents gave me Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.  So far, I love this book.  I started with the boule, or the master recipe.  You mix the dough, let it rise for a couple of hours and then stick it in the refrigerator to keep for up to two weeks.  You cut off a hunk, form the loaf, let it rest and then bake.  The recipe supposedly makes four loaves of bread.  And it does, if you like really small loaves.

Above is loaf number one.  I followed the directions to the letter for this one and had some issues.  After much consulting with Sarah and Emily, I think my house is not warm enough to let the dough rise properly after I take it out of the refrigerator.

Jan 6 022_1_1

With loaf number two, I let the dough rest for 2 hours (instead of the 40 minutes) before I put it in the oven.  That did the trick - this one was far better.

Jan 14 015_1_1

For loaf number three, I decided to try the baguette.   It is made using the same basic dough recipe.  Again, I let it rest longer before I put it in the oven - about 1 1/2 hours instead of 20 minutes.  Apparently, I did not slash the top deep enough so it really isn't as pretty as I had hoped.  It didn't matter - it was really good.  So far, this one is my favorite.

Jan 14 019_1_1

I'm anxious to try another recipe from this book - perhaps a sandwich loaf.  It's really nice to have the dough sitting in the fridge, ready to go at my whim.  I'm also thinking up ways to get my girls in on the action.  It really is easy enough for kids to do with some supervision.

Before I mix up another batch from this book, I am going back to the dutch oven, no-knead variety like Leslie just made.  It's been awhile since I made that and I want to do a little comparing.  I'll let you know how it all turns out.



mmmm, bring on the carbs. i could seriously live on all these loaves of homemmade bread that you are showing. yum!!!! i've never tried the no-knead bread and have always wanted to...

Andrea from The Train to Crazy

I got this book for Christmas and still haven't cracked it. I really want to I just have to do it. You'll have to let us know which other ones you try!


all of this bread baking....looks sooo delish!


I shoulda made bread yesterday. Glad to see you're loving your book, and your bread!


ok. that settles it.

i neeeeeeeed this book ;)

im starving at the moment.


made the wheat tonight. it was de-lish. even though i forgot to pre-heat the broiler pan so there was no steam. de-lish i tell you.

Sharon Erlenmeyer

I have recently started making bread using the starter method and love it-I am finding the key to a good loaf is kneading and letting it rest, letting it rise for longer periods of time and mostly being patient-which is hard cause I'm always anxious to taste my bread and see how it turned out. I just ordered a baguette pan and am excited to see how it turns out. My friend emailed me the link to your blog and it was quite useful. I'll keep perfecting my skills and it's nice to know I'm not alone and get some helpful hints from others.


i recently purchased this book after seeing it on your blog. i love it! it is so easy and the bread is so tasty! yay!


I have this book, but need to try it. Thanks for your tips. I linked it to my blog!

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