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We lost power. Again.


We had an ice storm last night and have been without power since 2:00 a.m.  Looks like it'll be 7 to 10 days before it's restored.  Yeah.

So, the Harris family is camped out at Burrow House.  Thank goodness for friends with electricity and wireless internet.  Woo hoo!

I made a little video to record the beauty this afternoon.  Not my beauty...lord knows, if I could have seen myself in the dark bathroom, I may have actually put some make up on or brushed my hair.  Oh well.

See you when order is restored.



Pajama party!!! Does Fatty have little firetrucks on his pjs?


Did you figure out who put the car there!!

Sarah Jackson

so good to hear your voice! Have fun at Burrow House.


Ouch! I hope you get to go home soon.


how fun and exciting (all except for driving in that ice!) enjoy your sleepover.

*fun to hear your voice!


Good luck dear.


We're in the same boat. We left our house as the temperature began to fall, and drove an hour to stay with my parents. We're hoping to return home tomorrow, fingers crossed!

sew funky

Wow! That looks incredible... I've never lived anywhere it snows, and in fact had never seen snow until I was 20! :)

Where we are at the moment, it's hot...


Oh no! Well, have fun at your slumber party It's nice to hear you :)


what an annoying disruption!

hopefully the power will be restored sooner than later.


oh man! I'm back. now you're gone.

hang in there. enjoy the break, as much as you can.



Oh no! Take good care and hope you are home soon.

Meg Evans

Wow! The trees always look so pretty when they're crusted over with ice, but I'm looking at that maple thinking, "please don't break off!"

Sorry to hear you're without power (again) but glad to know you have friends who will take you in. I bet it was all kinds of fun!


Wow! Stay warm. I am always amazed at how much we take our electricity for granted... until it goes out!


ACK!!! It was so much fun to hear your voice!!!! Stay warm Harris family!


Bummer about the power. But it really does look beautiful.

TD wool design

oh no. and i fb'd you asking about power. so sorry. fingers crossed that predictions are wrong and you'll have it back asap. hang in there.


I'll especially be crossing my fingers for you to get power back quickly, because I am a woman who knows. We live in Tulsa where the ice storm of Dec. '07 is now legendary, and we were without power for 10 days, which was short compared to some. I got in touch with my "pioneer" heritage rather quickly with heating up water on the stove to take baths and wash dishes. :)

Stay warm!


I'm so sorry - I hate being without power! From my place the pictures all over the net are lovely, too bad it's causing such chaos.


"Dang, that's a lot of ice" my son said...we had shorts on yesterday! Thanks for taking a moment before you left to film that beautiful footage...like someone else's comment, I am hoping the branches don't get weary of holding up the ice!


Looks so beautiful from here -- I hope your power is restored soon. Stay safe...

Jane Weston

Stay safe...and hope the lights and power are on soon.

Lisa Q

glad you have such a nice friend to be able to crash at her house...have fun! it was neat to hear your voice.


So sorry its so cold where you are...we have a similar problem here in Melbourne Australia only its because of soaring temperatures above 44 C for the last few days...so glad to have found your blog, Tam xo


Eek! Sorry to hear you're without power. That ice is very pretty to look at from my warm spot here in Georgia.


thank goodness for friends with power and internet. :)


good lordy. I hope that tree doesn't drop any branches and recovers alright. And thank goodness for good friends who will take you in. Love you all!


Well, it looks like a slippery situation. So sorry you are without power, and especially internet service. How stressful. Thank goodness for knitting! Hope you are home soon!

The Knitting Archaeologist

I'm in Providence, and so far we have escaped the brunt of the ice storm. It's slippery and messy and cold, but no power outages in the city. I hope you all are doing well at your friend's home! Here's to getting everything back to normal sooner than estimated!


Down in Knoxville we got nuthin'.

These times are not so fun for you but make great memories for the girls.

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