Never did I think I would make bonnets and then blog about them
Hello, March. I am so glad you are here.

Happy Weekend

Feb 26 002_1_1

Hey.  How are you this final Friday in February?  I am great.  Still loving the yellow, as you can see.  I thought I would pop in between cleaning the house and staining some tables to wish you all a happy weekend.  I'm hoping to finish some projects I have started and maybe read a book.  Sounds easy enough, right?

Just a reminder that the mailing deadline for the Kids ATC Swap is TOMORROW.  Jane and Kate have finished their cards and will address their envelopes today.  Then it's off to the post office!  I am anxious to see what they get in return.

I'll be back here next week.  And by then it'll be March.  See?  Spring is right around the corner.


Bea's Closet

With the forecast up here in NE including MORE snow, sleet, freezing rain mix, I'll have to take your word for it that spring is around the corner. Happy putting around your house this weekend.


spring really is right around the corner! february was a difficult month for me, so i was glad when i read here a reminder it is almost march! a fresh start! i hope you get all those projects, and some reading done! happy weekend!


I have a big sewing plans! Can't wait for spring! Happy weekend to you too!


Happy Spring! What a lovely shade of green paint in the background, do you recall the manufacturer and name?
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Those forsythia ARE gorgeous!

WOOT to spring!


We're pretending it's spring here - warm today, but not for long - and putting ATC cards into envelopes right now!


Great picture! Enjoy the weekend projects and reading!

TD wool design

hoping you'll show those tables!


Happy Final February Friday, what the heck! From the clock it looks like time to celebrate!


I have enjoyed finding your site in the past few months. The colors of yellow are very inspiring! That tablecloth in your banner is the one I had been eyeing as well. Looks fantastic.

Here's to March!

Kim D.

I'm in Chicago for the weekend withh the Cute Guy. He has a big dental conference (yawn) and I'm having fun shopping, hitting the spa, and relaxing in the hotel room watching movies on pay-per-view and knitting; then out on the town with CG in the evening to celebrate our anniversary.

Staining tables? how ambitious! I'm very impressed.

Account Deleted

happy weekend to you too Erin!


My hopes for the weekend are similar...try to get a little work done on the socks I've ignored all week, and maybe get through a few chapters (or pages!?) of the book I'm reading. Not lofty goals, but that just means that they are easier to attain!


Yay, March is almost here! I really enjoyed reading through your blog and feeling all of the happy yellow-ness. It's a good sunshine substitute on this cloudy sort of day. Have a great weekend!


i love this photo.
the forsythia give me hope that spring will come this way, eventually!

is there a possibility that you and blair will organize a second atc swap?


Great photo! Thanks again for the card swap...we enjoyed it!


My son got his first card last week and was SO excited!!! He had so much fun putting his together also. Such a fun swap, my favorite thus far :)

Leslie Doughty

Hi, we are part of the ATC swap. I've written a post and a thank you on my blog - hope you stop by for a visit:

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