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Wrapping things up

I finished quilting both of the auction quilts yesterday. Actually, the second quilt pieced was the first one quilted and that has been sitting around waiting for a binding for a couple weeks. Yesterday, I finished quilting the other one, so now it, too, waits for a binding. Guess what I am doing today? Yes, indeed-y, you are right.

1K Quilt 002_1_1 

Blair and I are completely overjoyed and overwhelmed at the incredible response to the Kids ATC swap.  I knew it would strike a cord with lots of you, but I think we completely underestimated your enthusiasm!  As  of right now, there are over 560 kids signed up and there are still over 200 emails that haven't been opened. You have until 12:00 noon EST (New York City time) today to sign up.  You need to email you child's name, address and age to [email protected] to be signed up. We plan on making the groups this weekend and hope to let you know on Monday.  Please be patient with us if it is Tuesday or Wednesday - we have a lot of work to do.

Hope you enjoy a relaxing and productive weekend.  You'll find me on the couch, under a quilt, stitching away.  See you here next week.


Kirsten Ingebretsen

We are so excited about the ATC's. They are being made for everyone the kids can think of. Bears, dolls, relatives, kids in the exchange.

As for waiting an extra day or two......I can barley manage to renew library books -online- on time. Luckily the God of library fines is benevolent enough to give a three day grace period. So even at the library a deadline is merely a goal.


Kim D.

Delay as needed. Completely understandable. We just appreciate you both doing this and the opportunity for our wee un's to participate.

Sarah Jackson

That sounds like a really fabulous day. I'm itching for a sewing day. The quilt looks amazing!

We're so looking forward to the swap. The kids are working on those and valentines this weekend.


The quilt looks great!

The swap sounds like so much fun. I hope you guys do it again so my little one can participate when he's older! ;)

rachel | buttons magee

Binding is my favorite part!


enjoy your weekend!


Your quilt looks so pretty. Lucky parent who ends up with that one!

And thanks for organizing the swap. Great idea.


A lot of work ahead, but what a beautiful quilt to enjoy looking at as you go. Someone is going to be very lucky indeed.

Thanks for the swap reminder - such an exciting project for February.




Amazing. and wonderful Thank you. my 4 girls are chomping at the bit for our supplies to get here!

Stephanie from Texas

We are super excited about the swap! Thank you for organizing the event.


wow, that's alot of participants!

good luck with all of that binding!

barbara brown

i have signed up. is there some confirmation we get to know we did get to your email o.k.
i will be so bummed if there was a mistake when i sent the email.
barbara brown


love the way you ended up quilting these. perfect.


That's a whole lotta kids signed up. I don't remember if I included our address when signing up my daughter. Should I send another email?


Cute quilt! The speaker at our guild last night was a lady who has written two books on quilting with kids and had amazing auction quilt ideas.
Good luck with the swap. WOW!


you are a worker bee.
have a fabulous weekend!


Holy moly! That is so dang cute!

Account Deleted

Erin, its beautiful! It looks happy. Makes me want to make a kid's quilt.

But after this swap business ; )


i was going to ask how the auction quilts were going. they look GREAT! enjoy your binding!!!


The quilt looks lovely, and the ATC sounds like great fun - wish I had a child, they'd be signed up in no time. Enjoy your binding this weekend, but try to get out a little on Saturday when it's supposed to be warm and sunny. What a wonderful change of pace from the snow, ice, and frigid (for us) temps from the past couple of weeks.


Love that all of your quilts.


The quilt is AMAZING!

560?!!! That is amazing too. Take your time, I can't imagine how it all gets sorted. Thanks so much for organizing this. We are looking forward to it :-)

Have a great weekend.


oh no! i'm too late for this! oh... i'll send an email anyway, and keep my fingers crossed... :)


560 kids! Wow, that's a lot of little hands. I must have missed the post about the drawings on the quilt. They're cute! Did you kids make them?


Your amazing girl!


I just happened across your blog and was wondering if you could answer a quick question for me...I'm going to get a sewing machine and was hoping you could recommend a certain brand or specific machine. Thanks so much and I can't wait to try some of your patterns!

Katie K

Such a cute quilt! I just pieced a quilt top over the weekend myself.


Thank you for all the hard work you and Blair have put into the atc swap. My 5.5 year-old is very excited to participate-- and I am excited for her!

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