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Yellow, ATC's and Quilts

Feb 9 021_1_1

I think I need more yellow in my life.  It's just so cheery.  Maybe a yellow week to break up the February gloom?  Would anyone be interested in that?


The groups for the Kids ATC swap are slowly going out.  Because we have over 900 children participating, it is going to take some time to send all those emails.  If you signed up and you don't hear from us right away, don't fret.  You will.

There is a Flickr group for the swap, too.  Please add photos of your children's creations so we all can see what creative kids we have!

Blair and I never imagined such a huge response.  By the number of emails we received after the cut off, I know some people were upset that we couldn't accomodate any more swappers.  I hate to disappoint anyone.  Believe me when I say that I truly appreciate those of you that took the news gracefully.


I threw my back out on Friday and ended up spending the day on the couch.  I feel so much better now, but am a smidge behind on my quilt binding.  The auction is this Saturday night so I best get stitching.  I promise photos soon.


Next week I am going to make something for myself.  I cannot wait for some selfish crafting!



yellow week - yes! a perfect prelude to green week in march. (got your message this afternoon. i'll call you tomorrow. xo.)

heather smith jones

yes, now when would this yellow week be?
i'm glad your back is better, my husband has done that and he makes it sound quite terrible. ;)


I have my room painted yellow! It makes me happy. :)

Sarah Jackson

I can do yellow! It's still lemons lemons everywhere around here. ;) Actually I have lots of yellow. And it's really gloomy here right now.

I think you have earned yourself about a year's worth of selfish crafting. At least.


mmmmm, yellow. I made the Smitten Kitchen's lemon tart Saturday. Fantastic. Just looking at it made me smile.

TD wool design

Some yellow would be great right about now!
enjoy your YOU-project!


You know I can do yellow! When shall it start? Today? Tomorrow!

I LOVE what you and Blair have done for us all, and I'm really sorry you guys had to go through some not-so-nice email.



And Sarah needs to send us all some lemons.


my kids are super excited about the art swap. thanks for taking on the ginormous task! Good luck on the quilt -- our auction is the 28th and I am not nearly finished with our quilt!

love yellow flowers!


i can't even imagine dealing with 900+ emails for a swap. whoa! i'd love a little yellow in my life, too! xo.

sam lamb

wow - i should have done a bit more research before i sent off another email to add to your 900+. it's a fab idea, and i'm sure those of us that were too late will check in at flickr to see the youthful goodness that gets created. good luck with everything!


anxiously awaiting your quilt photos!

Mama Urchin

Ice then heat. I hope the back is better soon. Make sure you take it as easy as you can.


I could maybe get behind a yellow week. We all know how I feel about yellow.

I can't believe you're wading through that many people. That's crazy.


i love yellow. my house is painted yellow inside and out...as well as my little studio building! :)


You definitely need some selfish crafting, it's my favorite type :)


ok, when's yellow week? 'cause I'm in. ;)


i know about the need for the selfish crafting!!! hope your back is feeling better.


I would love a 'yellow' week.


I'm in for a yellow week!


I also am in desperate need of a yellow week. Darn that groundhog and his 6 more weeks of winter. (I guess it's only 5 now...)


Yellow sounds perfect. Hated todays sunshiny due to a migraine - can you imagine? The soft breezes will be cherished though when the snow comes again Friday - I'll be wanting yellow by then :). And the girls enjoyed the sunshine. They can't wait to start their ATC's. I agree with whoever said you earned a year of selfish crafting. I hope your back feels better and perhaps one of those who didn't get in will step up and organize their own swap?

laurie of liquid paper

this would be next week right? i zone out and miss so many of the color week things i thought i'd double check. LOL ;)


Oh Erin, I hope your back is better tomorrow. And yes, Im up for a yellow week. As usual Feb. has me in a bit of a funk.


I would love to participate in a yellow week. Keep us posted. :)


I'm in for a week of yellow too. Now I'm glad I missed the kid's ATC deadline, you guys are overloaded. Maybe the disgruntled ones can set up a second round another time -- seems you've hit upon a in-demand idea. :)


If anyone EVER deserved some selfish crafting, it's you, Erin!!!


If you do the swap next year, count us in! Too much for me to think about this year.

Nadia Lewis

Sign me up for yellow week!

Paper Dolls for Boys

I'm in for yellow week. Are you starting tomorrow, Monday the 16th?
Looking forward to all the cheery yellow!

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