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Never did I think I would make bonnets and then blog about them

It's Pioneer Day for the third grade tomorrow.  Think Little House on the Prairie, the Virginia reel and butter churning.  Add in costumes, for kids AND parent volunteers, and you get a pretty good idea of what is going on.

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I made three skirts, four bonnets and an apron this weekend.  For the bonnets, I used Simplicity 3723 only because I didn't have time to order this pattern (click on shop and find bonnet pattern) from Amy.  They came together pretty easily although I did tweak the pattern a bit.  The skirts are just two lengths of fabric sewn up the sides, hemmed and with a casing for elastic at the waist.  Kate doesn't need an outfit for school, but I couldn't leave her out of the fun.  She and Jane are both reading Little House in the Big Woods and I knew she would want her own bonnet.  For her skirt, I put in a very large hem.  That way, in two years, I can just take the hem out and redo it and she will be ready to go.

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I could just pinch her, she's so cute.


rachel | buttons magee

oh yes, she wears that bonnet well!

Sarah Jackson

Those are just adorable. Which one is yours?

And I would pinch her too.


sweet :)


I know you hear it a lot
you're so talented!
what great memories you're making with your children! I would have LOVED a bonnet, skirt, and apron when I was consumed by little house.


she's so cute in her bonnet!!!


Oh! Is that lavender gingham I see? Cute, cute, cute!


So, will you be sharing a photo of you in full costume?

The Magic Onions

Gorgeous bonnet! Just had to write...


We had pioneer day in 3rd grade. All though I don't think we called it there. And we got to wear bonnets, and have school in a one room schoolhouse at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI. Our bonnets were not this lovely though. And we definitely did the Virgina Reel.


I wish I could dress like that every day! So cute!!


Oh how fun! I went to Daniel Boone Elementary School in Missouri and we did this. I loved those days!!


That is a great picture. Well done!


Wow I absolutely love the bonnet! I want to make one for my daughter just because it is so cute (she is nowhere near being old enough for a pioneer day at school - she is 14 months old).


I was around 9 years old when the U.S. celebrated its Bicentennial in 1976. My mother made our whole family Little House-style clothes that we wore in our town's parade. I loved my blue calico dress with white apron and bonnet.
Flash forward thirty years. My daughter found these clothes in storage at my mom's house. She started wearing them to school every once in a while, just because she loved them so much, and just because she loved Laura Ingalls Wilder's books so much. Thanks for sharing.




Love it!

I just tweaked the kid version of that pattern to make a Helen Keller costume for my daughter to wear to her "wax museum" tomorrow.

Ashley Ann

So sweet!


you are just too much! what a wonderful job.


My girls are way into the Little House series- they dress up in the things I used as a kid- but we need new bonnets, so I will definitely make these! Thank you!


this is so cute!

for ellie's bday a few years back, we had a "little house" theme. we square danced, made handkerchief dolls, bean bag games...and my favorite, instead of candy bag favors, the girls made their own little posy with fresh flowers I bought at the Farmers Market.

when we finished the "little house" series I had the hardest time finding books I wanted to read to the kids...we loved them! I can't wait to re-read them to penny.

okay, enough from me.


We must be running in the same circle--not only did I just finish the class quilt, I made the bonnets last Fall for my daughter's class. They look adorable!


OK, that was in 4th grade for me AND it was the highlight of my educational career. I'M NOT KIDDING!!! Hands on learning is where it's at. The rest is just a big bore. Here's hoping it is as magical for you guys tomorrow. If I wasn't two states away I'd be hopping in a car;)


Makes me want to be Laura! Oh, Little House On The Prairie seems like so much fun!
Beautiful bonnets.


That's great! I can't wait until my little girl is old enough to appreciate the awesomeness of bonnets!

Meg Evans

Aren't bonnets great? I made about eight of them last year...and now I'll be making the dress to go with it for my third grader's wax museum. She's going to be Laura Ingalls. I have the Simplicity 3758 pattern--it's the kids' version.

Nice job--love the fabrics, as usual.

Meg Evans

Ugh! It's 3725--I wasn't paying attention to the keypad.


Your daughter is adorable! I made my girls bonnets when we were reading the Little House on the Prairie series a few years ago. We would pile into my bed every night, they would put their bonnets on, and we would read. It was so much fun.


How cool is that, I'm reading those books to my daughter now, and she of course wanted a bonnet. Since I have no idea how to make one (or even what they were called), I asked for help on my blog, and got some tips, but no 'real' pattern was mentioned. But here it is! I will certainly order it :)


I remember Colonial Day well. I asked my daughter what I should wear and she said "Anything - All your clothes are colonial" I have been scarred for life. Hopefully I have a better wardrobe now.


Those bonnets are adorable! My sister and I had some that my grandmother made when we were kids and we loved them so much! Your girls sure are lucky :).

jessica m.

I couldn't be more jealous or nostalgic if I tried. I looked forward to Pioneer Days in school like it was CHRISTMAS. The Little House On The Prairie books are my favorite possessions and I can't wait to share them with my daughter. Thank God schools still do pioneer days!


I was pretty darn obsessed with LHOTP when I was little and all I ever wanted was a bonnet, but alas mom only ever made one for my American Girl doll. Although, that did allow me to live out all my fantasies of being a pioneer girl with my sister and our dolls! I think we need a picture of the three of you in your pioneer garb!


yes, so cute.
my sister wore a bonnet as a beach hat when we were kids. your photos make me want to make one for my gal for the beach days ahead.


You continue to amaze me! Wonderful!


i need a picture of the skirt! my girls are gonna love this....


I said this on flickr before, but I would have wanted EVERY day to be Pioneer Day when I was a girl. Your skirts and bonnets are so cute. I hope they have a great time!!! (And that photo of Kate is the cutest thing in the world.)


ps: i keep forgetting to mention that i really like your new banner.

carolyn jurrjens

Oh how l loved little house on the prairie when l was a little girl and wanted to dress like that everyday,your work is truely precious!!! l will start sewing for my little girl asap :)


You can't go wrong with bonnets, my girls love to dress up and play "Long time ago" girls.

Jane Weston

Great picture! We have a "dress yourself as your favorite book character" in a week's DD wants to be a dalmatian from 101 dalmatians...Couldn't she have chosen something easier to sew!! ;o)


we are waaaaaay into pioneers in our house too and love dressing up in pioneer clothing. love the bonnet pic. please, let us see a pic of the whole outfit.


These are beautiful!


I'm making a Daniel Boone outfit for my son this weekend. On Monday his class is to dress-up with boys as DB and girls as Laura Ingalls Wilder. My kindergarten twins have to dress as Dr. Seuess characters. They'll be Things 1 & 2, of course!


I love the fabrics that you have used.


what a lovely pile of bonnets !
gorgeous fabrics all together like that :)


I love love love prairie wear. I wish we had something fun like that going on around here. I'd join in the fun!

Lisa Q

too much fun! we have an assortment of prairie clothes and bonnets too! you're such a good ma!


Those bonnets are adorable! Your daughter is beautiful. Great stuff!


Very cute! What stiffener did you use?


She, and the bonnet, are AWESOME! What a great job you did on creating both!

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