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Missy knits

Thanks for bringing me a smile today! Those are beautiful.

Account Deleted

between your tulips and the sun outside my window, i'm smiling and thinking about the fact that spring may actually be right around the corner!

Are you still okay with the sign ups, throw some work on me!


Oh... my favorite! Pesto, pine nut, sundried tomato, and goat cheese pizza, getting home early to spend time with my little family, and starting my first batch of bread from the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day!


cinnamon raisin toast with butter... i'm on my third slice.


omg. i almost JUST bought same tulips. but i went with yellow instead. too funny.

Sarah S

How pretty! A cancelled business trip has me smiling today...the only perk of this winter weather.


did you see my orange tulips from last week? they're on their last legs now. but there are more in my future!


I just gave birth to a little baby boy.

Laura, Lulabellesview

I'm smiling as I sit in my warm and cozy home watching the bright orange sun set over the valley outside of my window. Thank you for sharing your cheerful tulips with us. And congratulations to Emily on your new baby boy.


What a lovely sign of spring flowers are in winter! Right now, pink and red paper being cut into valentine's is adding color to the gray feb. sky for me.


Those flowers are great! I have never seen orange tulips! I just watched the last and final episode of Six Feet Under...that was a great one!


sunshine and beautiful mid-50s weather.


Those are gorgeous! Sunshine is making me happy today. We haven't really had much in WEEKS and it finally came out today. I opened the blinds up in the living room and the cat and I have been basking in the sunny patches :)


I know I can always rely on you for a good green injection but you've excelled yourself without even knowing...both my favourite colours in one photo. I'm really happy as I've just designed and made my first dress - no pattern, no tutorial just a bright idea.


Bread in the oven and a space heater warming my feet! Those flowers are gorgeous.

barbara brown

orange, one of my favorite colors. beautiful.
barbara brown


The sun was still shining when I got out of work today.


It's going to be warmer tomorrow. And I am GOING to plant peas this weekend.

And the color of those tulips definitely makes me happy.

Sarah Jackson

amazing! for us it's the new chicks cheeping away in the background.


Finally being home for the day, and resting on my couch with a cup of hot chocolate.


I never really paid attention to tulips before, they're pretty :) my craft books coming in the mail today made me happy!


My new toy.

Shealynn Benner

those are gorgeous!! I want some! :D


Very pretty! Always good to have color in the dark of winter.


Snowflakes! Pictures of snowflakes! Perfection today!
Embracing the long winter here...
but some flowers like those would make me smile too!


I watched the returning sun move through our house this afternoon.

The Rauths

oh so pretty! i bought red ones today and they are making me smile!


Hanging out with my kids today after their schoolwork was done, doing fun stuff that they like just to be with them.


Oh I love tulips! I wasn't expecting to see them so soon. We don't get them this early. Pretty!

The Knitting Archaeologist

Your blog...always so inspiring! Oh, and there was a glitch last week, so I was treated to 3 years of your past posts by accident! It made for a few hours of good reading:)


What beautiful tulips! Your tulips are making me happy.


finishing my block for Leslie and feeling a personal connection with it and her.


*your* orange tulips and 30 degree weather in the forecast for today = :)


Very pretty flowers.

What's making me smile? A lazy kinda day.


Tulips and orange - two personal favorites of mine! Oh how I needed to see those today. For me, it's making me smile that it's Thursday, which means the craziest part of my work week is behind me, and I'm looking forward to a weekend of cooking and crafting. And warmer weather!

Stephanie from Texas

my sweet Sawyer and his dancing blue eyes.


new fabric in the mailbox today! :) among other things.


Today it was watching my daughter play the violin (she's in her second year of learning).

Modern Crush

What has me smiling? When my cat is really happy, he likes to stand close and have one of his back feet on top of my foot. That is what made me smile today...



Orange does that to me as well. Pure joy.


Such gorgeous orange tulips a fave of mine. Overnight rain and the delivery of my beautiful new bed are both making me very, very happy today!!

amy h

The humid, spring-like smell that greeted me when I went to take Elise to school.


Kiddos feeling better - always a smile for that!


I am just dreaming about a wall in the color purple! That makes me happy! I am pretty simple, I guess.


My goodness, your orange tulips are making me happy, that's what! Tulips are my favorite flower by far and away.

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