Yellow - day four (or the story of the plates)
Quick Valentines


Lisa Q

Love all these photos...thanks for hosting Yellow Week. I really enjoyed being a part of it! Have a great weekend.


Thanks to you for a great yellow week!
Is your asparagus McCoy?

Diana (Ladybug Limited)

Daffodils! My favorite sign of spring! Thanks for the little spark of happiness you gave me with that photo :)


Thanks for thinking of it! I've adored it!!!


I am adoring that asparagus container! How cute!!!


I had a great time with Yellow Week! Thanks for giving us all some bright moments these past days! Let's hope it carries us through the remainder of Winter! ;)


I've loved seeing all of your yellow! Great pics this week.

heather jane

I love the collection of H's. I think I shall begin collecting.

Thanks for the inspiration!!


Great pictures. My blog post this week features the same tablecloth! Love OK--esp. at Target prices :)


I spy a target tablecloth!


Thanks for the challenge, Erin! Have a great weekend :)


thanks for yellow week. like the flowerpots!


Thanks for hosting, Erin-- it was fun!


i love all your H's.


Thanks for the yellow week project. It was great fun and got the family involved!
Have a great weekend. Looking forward to seeing that sewing!


I gasped when I saw your McCoy pottery - BEAUTIFUL!


Yes, thanks for hosting yellow week. I've enjoyed finding my yellow and looking at everyone else's.


Thank you for the inspiration! This was a fabulous yellow week!

Lisa Clarke

Thanks for hosting - it was fun! And I have more of an appreciation for yellow now :-)


Ooh! I love these yellows today! So vibrant!


Yellow Week was fun! Thanks for initiating the flickr group. I posted a finale, even though the week was ostensibly 'over'. I found the yellow theme very cheer-inducing in a month where winter drags and drags. The best part was how your theme opened my eyes to everything around, inside and out. Well, "out" around here is white and cold (-25 oC!)

I'm a new fan of your blog and enthusiastically wait for next week's sewing.


What a perfectly cheery week it's been - I think we all needed a dose of yellow. And I loved reading your yellow plate story. It's so nice to have pieces like that surrounding your in your home that have such rich stories to them.

heather smith jones

the H block!! eek!

and thank you for a fun week of yellow, i liked looking for it every day.


I have been enjoying your yellow posts and all the posts you've inspired!


Yellow always makes me smile.


really you shouldn´t feel that you have to answer all the comments, I enjoy your pictures just as much anyway!


Thank you for a fun week! I got slightly carried away and did 6 days. I did say I was getting obsessed! It's be enjoyable seeing every bodies take on the subject. Lets hope the real sunshine hurries on over.


Love the H's.I collect H's too ,our last name is Holly.

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