Yellow - day two
Yellow - day four (or the story of the plates)


heather smith jones

oh you're finding lots of yellow, in all kinds of fresh intensities.
it's been fun spotting yellow, kind of like a little game. :)


this reminded me that we bought pears at the store last weekend, and totally forgot about them.


These are terrific photos! Thanks for the inspiration.


what did you make with all that zest?


oh I want a pear!


Yes, thank you for the inspiration. I'm finding myself now *noticing* yellow things that I *see* every day.


I'm a little late to the party, but I'm finally here.

Yesterday was such a rainy day here in Northern California--the perfect day to look for alternate yellow sunshine.

Thanks for inviting us along on your Yellow Week!

Kim D.

Oh great! Now i need to head to the store and find some pears in the middle of a Winter Weather Advisory (although there rarely is any other kind of weather in Wisconsin in the winter).

And maybe, the Cute Guy will get that Lemon Meringue Pie he's been dreaming and hinting of.


Lovely, Erin!


Love, love all of the different shades. Yellow is such a great color!!!


love the pictures of the lemon. yum.

Liza B. Gonzalez

yummy yellows! i've joined in, too! I'm over at

laurie of liquid paper

really like the soft yellows in these. is the drink lemonade?

Katie K

I told Tracy that I would participate then promptly forgot. So I got off my tush and posted today.

Such fun!

Modern Crush

Beautiful Erin! I love that the little pear is looking longingly out the window...

Liza B. Gonzalez

I guess I didn't have to include my blog site. oops! By the way, I love the new header!


I LOVE your new banner!


love your yellow, but I love your new banner even more!! great shot!


Oh now that's my kind of yellow!!


So lovely...


Wonderful photos! For some reason I get thirsty looking at them! :)

Love your new banner, by the way!

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