Yellow - day one
Yellow - day three

Yellow - day two

Today it's about our yellow houses

Feb 16 038_1_1 

the one we play in

Feb 16 036a

and the one we live in.


There is a lot more yellow in the flickr group and with these players, too:

Paula, Sara Pippy, Maya, Jennifer, Hope, Erica, Lisa Q, paphos sk, Meg, The Rauths, Claudia, Charlotte, Molly, Kristyn, Daniela, Kendall Micayla, Melody, Christin, Barb, Hayley, Kat, Rosa, Jill, Michelle, Heather C, Mia, Casey, Sarah, Jess, Amy, Molly and Rachel.


Paper Dolls for Boys

Well played!


Love the house pictures. Beautiful!

I'm playing along also.. my comment didn't show yesterday for Day 1.


love your new image header, btw. very comforting. xo


i love yellow houses. :)


LOVE your header.
running. i mean sprinting to target.

Stephanie B

I LOVE yellow! It makes me so happy! I really really want a yellow house. My husband and I have been house hunting and I try to picture each house yellow!


Love the new banner, but I am now officially bummed that I did not buy that tablecloth at Target this weekend!!


That's a great dollhouse-- would you mind sharing where it came from?

laurie of liquid paper

the corresponding lines in these are great erin!


pretty sunshine. love the house reflection in the window.


I LOVE all these yellow things!
I'm joining in.


Yay, you did start the yellows! It took me a few days to get with it, but I have my yellows up now!


This is a very intriguing idea! I may check back next week for your new theme! Have fun finding the bright spot in your days this week! :)


Sorry, I'm one day late, we were out of town, but I'd loooove to join in!
Thank you!
P.S. I'm a big fan of your beautiful blog!


VERY cool photos, Erin. This is making me really want to play along!!

Andrea Dela

Is it too late to join?! This looks like fun!!!


Thanks for adding me on. I am having a ton of fun finding yellow for the day. I love yellow houses. There is something charming and homey about a yellow house.

Michele H.

Oh...I love those pictures, especially the natural sun coming through!

I am truly enjoying finding yellow in my's everywhere! Thanks for letting me play along.


I absolutely adore that shot of the dollhouse. LOVE it!


I'll join you for a bit of yellow this week. :)

jessica m.

Oh my gosh. Are those little bolts of fabric in the cupboard on the first floor of the dollhouse?

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