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And the rest of my Weekend Sewing

Instead of writing three more posts, I decided to put the remaining projects I made from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross all together.  The reasons are simple:  I didn't make many modifications and I am ready to talk about something else.  So here you go.

The Trapeze Dress/Blouse

Trapeze blouse 006_1_1

When I traced the pattern for this, I cut 10" off of the bottom and just followed the same hem line.  Easy enough.  I sewed it up in a cotton swiss dot-like fabric that I got on sale.  I bought 2 yards and that was more than I needed.  The sizing on this was just as true as on the summer blouse - I made a medium and it fit without any modifications.  I sewed it following the directions exactly, except I skipped the pocket bit as mine is a shirt instead of a dress.  After I sewed the straps between the facings, I tried on the blouse and had Fatty pin the straps in back so they would cover my bra straps.  That part is definitely a two person job - get a friend to help you.  After the straps were sewn, I tried it on and decided on my hem length.  I cut another 2" off the bottom (making my cut pieces 12" shorter than the dress pattern) and gave the blouse a generous 1" hem.  Ta da!  I love it and am looking forward to wearing it lots.

Pajama Pants/Shorts for Everyone

Pj shorts 002_1_1

I made the Child's L/XL for Jane and Kate.  I had 3/4 yard of each print (60" wide) and that was more than enough.  I traced the pattern so the inseam would be 5" before hemming.  They are a quick project and go together fast.  Instead, of leaving the casing opening in the front and hand sewing it shut, I left the back open, inserted the elastic and then stitched it shut with the machine.  I added ric rack to the bottom for cuteness - the girls love it.  The pattern states it will fit up to a 28" waist.  I think that is pushing it.  The finished waist measures 28", so there is no ease in that number.  While they fit Kate just fine (she wears a girls' size 8), Jane (who wears a girls' size 10) can just get them over her hips.  The rise is perfectly fine, though, so when I make them again, I will just add 1/4" or so to the side edges so there is a little more ease.

All-Weekend Sundress

Mar 24 002a_1_1

I am really pleased with how this project came out.  I made it in about 3 hours with my regular sewing machine - no serger necessary even if you are using a knit.  The knit I bought was 60" wide and is a cotton/rayon blend.  I bought 2.5 yards and it shrunk down a bit so I couldn't cut the ruffle (the bottom part of the skirt) 20" long.  My pieces were 16" instead and I think it's fine.  I loved sewing with the elastic thread - Heather's instructions are perfect and it was super easy.  I also loved that with a knit, there is no hemming.  Bonus!  I didn't make any modifications to the pattern pieces and sewed it all according to the written directions.  I made a size M, although my hip measurement falls in the L range.  It fits perfectly - the elastic thread gives it a lot of ease.  I still need to make the spaghetti straps....

All right, that's it.  I whipped up a skirt for Kate today and I have a finished sweater to show off.  Be back soon.



I have a "project crush" on that knit dress. Thank you for the fabric type. I haven't really worked with knits and became a little confused at the fabric store this weekend. You rock!

Sarah Jackson

These all look great. I have to say that this book has me really inspired to be back at the sewing machine, and all your cute stuff has me even more excited. Yay!!

amy h

You have been one busy, busy lady. It all looks beautiful though!


Wow! You've been busy. I've got an itch to sew today, too. Maybe it's the spring in the air...


Love the blouse! How cute are those shorts??!!


wow. you really were a busy bee! I love those shorts and i'm making them for my son tonight. what a great project for boys! the ric rac is such a good idea.
the trapeze top totally scared me as I usually look too busty in those kinds of necklines, but it looks really good on you. Is it because it is higher up on the chest? I've got some knit tops with similar scoop/gathered necklines and i feel like i'm looking so pregnant. but perhaps you are much thinner than me!!


Ok, firstly I'm in absolutely green envy of your sewing time! I can barely squeek in a 30 minute sew-session every few days (I have 2 little girls-2 and 4 yrs). Secondly, thank you thank you thank you for your posts about the projects from the Weekend Sewing book. I have the book and seeing and reading the "rubber-meets-the-road" photos and descriptions you have posted has made it less daunting to dig in. Thank you for all of the time you have taken to sew and post about the projects. You inspire many!!!!


so cute - great work! And thanks for the pattern tips. very helpful.


I love the dress! And I too envy the sewing time. I keep telling myself, I'm going to ME something soon.


Oh bummer. I keep leaving comments without doing the little word verification and not realizing it. So, my question :)

Do you find you often do quite a bit of modification on these types of patterns? My sewing level is more towards straight lines - pillows, loveys, that sort of thing. I would love to grow into these projects, but I can't see that I would know how to make these changes as I go. Maybe I need something in between!


thanks for the inspiration! i just got the book last night... i was up way past my bed time reading & dreaming... i can't wait to get started this weekend!


Thanks for all of the comments on your modifications. I'm planning on making the PJ shorts for my daughter who wears size 12 and at least now I'm prepared! I also plan on making the summer blouse and everything tote and now I want to make the trapeze top too! Don't know which one to make first, but can't do anything without the tracing paper ~ I'm off to Joann's!


Oh I love your pajama shorts!

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