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Mar 12 027_1_1

Just popping in to say hi.  I made a patchwork camera strap as a birthday gift for a friend.  This is the fourth or fifth one I have made in the last few weeks.  I really like playing with color and pattern and forgot how satisfying it is to have a quick and fun project.  I am thinking about sewing up about a dozen more and selling them.  There.  I said it.  I am seriously considering opening a shop.  I'll keep you posted on the details.

I've also been busy getting ready for tomorrow's guest.  As of this morning I have five finished projects from Weekend Sewing to share with you and Heather Ross tomorrow.  If all goes as planned, there will be at least one more item, maybe two.  I could go on and on about how much I like this book.  I'll save my gushing until tomorrow, though.

Happy Monday, friends. See you here tomorrow.


heather smith jones

I hope you do make more because I want one {as do more than a dozen other people too I imagine} :)


Please *do* open a shop!!! : )

cindy : quaint

i love your camera straps! i made a strap cozy to cover up the nikon advertising on mine, but i'm not sure it's going to last.


hi - love your strap, it looks really beautiful! and I wonder where you can making these nice labels? I have to get some for my shop (also just startet it - so I can tell you, it´s quite exciting starting a shop). looking forward for tomorrow! regards *


yay. you said it. :)


good luck if you open up a shop! I know it'll be successful.


Love the fabrics on this one! I am glad to hear that you are considering your own shop! You should definitely do it...
Can't wait to see what comes tomorrow.


lovely work erin!
did you see allison on biggest loser last week? I could promise she had a rose hill hat on!

Laura, Lulabellesview

Sending encouragement your way regarding a new shop. Your work is fantastic. Best wishes.

Mama Urchin

I can't wait to hear the gush.


I get first pick of the straps. Just sayin'.

I can think of about 10 things for you to put in your shop right off the top of my head.

And it's about time, clever lady.


I saw your camera straps on your trip to visit Emily and Molly, I just love them. They reminded me that I've always wanted to make that patchwork belt for Emma, the one you gave me the pattern for. I actually went out and bought the supplies to make it. Because, even though I have plenty of fabric around here, I always need more : )


I'm a relatively new blog stalker of yours, but just wanted to let you know that I would totally be interested in one of those camera straps! Beautiful!

heather jane

Oooh. They are super cute, those camera straps. Like everything else you make!

(I received the most beautiful yellow suitcase from my DH last week. Why couldn't I have had it in time for yellow week?

Account Deleted

cheers and happy monday Erin!


really,really cute I always love what you have to show us. Good luck with your visitors


Great idea (the shop)! Love the strap and looking forward to tomorrow.

yes! sell the straps. I'd buy one!


That's gorgeous! Do you think you could post a picture of the ends?

Sarah Jackson

Oh that's a cute one! very nice!


What a great cover. I love the fabrics everything you make looks so professional I am sure your shop would be a huge success! I cant wait to read your heather ross post.. how exciting


Yes, do sell the straps! I want one too! And ditto on the question about the labels.


If you sell the straps, I'm in line for one! I have a cover now, but yours is so much cuter! I also would love to know where you had your labels made.


I'm excited for tomorrow! I love the projects in this book, especially the little girl sundresses. And I guess I'm not the only one wondering...where DO you get those cute labels?


Yes, please make some of these camera straps to sell. My Nikon told me she needs one!


Where do you get your strap bits/ends? Do you just by regular camera straps and take them apart and add in the patchwork or can you just get the ends somewhere?


I want one of those camera straps! Please hurry with the shop opening so I can buy one! So cute!


Yes, shop please. I'm just hoping I'm fast enough to snap up a couple things before they are gone. Looking forward to tomorrow's post.


Just made my way here from Mommycoddle to see if you sell the camera straps. So yeah, I think you should sell them, I'd buy one!

Amanda Profumo

Erin, if you open a shop it will be a major hit! You have great taste and you are so creative! I love the patchwork camera strap- I also love the patchwork belt you made! I want one of those!!


you said it! hooray! (and you know that i could not love my camera strap more.)


What a wonderful gift. You should absolutely have an etsy shop.


i love your camera straps! they are fantastic. and they inspired me to make one of my very own. hurray for patchwork!


Oh please open a shop!!! I would love one of your fantastic straps!


If you make them, they will come...including me.


I saw a strap like this on your blog months ago and made one myself! You are such a great inspiration! Hoping that you open a shop! :)

jen b

oh please, pretty please open a shop!


Good luck on the shop! I'm looking forward to tomorrow :)


it's about damn time!
that is SO KNOW i will be buying one!


That camera strap is excellent. You should definitely consider opening a shop - you have great work!


so glad you're selling them! i hope that you'll make some masculine ones as well...they'd be perfect gifts for a few poeple i know. :) can't wait for tomorrow!

Shealynn Benner

That is pretty. :) You'll be my new competition. LOL! I make and sell these too.


Just make sure you have online shopping for all of us!


I love one...I've been wishing my camera strap was snazzier than the plain ole one I use now.

Clare Mansell

You can count on two more orders (me and my sister) if you open a shop. I just looked at my camera strap and a pack of charms and then I thought about all the other things I have to do first... it would be so much easier if you could just sell me one! ;-)


That's a beautiful camera strap! I bet you could sell lots of them. :)


Judging by the number of comments left before me, I'd say you had better make more than a dozen. ;) Can't wait for tomorrow!


The camera strap is great. I have made one for my camera but it is solid. I really like the patchwork. It's very spring-y.


So cute and looking forward to tomorrow!


okay. i love that strap. and i think you are going to need to make a dozen dozen. i hope that makes sense. your shop will sell out so fast. and i'm so excited for tomorrow's post. whoohoo!

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