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I could have finished in February if I had really tried, but I didn't.  Instead, I knit the last 3 rounds of sleeve number two and then cast off on March 1st.  I blocked it right away and finally, about a week after it had dried, bought some buttons to finish it off.  I have worn it three times and I love how it fits.  I was worried that I made it too small, but kept reminding myself that garter stitch grows and it would be fine.  It's more than fine.  It's perfect.  What I do not love is how the Malabrigo is starting to pill.  I was warned, but I went ahead anyhow.  That's okay.  I'll deal.

Pattern:  February Lady Sweater by Pamela Wynne
Size:    XS - 37.5"
Yarn:  Malabrigo Worsted in Forest, 5 skeins (with most of the 5th skein unused)
Needles: Size 7
Modifications:  I made the bottom band and arm bands wider to match the width of the button band.  That's all.

And yes, that is my bathroom, re-painted.  Still missing outlet covers, though.  Why rush these things?  I'll get to that someday.



It's beautiful! I love that color, both the sweater and the walls :)


Very cool. I crochet and have my eye on a very similar sweater. I love the top closure sweaters. I think your bathroom is the same color as my kitchen.


I love your sweater! It looks like a perfect spring sweater - love those 3/4 length sleeves! Now you're making me wish I could knit (but then I'd probably start collecting and hoarding yarn as well as fabric, and we just don't have space for that!)


I love this style! Great color, the sweater and the bathroom.


I'm glad you posted the Malabrigo colorway - there's a customer at the Knit Nook who's always asking us to re-order that color!


This looks great!
I am thinking about what kind of easter sweater to make for my Eldest and this looks like a good pattern.


LOVE IT! Way to go Erin! I really want to make this myself but just can't find the courage to do so. You may have inspired me...

P.S. "Finished" or "completed" houses and projects are way overrated in my opinion. :)


It's beautiful! Love the wall color too. In the picture, it looks almost the exact shade of my living room.


It is way cute, Erin. WAY cute. So cute that I want to make one, now, but it would probably not be finished until February 2011.

And that green in your bathroom is yummy.


Gorgeous! Mine has grown- I need to shrink it down a teensy bit. Do you have a sweater shaver for the pills? That helps. My only problem is that things catch in the lace and I end up with pulls if I'm not careful. But I love my FLS too!


I love it! The wall color is yummy.

Trailing Mira

wow... simply beautiful !


The green is much nicer in person...brighter! But, I am sure not easy to photograph on a rainy day!


This is sooo flattering and pretty!


ooooh. NICE sweater! sheesh. I have GOT to knit something soon.


Beautiful! I love that colour! I am one sleeve away from finishing my own Malabrigo FLS, same size, in dark teal. I'm also bracing for the pilling. But it's soft and a lovely pattern.


very cool! I love the color of the bathroom as well


This is really gorgeous, Erin! I'm so impressed with your knitting skills. I'm not sure I'll ever have the patience for more than the one washcloth I've done! And love the green bathroom! I SO miss all the colors we painted our house in KY. Not much to be done with the beige walls and gray carpet of our rental....Lovely job, and it looks GREAT on you!

Julie (Knitsational)

Beautiful sweater!


I am in love with that sweater. The colour, the style, the shape - amazing amazing amazing. It looks like the perfect sweater for any month of the year.


Oh yes, Erin, it is perfect! It looks great on you! I plan to make this again, but about 2 sizes smaller than my last attempt.


i love it!! again- wishing i could knit.... sigh

Marci Simonini

Love it, very feminine and the colour of green is spectacular. The pattern is very close to the one I'm currently knitting for my daughter. Hmm maybe we will have to have matching sweaters!


Love the color of your bathroom.
Love the sweater...very very very much.
Wishing I had your mad skills.
Would knit one for me in black if I knew how.


this looks great on you, Erin. I love it. It makes me want to knit another one with the lace!


I swear, you are able to produce more sewing and knitting projects in one week than I can all year. With a newborn baby, no less. You? Are amazing. And so is that fabulous sweater!!


Great work, Erin! Fits perfectly and such a beautiful color! Congratulations!


gosh it looks really great on you Erin, I love the shape of it. I may have to try this one out.


I've wanted to paint my bathroom exactly that color green. What paint color did you use? It's beautiful.


this is awesome! And in case, when you wear this, everyone is staring and whispering when you walk by, I'll let you know that they are either just jealous and wondering where you found it or wondering if they jumped you for it would they go to jail.


ooo! i'm 1.25 sleeves away from finishing mine. loving it in green and how it fits you.


I love the sweater you are right it is perfect. It almost makes me want to knit, almost. I will stick to my crochet where I feel less clumsy. GREAT JOB!!


it's beautiful on you Erin! i'm getting close to finishing mine, but i think she'll probably end up being an April Lady.


That sweater makes me wish I could knit. I can crochet, but ... knitting is hard. I don't know why but I can't get it. But I LOVE that sweater!!


Sarah's In the Midst of It

I love your sweater! I really don't need another project--but I'm pretty sure I need that sweater!--so I'm off to find the right yarn :)


Your sweater looks great on you! I finished my FLS last month and it was my first sweater. I am making a second one for my 10 yo daughter for Easter. I really like the pattern. A fun knit!


Oh I love it. You've done a wonderful job and think of all the great new clothes and knits you've made for YOURSELF. I've got to get on that.


It's gorgeous!

I'm a little more than half way through mine - I think the lace was a little too ambitious for my skill level, but I won't notice the mistakes when I'm wearing it!


That's fab. I really need to get my last cardigan sewn up so I can work on something cute and seasonally appropriate.


excellent erin! of course, the green is perfect. and once again you've given me a swift kick of inspiration to get back to my languishing knitting.


yay for your finished sweater! it looks amazing.


really nice and the fit is perfect.


I just love all your projects, I have a few quilts that have to get done and then I am off to sew away "the weekend" too.


you look adorable in your FANTASTIC sweater.
so glad it all worked out.


Love it!


Hey, a green sweater is more appropriate in March than in February anyway, right? Although for you, a green sweater is appropriate any time of year, I guess. The pattern is beautiful.

heather at brown robin

You look fantastic!!!! and so does the sweater and that bathroom. I've had my eye on that sweater pattern, but feel like I may not be a good enough knitter. We'll see. Love the finished projects from the Heather Ross book. You're like me... big spurts with lots accomplished. I'm working on a twin quilt right now, but want to get busy on some other projects.


oh wow, erin, that is fabulous! it looks amazing on you!

Mandy B

Your sweater is fantastic! Makes me want to learn to knit...

I too LOVE the color of your walls! Great choice!


You did a fantastic job! I think it looks really flattering on you!

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