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Timestamp: 2009-03-18 18:43:53 UTC

I wish I had 220 books to give away, but I don't.  I only have one.  If my counting is correct (and I hope it is!), the winner of Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross is:

This post really made me want this book! I hate sewing clothes for myself, I'd like to get better at it.

Katherine, email me your address and we will get the book on it's way to you.

So, I was thinking about dishing a bit more about each of the individual projects I made - the fabrics, the details, the modifications, etc.  Would you all be interested in that?  Or should I move on?  Let me know your thoughts and I'll go from there.

Enjoy your day!  Spring has really sprung around here.

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I'm always interested in mods... would appreciate those notes, at least. I know you mentioned them in the article, but it might help to have them pulled out and expanded on a bit. You know, I bought some elastic thread last year and still haven't used it?


dish away! i liked the skirt especially. and now that i am about to order the book, your thoughts and notes would be great!

Missy knits

More details, please! All of the projects were great. I would love to hear more.


I'd love to hear more about the projects. Especially the mods and variations. I guess I'll have to get the book now - asap.


That's my favorite tree, I love when they bloom here. It's the best couple of weeks. I can't wait.

Yeah, I'd be down to hear more.

Toni-Ann Riley

I would love the mods too (and delurking to say so :) ), my book should arrive next week and I am so looking forward to it.


A bit more dishing would be great! The skirt is my fav...hint!

Mary-- The Yellow Door Paperie

Beautiful tree!


Please do dish more about your projects. I am just getting back into sewing after many years of not, and would love to hear about the projects you think would be good for a rusty sewer like myself. Thanks!! Now I must order that book. You're certainly good advertising for it!! :)

chicago sarah

Yes please. :) Your post made me go buy the book...I consider you an enabler in the most loving way, so post your projects and it'll keep the inspiration high!


yes, yes! give us the juicy details... :)


just ordered the book - can't wait - hope it arrives befor the weekend


You sewing demon! I'd love to hear more about the patterns. Your interview with Heather was really great - I love it when someone really knows their stuff.

Mama Urchin

I cannot believe the magnolias!


I would love those notes! I get so nervous about clothes--it would be great to see your process.




do dish! i'm in the middle of making the trapeze dress and wrap skirt, so i'd love any advice or tips. both of your versions were just gorgeous!


Sounds good to me!


Bring it on! Any insight would be much appreciated.


I would love to hear more!!!


Gimme the scoop on your green sundress. Love it...gotta make one for myself. I am done with my two big projects (see blog for details) and am now ready to make stuff for me. That dress is at the top of the list.


Yes, yes all information greatfully received. In fact your interview with Heather led me to click thru' to Amazon, and I'll be getting the book in a few days (it's released tomorrow in the UK) I'm so excited, and that is down to you Erin, so thank you!


Hi! Check out my blog and you'll see that's my signature tree! Only autumn here right now , but I love those two weeks of the year in spring when my tree blossoms. Aaaaahhhhh! Bliss!


absolutly more! :o)


would love it! I'm so in love with that book and now that I'm back home I'm getting ready to make some more pieces - would love to hear your thoughts on those you already made!


Do share!


Please fill us in! I just got the book and I'm contemplating several projects. I'd love to have the "inside scoop" on modifications, sizing, etc.


Yay! keep going. I think yours is the best interview on the "blog tour". I can't wait to get the book myself.


Ugh, I hate you and your spring.

Just kidding! I'm so jealous.

(And jealous of Katherine, too!)


i am totally loving this! thank you so much! living in england now- i am still waiting for my preordered copy of the book to arrive! you are certainly sewing up a storm! gorgeous clothes!

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