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The Yard Sale Wrap Skirt

The yard sale wrap skirt is the cover project for Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross.  This is a great beginner to advanced beginner project - easy and pretty fast, too.

Yard sale skirt 003a_1_1

I started with 3 yards of an Amy Butler print.  Heather shows you cutting the skirt out with the fabric folded.  Unfortunately, the L/XL size would not fit on the 42" wide fabric once it was folded in half (21"), but I imagine the S/M might.  Regardless, I was able to flip the pattern piece around because I had a somewhat non-directional print to get 2 pieces out of the width.  If my fabric had an obvious right side up, then it would have taken me tons of fabric - maybe 7 yards or something crazy like that.  Keep that in mind.  After I cut the six panels that the pattern calls for, it was apparent to me that I was going to need a seventh.  I knew that Amisha had added another panel to hers, so I wasn't that surprised that I need an extra one too.  She made a S/M and I made a L/XL.  Suffice it to say, you should plan for that extra panel by buying extra fabric.  I didn't have enough left on my 3 yard piece, so I cut into a 1 yard cut of the same print for the seventh panel and the waistband pieces.  I used 4 yards total, but you might be able to get away with less if you plan better than I did.

Skirt layout  

The sewing was fast.  The panels are joined using French seams.  Don't let that deter you!  I had never sewn French seams before and Heather's directions were very easy to follow.  Plus, they look so nice!  After the panels were sewn together and the sides hemmed, I added the waistband.  I found the left waistband piece to be wider than the center waistband piece.  I solved that easily enough - I just cut it so they fit together.  The waistband was sewn and top stitched in about a half an hour.  When it came time to hem, I didn't feel like messing with a hand sewn rolled hem.  Instead, I just pressed 1/4" to the wrong side, folded it back and pressed again.  Easy enough.

Yard sale skirt 012_1_1

The skirt sits up pretty high on my waist.  I think if I were to make it again, I'd try to adjust it to sit lower - either add another panel, or maybe take some length off the top.  Of course, if I did that, I would have to add length to the waistband so it would wrap around and tie properly.  I also think I would look at the skirt length a bit more.  I wore the skirt out the other day and still found it to be super comfortable.  Heather wrote a great article about hemlines here.  Read it - you won't be sorry.  I now know why the jean skirt I bought last fall never makes me feel good.  It's too short.

Yard sale skirt 001_1_1

All right - next up I am going to talk about those p.j. shorts, the all-weekend dress and the trapeze dress/blouse.  All in one post because I am so ready to move on.  Later, people.



Oh this looks SO pretty on you! Really fits you well..... I need a skirt and think the wrap idea may be more forgiving of my post baby bulges (hopefully!). I ordered the book and it should be here tomorrow. Now, to find 4 yards of a non-directional fabric... oh darn, have to go to the fabric store ;-)


That is so beautiful! It looks so cute on you! I wish I could wear skirts like this but my short self can't so skirts.


Very cute! The print on the skirt is great.


gosh with all those changes i'd probably just consider a different pattern! the patterns are sounding like they need a lot of work (if you're a newbie to sewing)... thanks so much for the reviews erin! much appreciated!


Very cute!

Sarah Jackson

It looks so great. I can't wait to start this one now that I have two of the sleeveless version of the summer blouse. I ordered 3 yards of the 60" wide fabric used in the book, so I hope that will be enough to cover me. :)

Oh, and i can use my new skills with the rolled hem foot to hem it! I am so not a hand hemmer. Yay!


It's beautiful! The effect is fantastic and it looks like it won't have any issues with the wind blowing it open, which seems to always pester me unless I pin wrap skirts shut.


That's a great skirt! What about the length didn't you like? Too long or too short? It may be obvious to others, but I tend to wear long skirts and it looks just about perfect to me.


i really like how high this skirt fit in this style, erin.
really! it looks great on you!


it looks great & inspiring. God I can't wait for flip-flops and margaritas!


oh yours is beautiful! i'm so glad to read your tips, because I'm just in the midst of making one and wondered whether to add one extra panel or two- I'm going to go with two and an extended waistband so it can sit either high or low! I am wondering if it is going to be a bit too long though...


thanks for the bit about the hem. i was wondering.


i love that skirt. thanks for the info about your issues with the pattern that could come in very handy.


The skirt looks great, as do all the projects you've made. I'm holding you personally responsible for the fact that I just accidently purchased Heather's book from Amazon. It's totally your fault! (that's what I'll be telling my husband anyway ;)).

I can't wait to see the next project.



That is absolutely beautiful. I have been loving seeing everything you're making from this fabulous book. I hope my library gets it soon -- my book budget is sadly non-existent. ;)


Love the skirt, but it's a bummer it calls for up to 4 yards...that's a pricey item!


gah, that is sooooo cute!


your skirt looks fabulous! lovely work :)

Trailing Mira

VERY nice... and love the amy butler fabric!

Fun Mama - Deanna

I really want to make this skirt, but I've had so much trouble with the flower girl dress not being sized correctly that I'm scared to make this skirt. It involved so much more fabric! It does look really good on you.
I discovered your blog through A is for Apron. I also live in Louisville, and was really excited to find a local blogger!

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