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I went to Baltimore this weekend.  I was excited when I boarded the plane on Friday morning.  To say it was fun and good is an understatement.  The women I met were incredible, their families friendly and welcoming.  I stayed with Emily, spent time at Molly's and had a visit from Jennifer.  There was lots of talking, great food, cameras clicking, more talking and then talking some more.  When I arrived, it was like meeting pen pals I had known for a long time.  When I departed, I left behind dear friends.  Thank you, silly old blog, for connecting me with them.  I feel lucky and blessed to have these people in my life.



Three new great blogs added to my reader, thanks! Glad you had a good time in Charm City, we're always glad to hear it.

heather jane

These bloggy connections we make really are good stuff. Sounds like a party to beat all parties!


I'm constantly amazed and thrilled and happy to have met so many like-minded creative fun friends through blogging. How fun that you got to spend a weekend with some of yours!

I dream of a weekend retreat for meeting up with blogging buddies from all over.


It sounds like such a lovely and fun weekend!


Isn't life a wonderful trip you had. :)


it's been cute watching all of your photos pop up on flickr over the weekend. :)


Sounds like a really awesome trip. How fun!



Jane Weston

Love that last picture!! :o)


when people get down on the electronic world, i think about all the opportunities it has created. very fun!

Meg Evans

Looks like a fun weekend--and you had perfect weather to boot!


Sounds fantastic. I know that my once virtual friends are very dear real-life friends.


Sounds like a good time was had by all :)


So fantastic!

But I'm glad you're home.

Lisa Q

from the looks of all the pictures here and three had a great time! So great to make those connections.


truly amazing how blogs can connect people.
i love that you got to spend time with them. all of them.


how fun!!!!


I'm so glad it was so wonderful!!! xoxox

Gretchen Skovron

I just met up with a blog friend for the first time and also had an amazing experience.
And you are right it is like meeting a pen pal! Never thought of it that way.


Well you were in my hometown!!! How fun!


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