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This April Monday

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I hope you had a nice weekend.  Ours was slow and easy, full of different projects and activities.  We ended it with a family meal and the news that I do not have to go in for jury duty this week.  That was a pleasant surprise.

I posted about Boomerang! late on Friday afternoon.  This morning, I was introduced to The Magnifying Glass, a fantastic collaborative blog between Stefani and Eren.  It's all about exploring nature and getting outside with your kids, something we surely could do more now that spring is here.  Coincidentally, they are giving away some free Boomerang episodes on their new blog.  You can read more about it here.  What a fantastic opportunity!

I just got home from boot camp in the rain.  I have wet shoes which make for cold toes.  I think a hot shower and a cup of coffee are in order.  And after that, I'm going to sew.  That should make for a delightful day.  What are you looking forward to doing this April Monday?


Sarah Jackson

This April Monday i have to drop off a charter school application, go to the library for a book on composting, book photography appointments, make 2 more dresses with elastic thread (it is all your fault), print photos, take kids to tennis lessons, and somehow find the time to get some cleaning in there. Whew!

I need to do boot camp. How do you get yourself up that early?

Bea's Closet

Glad to hear that you seem to have time for lots of "want tos"..Enjoy a great day.

Lisa Q

It's raining here too...I'm staying inside working on lots of things that have been needing to get done! Have a great day.


It is supposed to be in the low 90's today! Getting ready to take the girl and go for a walk, to the library to pay for a book that my girl brutally murdered (lessons to be learned by all), take a picture of the kids car seats for insurance purposes, clean front rooms for a playdate after school...

Happy Monday!


It's going to be BEAUTIFUL here today - I can't wait to pick my girl up this afternoon and watch her chase bubbles!!!


I unforutunantly will be spending this day on cleaning and laundry, so I guess visiting my favorite blogs doesn't really fall in either of those catagories...better get busy!


We've done some running around... Joanns, the bank, grocery store & lunch with my son at school. Its my last day off of work from having my baby, so Im just going to try and enjoy my last day home.


I am going to find the sunshine in a rainy day.


I might just start working on a dress.


It sounds weird but I'm looking forward to having the house to myself to finish laundry, put away winter clothes, get dinner started...the usual chores!


Hmm, today we have dance class and t-ball practice, so it will be a full afternoon. I'm looking forward to getting settled after all of that to work on some embroidery with a glass of wine.

bootcamp? ugh! (though I need it badly)


How have I not stumbled upon these before? Thanks for sharing - Boomerang & Magnifying Glass are both new to me, but are already saved into my favorites.


What are you sewing today?

I'm working all day, and then I have a ton of photos to process.


your day sounds just about perfect(well, except for the cold toes/rainy bootcamp part). I am zipping through a to-do list of paperwork, then doing some furniture painting outside. But first I think I will grab an afternoon coffee and do a little windowshopping, the weather is just too nice!


is it sunny anywhere is the us? it's raining cats and dogs here too!


Thanks for the shout out Erin. I had hoped to be able to dig into the Weekend Sewing book I finally have my hands on, but its already 7:15. Maybe tomorrow. Thanks again.



Oh, I am excited about The Magnifying Glass too!
I wanted to be out in the sun with the kids most of the day... and we did it!
Bugs, art, snacks, reading... out in the glorious sun!


I just read about The Magnifying Glass on Blair's blog and checked it out - great site!

Sorry about the rain...we had a glorious sunny day, but it isn't predicted to last. My husband had the day off and we spent it together in the sun, sans children. A perfect day!

What is in that top photo - is it some sort of a craft for kids? My oldest boy loves everything craft related and his non crafty mama is always looking for projects for him.


Yay for no jury duty! Does that mean the straps are coming along? oh how I do wish to snag one soon in your shop :)


That sounds good...hot shower and coffee. Make sure you put on cozy robe and slippers too!

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