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April 12 - easter 010_1_1

I love good mail, but surprise good mail is even better.  Melissa sent me some cute potholders.  They are so fantastic and were used pretty much as soon as the package was opened.  Not only are they super cute, but they are well-loved.  Just look at the melted butter stain.  Thank you, friend.  Your thoughtfulness made my day week.

I now have an overwhelming urge to stop camera strap production and whip up a bunch of potholders.  Seriously.  I already have the insulated batting and lots of fabric on hand.  Hmmm....

Resistance is probably futile.



I'd say resistance is futile. I keep wanting to make some potholders, I was just remarking last night how we need new ones because ours are so ratty. Need that insulated batting.

Improv pieced potholders! Just sayin.


Insanely wonderful fabric. Surprise packages are such a treat.


so cute! I almost never get mail! But that't probably to do with the fact that i really don't send any ... must get on that!


I think my comment got lost - anyway - they are really cute!

Karen at sew and sow life

Oh no! Insulated batting? Another something to add to my wish list? Or maybe while I'm out and about doing other errands, I'll just pop by the fabric store...?


Surprises are great! Especially those that can be used regularly, and brighten each day. The fabric is beautiful!


Those are so adorable. I love the fabrics she used too.

Meg Evans

Insulated batting? Can one get this at the local Joann's? Or is it an online-order type thing? Because if it's the former...I may have some cute new potholders soon--to heck with Williams-Sonoma!


anything you put in your shop will sell.

heather smith jones

Those are too sweet.


oh, potholders!!! love these.

and I'm interested about where you get insulated batting, too.


oh those are cute! I just love that top fabric!


Oooh! I love that pink and green fabric.


I totally agree!


I will buy dozens of potholders for myself and gifts if you do it!! Love, love these and I don't sew. I can't buy your camera strap because I share with my dear husband and he...well, just wants the plain Canon strap.


they are great, I love the patterns, so great with all your green.


Now those are some really cute potholders...those fabrics are gorgeous!


yes, it's probably best to just go with it! resistance is futile.


Love the fabric she choose for you. Do you have the urge to make hot soups too? An excuse to use them alot. :)

Mama Urchin

The exact same thing happened to me except I don't have the insulated batting. And if you saw my current potholders, aside from the one from Melissa, you'd tell me to get on it right this minute.


oh, i adore these!


Those are the cutest potholders ever!


tahts exactly what i thought when I saw them! I am going to make some for myself!


Resistance is always futile.

Um, craft swap? Hint hint.

And speaking of, have you started yet?


I'm jumping on the "where do you find insulated batting" bandwagon.

I've actually sewed way more this week than I've knit.


I love the potholders and am looking forward to you doing a tutorial on them or letting us know where to find out about making them. I agree they would make lovely gifts !

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