This April Monday
Sewing Green with Betz White


April 22 003_1_1

Some Sewing Green,

April 21 005_1_1

stitching up camera straps,

April 23 001_1_1

and a small, on-the-go knitting project have been keeping me busy this week.  It's been fun to sew by hand, with the machine and knit all in the same week.  I haven't done that much multi-crafting in a long while!

I hoe you have a fantastic weekend.  I am off to Chicago to reconnect with my high school friends at our 20th reunion.  I'll be back next week with some shop news and to welcome Betz White when she stops by on Wednesday.  See you then!



i'm liking the yellow apple fabric you used for a camera strap!


Not to mention the cutest green corduroy skirt!


I'm really lovin the camera strap with the grey with yellow fabric!!

apple cyder

And I just love all that patchwork loveliness in the camera strap shot. Bravo! Enjoy your reunion. Molly


looks like you've had a creative week!

Ashley Ann

Those are some pretty straps!

Sarah Jackson

have a great time!!


Loving all the colors in the entire post, but especially the knitting!


Busy bee! It all looks like so much bright rainbow fun!


This is all good stuff. Can't wait for the shop opening.... enjoy your reunion! Ours is next year and I'm kind of looking forward to it since FB. Happy Travels!


Have fun, Erin :)

Kate Lee

Enjoy your 20th reunion - I missed mine as I had a month old baby. Breastfeeding in front of the boys you dated in high school would have been a little too wierd. Ha Ha. Good for you with all the crafting - you've earned some big people time.

amy h

Ack, I love that tone on tone fabric up there, whatever it is. Enjoy Chicago!


safe trip and have lots of fun!


pretty yarn! have a great trip.


love the green skirt. it makes the knitting look all the more inviting!


Have a great weekend - love your skirt!


have fun in chicago!!!


it all looks great, don't you love it when all the crafting bases are covered. Think of all you would have missed if you'd been on jury duty!

Modern Crush

I spy your green phone... I want that!


I really need to get going on making a camera strap! Yours are so cute!


You too Erin...hopefully it will be warm your way!


I am anxiously awaiting camera straps going on sale!


enjoy your break Erin!

Kendall Micayla

Such colorful and fun camera straps!!
Lovely knitting project too, I like the color and ruffles. :) Must get going on my own!


Looks like lots of crafty fun...
Have a great time at the reunion!


hope you are having a fantastic time in chicago!!!!
and i wish i was there, too!

Tracee Dawn

Love the colors in your knitting~ give us a clue, what's it going to be?!?!?!?


a little bit here, a little bit there. fills the soul and gets it done. lovely colors you have!


Have a great time at your reunion! Great projects you've got going!


Looks very fun! How come so many straps? Do you sell or take to the reunion? Have a great trip!


Beautiful crafting, spring in doesn't get much better than that! We're going out of town until next Tuesday--please don't sell those lovely straps before then!

Pam - captured by our cameras

Looks like you are knitting the Chevron scarf. Great colors.

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