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I know some of you are waiting for the shop announcement which I promised would be mid-April.  It's about that time, isn't it?  Yes, it is.  I've been silently working on camera straps, getting them ready to sell.  But I hate to tell you, I can't give you a date, yet.  Production is right on schedule and all the other little bits are falling into place.  That's not the problem.  No, my problem is much bigger and beyond my control:  Federal Jury Duty.

I've been on call for jury duty since the beginning of March and thought I was going to escape an actual summons.  Until this past Friday when the letter came in the mail, that is.  So it looks like next week, I'll be at the courthouse instead of here, at home, opening my little shop.  I am not comfortable throwing the proverbial doors wide open and not being around my computer to handle any unforeseen problems.  Additionally, the time I do have at home will be limited and I know my attention will be needed elsewhere.  Something has got to give and this time it's the shop.  Sorry.

I will let you know an actual date just as soon as I can.  There is a slight chance I won't have to go in at all next week, but I am not counting on it.  Regardless, I will give you two or three days notice before I put anything up for sale.  Sound good?



ooooh, jury duty! That's totally understandable!


oh, pooh! Hopefully your trial will be a short one.


I was called to jury duty 3 years ago, it was the week of our move, I didn't respond, I didn't go....nobody ever came for me. In Pennsylvania anyway, you don't have to go but nobody really knows that & they go. I say skip it.


woo hoo, jury duty! Lots of time to knit while waiting around...


I can't wait! Is it pathetic that I'm terrified I'm going to miss it?!?!?! Thanks for giving us notice so we can be ready.


so funny. I am reading this in jury duty. So far just a lot of waiting.

Account Deleted

Ooh, lucky duck! I've always wanted to be on a jury. I think hours of watching Law & Order have given me very romantic notions of seeing justice done and all that.

Marta Mendes

thank you for giving us notice!!


we'll wait!


Sounds like a plan...I'll be waiting eagerly!


Is that a picture of beautiful camera straps getting ready to be sewn together?!?

The 6 O'Clock Stitch

Can't wait to see them!


i guess it says something about the effect law school has had on me, but i am totally jealous of your jury duty :) i fear that i'll never get to be on a jury once i've passed the bar! it sounds like it could be a fascinating experience.


I would love to sit on a jury!

3 days advance notice is a great sporting chance! WOO HOO!!!

Sherry (rovinggirl)

Thanks for the update. I am looking forward to purchasing one of your camera straps. It is totally understandable that your lovely family comes first after your jury duty. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and it will be fun to see why it worked out this way for you!! Take care of yourself, Sherry

heather smith jones

Well we can wait. I like seeing your fabrics all stitched together there, waiting too. :)


Good luck with jury duty! I hope it doesn't stretch on forever.


Knit. Knit. Knit.... they do let you bring knitting needles into the courthouse right!?


Hi, I'm a brand new Nikon, using my owner's computer to say that we are soooo sorry to hear this news. She's asked me to make sure that you've been throwing about the words "primary caregiver" to anyone who will listen. Thank you! :)


your patchwork is fabulous as always. i hope jury duty goes well!

simply stork

I was called for jury duty quite a few years ago...I was nursing at the time...I asked if they would not mind if I stopped to nurse every two hours...they did! So they let me out...but put me back into the cycle where a few years later I was called again. there was no getting out of it. I went...I loved it! You might go and just give it a try...You might enjoy yourself :o)


ps if you do go...bring something to do...a book or a project...there is always lots of waiting. I think that is why I liked it so much :o)


ooo, jury duty. Your straps look fabulous so far. I'm sure no one has any problem waiting patiently. Thanks for the update, and I hope all goes well with jury duty.


Please don't take the route suggested by a commenter above and ignore the summons. This is Federal Court - there are serious consequences for such an action. I know you would be a dutiful juror; I hope you are chosen for a trial.


I hope you get on a good case if you have to be there. They wouldn't even let me bring in my knitting needles and waiting was drudgery!


you better check into that knitting thing. that would be awful if you weren't aloud needles.
fingers crossed you don't have to go at all.


Totally understandable! I will wait somewhat patiently... :)


I'm with Julie--I'm so excited, yet petrified I'll miss out!! Keep us posted and good luck with Jury duty.

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