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Thank you all so very much.  I am so touched by your kind words and encouragement.  Parenting is hard and it's good to know that everyone has those bad days.  Yesterday was better, not great, but better.  And I have high hopes for today, too.  I refuse to give up even though there are moments that make me want to.  I wish I had time to respond to you all individually.  Please know I read all my comments and really appreciate the time you take to share with me. Thank you.

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Good things for today:

- Fatty was home a little later this morning so we got to spend some extra time together.

- Both girls said, "I love you, Mom" on their way out of the car.

- Dinner is mostly made and the house is picked up.

- I have finished 27 of 96 single girl quilt squares - over 1/4 the way done!

Hope you have a fantastic Thursday!



so glad that you are having a better day....i can totally relate to your last post....when all that I feel like I do is bark orders at my 4 year old (which totally crushes her little spirit) so that I can keep my 9 week old happy and asleep....and then realize that it is a give and take, and like you said, there is a chance to do better the next day. By the way....love the ranunculus...they are my favorite:)


Can't wait to see your single girl quilt! Ugh, kids, I've been having a day with mine as well. Some days it seems that 24/7 with anyone, even your child, is probably going to drive one of you crazy, especially when it has been so cold so long. That is why it's called unconditional love. Here's to better and warmer days for all of us! Really cute photo, btw!


27? WOOT!!!


Your girls are beautiful

Lisa Clarke

I love that picture of the three of you - so nice and lovey! It'll be a great one to look at when you're having one of *those* days. Which we all have :-)


Glad you're having a better day. My children are grown and gone (for the most part of most days!). I was blessed to be a stay-at-home mom for 20 years and continue to be grateful that I was able to do so. There were many, many days that it seemed to be a very thankless job, but I kept plugging along, hoping eventually it would prove to have been for the better. Now that I can look back on the years, I know it was really the best for all of us; and the kids have told me so in the wisdom of their late teens and 20s. Know that you are not alone and being a parent is the most difficult and yet, truly fulfilling, job there is in the world. Take care!


Yes, yes and yes to your previous post, sweet friend. I'm right there with you. Glad yesterday was a better one. xoxo P.S. Tonight's a full moon. ;-)


Those girls know you love them. I can tell by the picture. We doubt ourselves, but it all works out. My daughter is grown and married and lives 1500 miles away, but she still calls me 3 times a day asking if she should buy some dress or how to make a recipe. They are watching and learning from you--even when you think they are looking the other way.
On another note, what "white" are you using for your Single Girl quilt? I hate to start it and be disappointed in the white I had chosen. I usually don't make quilts with so much solid fabric. AND what are you using for the backing? I need to go to Pottery Barn and see what Denyse used on those.


Lovely smiles! Just lovely. ((hugs))


those are definitely all good things. all of them.


beautiful picture. And as hard and destructive as boys are, I think girls can be harder emotionally. You're doing a good job.


Now I see why your girls are so beautiful. Great picture! I am so glad today is better. xoxo


I wish I were as pretty as you.


good good things.
it's almost friday- and that's a good thing too :) happy end of the week to you erin! xo


This photo made me smile. From ear to ear. You are all so lovely. I hope today and every day makes you smile like you all are in this photo.

I wanted to let you know that I read your blog religiously. You are so genuine and your blog reflects that. You have given me so many creative ideas that my little brain is filled to capacity. I stay awake dreaming of the things I will create and do the next day. I even taught myself how to knit from youtube so I could make myself a Tangled Yoke sweater and some cute cabled bags like your yellow one. I have copied your ideas for aprons. I have copied your quilts. I have copied your bed skirt. I have been inspired by all of your sewing. I could go on and on. Thank you. Truly.

Bea's Closet

Glad things are better. Go easy on yourself. Its so hard, parenting....especially when you do it "right".

Mama Urchin

I haven't had a chance to comment being in my own parenting squall - Spring Break, rainy days, Papa away - but I'm glad things are looking up. Sometimes I feel like the kids are draining years off my life but there are other times I can feel my heart getting bigger. I guess the trick is to maximize those golden moments.


pretty girls, all three.


What a treat to see the pretty face that accompanies the voice I hear when I read your blog.


Love that photo. So pretty.
I'm glad today was better.


Girl, we all have those days. I feel like my life is one long "one of those days" right now. Because my kids are pretty far apart in age, I'm finding getting the hang of the new baby thing to be a lot harder than I remembered. The number of days where my husband arrives home from work at 4:30 and I haven't showered or gotten dressed and we still haven't had LUNCH much less started dinner is, well, alarming. But you are so right ... each day is a new day. A chance to try again! Whether we like it or not, lol!

lots of love to you -- and to J and K, too.


What a sweet, sweet photo. You are on my list of "good things" for the day!

heather at brown robin

big hugs... and so much love in that picture. thanks for sharing.

heather smith jones

And well now it's Friday and I hope your Friday too, was wonderful Erin. Thank you for your email, I'm happy you visit me whether or not you comment. I'm honored :)


I just love the funny comment Fatty left - exactly what my husband would have said too! Lovely photo of you and your girls.

carolyn jurrjens

"what three beautifull girls"be kind to yourself Erin, l had bad days!!! 11 years ago and now l enjoy so many precious moments with a beautiful young women who l am so proud of being mum to and the same thing will happen along the way with Sarah, each day is a new day and never forget to say "l love you!!!


This is a perfect photo! You should enlarge it, frame it, and look at it whenever another "bad" day crops up :-)


love the single girl quilt...parenting girls! i so feel your pain days! i have a nine-year-old hormone in my house, i'm told it is not suppose to start this early!


so much love shining through in this photo. you were chosen to be their mother. they were given to YOU! so train on dear mother!
much love to you!

Tracy H.

I am so excited for that single girl quilt.


Aw, hon! I'm late to say it, but big hugs to you!


I hope you had a wonderful easter altogether. Lovely photo of you all! :)

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