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Big Button Challenge

Good morning.  Care for a cup of coffee?

May 7 018_1_1

Are you familiar with Polka Dot Cottage?  Lisa makes incredible buttons and jewelry out of polymer clay.  When I say incredible, I mean incredible.  I am amazed at what she does.   Awhile back, Lisa asked me if I would take part in her big button challenge.  Sure, why not?  So she sent me a button and I was to make something using the button.  The result:  french press cozy.

Honestly, I was planning on making a tufted pillow, but Sarah beat me to the punch.  Have you seen hers?  It's stunning!  I thought about making a coffee cup cozy.  When I was telling Emily my reservations about making yet another coffee cozy (not much of a challenge in my mind), she suggested a french press cozy.  Perfect!  I whipped it up the next day.

May 7 008_1_1

I followed my own coffee cozy directions except that the french press cozy is just a long rectangle.  I measured the circumference of the pot with a string  - high tech, I know - and cut a linen rectangle and a piece of insulated batting 1.25 inches longer and 1 inch higher than the measurements.  For the outside fabric, I used a Japanese cheater print that I bought from Leslie and a small piece of linen so the button would pop.  I really like how it turned out.

May 7 011_1_1

I'm just about ready to pour my third cup this morning.  I am completely exhausted from our weekend in New York.  I feel like I am suffering from some kind of sensory overload.  My mind is overflowing with inspiration and ideas and I am seeing quilt squares when I close my eyes.  I'm going to take a day or two to settle back in to our routine and to get some rest.  See you in a couple of days.



Love, love this Erin. And yes, I could use a third cup as well. HAve a great couple of days to sort though all of your thoughts.


Sarah Jackson

Super super cute! I'm buying a french press for my beach sojourn (it somehow seems excessive to pack the espresso machine, even for a month) and I think it needs something just like that.

And thanks for the pillow love!


It is so super cute.

I sort of love that feeling of ideas overflowing, but know that it can be overwhelming too. I'm glad the trip was good!


yay! and welcome home! and can't wait to see....


I'm just not sure where to find more adjectives to describe your work!
so I'll use a great one- AWESOME!!
have a few restful unplugged days.


Very clever! Enjoy your little break.


Great showcase for a beautiful button.

And I know what you mean about sensory overload. Too many ideas, not enough time!


That is cool! Have a good break!

Clare Mansell

Is this going to stop my husband wrapping the oven gloves round the french press? Wonderful. I'm starting tonight...

Lisa Clarke

I really do love this. And if I weren't already trying to prioritize three projects, all of which I want to do NOW, then I'd be all over making myself one :-)

Lisa Clarke

Oh! And thanks for all of the nice words about my buttons and such :-)


love the button, that would be something fun to learn...your french press cozy is cute too!

Lisa Q

This is fabulous. I just made some coffee cuffs...was inspired by yours. Thanks for all the inspiration.


Very nice! Congrats on the success of your shop. I've been wondering about the Etsy vs Big Cartel thing...


that is so the cutest thing i have ever seen---does it keep the coffee warmer?


Very cute. My mom uses a french press and she would love this! Thanks.


It's gorgeous... as I'm sure ALL that comes from the inspiration buzzing around your head will be!


I love it!


Thanks so much for posting this! I love my french press and a cozy for it would be too cute. Love your blog!!


Super cute! Just wanted to let you know I linked to you today in my blog post. xoxo

Kelly H

I have been meaning to make one of these for a looong time. Does it work well to hold in the heat??


That is such a lovely cozy for your cafetierre (or French Press). I don't drink coffee, but my husband does (and it HAS to be fresh) so I think I'll be whipping one of them up for him for father's day! Great inspiration, as always!


so pretty.


this is beautiful erin! and i am so so excited for you that you went back to denyse's workshop! (and so wishing i could have joined you...)
that sensory overload is exactly how i felt after the workshop in the spring. exactly. so hoping to go back this fall.

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