Wednesday is the day
Open for Business


Hi.  How have you all been?

Life is busy at the moment.  Really busy.  There is so much going on that I don't even know where to start.  Kid stuff, shop stuff, craft stuff, house stuff  and on and on.  I don't know what I was thinking when I chose this week to open the shop.  Actually, I don't think I was thinking.  Doesn't matter - the camera straps are all made.   And tomorrow is still the day.  I'll post here and on flickr as soon as the shop opens its virtual doors.

May 5 001_1_1

Yeah - I'm a total tease.

I promise that I'll have some different, meaning not camera strap related, and exciting things to share next week.  Well, exciting if you like quilts and patchwork and stuff like that.

I'm also thinking about putting in some raised garden beds.  If I can't build them until the 20th or so, is that too late?  What do you gardening ladies think?

OK - back at it.  I've still got work to do.  Shop work and maybe a blog spruce up if there is time.  Busy busy busy.



Not too late AT ALL! And I'll be over to help.

Does CSA start tomorrow?


I think it would work great to wait until the 20th, you can be sure the ground is nice and warm by that time.


Certainly not too late. Just depends on what you want to plant in them. Post photos of them when they are done!

heather smith jones

i say it's never too late to do some gardening! hooray for your shop opening. :)


I agree w/ heather. It's never too late. Just the right time for tomatoes, zucchini, beans and herbs!


I agree I think the 20th is fine-the growing season in KY is longer than it is here (I'm in the midwest now, but originally from TN) and I just started my seedlings on April 1st!
The camera straps are beautiful.


not too late at all!

you may just want to plan on buying starter plants instead of seeds, instant gratification!

I love my beds, we have 6 in total and were well worth the time it took to build. I would recommend soil delivery...we bought a million bags, but now as I think of it, we added mushroom compost to the soil as be sure you get soil ready for "growing". Have fun!


Those straps are gorgeous!

You are in a way different zone down there so I don't know about the raised beds but I would think you could make it work.

Good luck with The Busy! We're feeling it here too. xoxo

Mama Urchin

I think that waiting will just fine.


oh no, not too late at all. you will love it! we have a big raised bed and it does so well with hardly any weeds. post pictures if you do!


I'm in SW Ohio and I am planting the majority of my raised beds now, but 2 weeks won't's better than no tomatoes, peppers and herbs! I agree with getting a good mushroom composted soil mixture delivered, so you can hit the ground running after all your hard work. You won't regret it when you're grazing from the garden and eating so much freshness you can hardly stand it. Looking forward to seeing some sewing projects!


Sounds like you have been hard at work! I'm looking forward to seeing the shop.

The raised beds sound great! I think it's never too late. There's always time to plant a little something! That's what I tell my husband, it's HIM doing all the gardening work - I'm the cook! :)


no, I don't think that's too late. I mean, kentucky is warm sooner than we are up here in the north, but we didn't build our gardens until... um ... lemme check ... hahaha, we built ours on May 19th last year.

psst! how much are you planning on charging for them there camera straps?

Sarah Jackson

I think they look really great. Hopefully soon you'll get a breather!


Raised beds are a great idea. Here in CO. we have very hard clay soil, so the raised beds we put in a couple of years ago are great for us!

Camera straps look great, can't wait to see the shop!


Love the strap peek!
No, it's not too late for the raised beds. Over here they say it's not really safe to plant anything before Memorial Day anyway.


Must, must remember to order one of those straps tomorrow. I've been waiting away!


can't wait for you to share your talents with all of us through your shop!


I am so excited for camera straps! Elephants!
I think as long as you plant seedlings, you'll be fine.


I have to remember to pop over for a strap tomorrow. I've got to have one!


The 20th is fine for putting in your beds--you'll just have to have some larger plants to start out. Raised beds are wonderful--we keep expanding our own every other year, it seems. Here is our flickr set if you're looking for inspiration:

rachel | buttons magee

good luck with the shop opening! And I think raised beds would be awesome!


I just love your camera straps and I have been itching to sew one for myself to match my purse, but I have a question - where do you get your supplies? I have searched the internet high and low for the little strap doo-dads, but can't find anything. Aside from buying a bunch of camera straps and using the parts, I'm at a loss for a solution.
Also, I don't know much about gardening, but my dad religiously follows the farmer's almanac :
Good luck!


your camera straps look great!


We just completed our first raised beds this past weekend and the book "Square Foot Gardening" was recommended by at least a handful of people; I'd never heard of it before and I've been gardening for a long time. I can't wait to get the beds all done and enjoy the harvest. (BTW, I didn't use the soil mix recommended in the book and our beds are 12" tall instead of the suggested 6".)

Glad you could get the straps listed!

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