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I have a good number of unfinished projects sitting around.  I get all excited about starting something new so I gather the supplies and get a good start only to be waylaid by yet another new and exciting project.  It's not that I don't want to finish what I started - it's that when I get tired of something or it isn't working, it's sometimes easier to set the project aside and move on to something different.  Case in point:  the granny square blanket.

May 15 008_1_1

I started this a little less than two years ago and have picked it up from time to time.  I packed it up to take to jury duty last month,  but it just sat in its tote bag hanging on the mudroom pegs because I never had to go to the court house.  On the way out the door Friday afternoon, I grabbed it for our road trip.  And wouldn't you know, I like making granny squares again.

May 18 003_1_1  

I crocheted the better part of 12 squares on our trip.  I say better part because they all need their green border.  I pulled out the stack of squares previously made and was pretty amazed to count 37 completely finished.  I hope to finish up the others while in the carpool line these last two weeks of school.  I'm not sure how many I need.  I had originally thought 77 squares, but that seems huge.  No matter - I will lay them all out and if 49 is not enough, then I will figure out just how many more I need and make them.

May 18 006_1_1

They will get crocheted together with the lighter green yarn.  That seems like a good project for watching TV.  Come fall, I plan on cuddling up with my new blanket.

I'm just not going to think about weaving in all those ends.



here's to finishing projects! how fun!


Can't wait to see the finished project. I have a knitted blanket that I've done a third of! If I hadn't of got a new sewing machine, it might be further along!


That's going to be so gorgeous!

Meg Evans

You make granny squares look like fun--I need to start another craft like I need a hole in my head! But I am going on a road trip in there will be all this time...maybe I should hurry up and finish my knitting projects so I can start something new!


Two years is nothing. I have been working on a granny square now known as "Seven Years In the Making". I think I am going to have to change the name to "Eight Years In the Making". I am about 3/4 done with the squares. I think I need to take more car trips or be without electricity more often...that is when most of my progress happens.


it's a universal language..the start then stop :)
looks so good! do show it finished!

barbara brown

what a great "trip" project. the scarf i started i took in the car with the intention of knitting the entire day trip only to discover my needles were to long to comfortably knit in the car. they kept hitting the door so i had to stop. looks like crochet wouldn't have that problem. your squares look great. are they very hard to figure out?

Lisa Q

looks great...and I know that yarn feels wonderful. Great color choices. My crochet teacher (my mom) told me to catch my ends in the loops as I crochet. It doesnt' always work, but it sure helps reduce the number of ends to weave in when you're finished. (just thought that might help with the remaining squares :)) Do show you're layout when you get around to sizing it up!

Sarah Jackson

very nice! I have the mitered square blanket, which is the same kind of project for me. However, now I'm on to seaming it and it's going very slowly. I think I'll bring it with me to the beach and make myself finish it on the grey and rainy days.

Can't wait to see it all done!


would it surprise you to know that i do the same thing when a project gets sticky? of course not.


I found that sewing in the ends was an excellent way to busy the fingers while watching a movie. I finished a several-years-in-the-making crocheted afghan a couple months ago and it's been so much fun to finally USE it!


Great colors!~ I haven't made a granny square since I first learned to crochet, but I have sooo many unfinished progects lying around waiting for me to be reinterested in them.


I am so totally the same way it is frightening. With the starting a new project, then putting it down to start something new...

This looks so awesome, though. I'm glad you picked it up again! I can't wait to see it in real life!


love this. i need to learn how to crochet!

heather jane

Weaving in those ends might just be enough to scare me away from that project all together. The end result will be lovely, though!


Oh, it's going to be just gorgeous! Lovely colors.


at least you can cuddle under the blanket while you weave in the ends! Lovely, it makes me think of my grandma!


Oh I hope you find the inspiration to keep going because it is going to look absolutely stunning! I love the colours you have chosen.


why am i not suprised there is green involved? it will look so uniquely you!


My mother crochets (beautifully). I have a clear childhood memory of her sitting through endless televised Boston Red Sox games, crocheting granny square after granny square. I'd sit by her side, crocheting long ribbons of yarn.


That green is yummy!!!


I know exactly how you feel when it comes to wanting to start new projects. I have an abundance of unfinished projects!

Just wanted to add - when I make my granny squares I weave the ends in as I go. I HATE weaving them in at the end... it never gets done. But attacking them bit by bit helps to lighten the load!


That second photo has done me in. I knew how to crochet as a child. I have long forgotten how. A few years ago, I became a beginning knitter. But noticed that I was really mostly attracted to the crocheted items I saw around. Now I think your photo has pushed me over the edge. I am living with my MIL temporarily and she taught me how to knit. So I imagine she will be teaching me how to crochet again before we leave in July.


YOU may have made me want to learn to crochet.


Like many, I'm loving the crochet too at the moment. I am also a weave as you go girl! Love your colours!


They look great. Granny squares are about the only thing that tempts me to learn to crochet.

How's your wrist holding out through it all?


I can not crochet, but my grandma made me one if these blackets when I was younger :) Love the color combo you are using...and just wanted to let you know I can't wait for June because I WANT one of your camera straps :D Thank you for sending me the message ;)


it's going to be wonderful!


I have the same problem and it's funny you pulled it out because I was just thinking of getting back to my granny square afghan. I think the little blocks are good for warm weather. I'm looking forward to seeing how you crochet it together. I've never found good instructions.


hmmm. that looks like a good road trip project for when the airstream heads back east this summer. i've given crocheting many half-hearted tries over the years - thinking if i can knit, i can crochet ... it just hasn't proven true. that looks so tempting though i may have to give it another shot.


Erin - like Jen I weave in as I go. If I waited until the end it would drive me nuts. My mom waits and I have some thnig of hers that she wants me to finish - weaving in drives me bonkers.

The colors in this are beautiful.


Oh, you ALWAYS need more squares than you think!


I like your color combination. pretty.


Love those colors! I need to learn how to make granny squares, they look like fun. Well, first I need to learn how to crochet!


I stumbled across this post just now, and it really grabbed me! (Because it sounded so familiar) Do you think its a good thing? Bad thing? Indifferent?

I have about 20 projects going at any given time, and do the same thing, and never seem to finish them. Its usually when I get discouraged because something is hard or complicated and I set it aside. Which I don't know if that is good for me or not!
Typically I start something else at the same time!

Regardless, you have a lovely blog! Thanks for sharing!


your post here (and a little deliciously coloured yarn) have totally inspired me to embark on a project like you have here. Only in blues/purple and grey.

I can't wait to see how yours turns out!

Alice Best

*sigh* I just love granny squares and I love looking at other people's squares! I'm making a blanket too... I've done 52 squares so far and am estimating I need 250 for a queen sized bed blanket? I'm aiming to have it made by next june just in time for next winter! However I can't stop making other things in between... oh well!!!
I really like your blog and am looking forward to checking in from now on!

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