Hooked again
This is what 38 looks like

In the last 24 hours...

I finished the edging on those 12 granny squares.  I need to make more.

Fatty and I built some raised garden beds last night.  I spent today tracking the sun to make sure we place them in the *perfect* spot.

I ran out of potting soil for the geraniums and impatiens.  I went and bought more and picked up a new hammer while I was at Home Depot

I went to the bank and the post office then stopped by the bookstore to see if they had the new issue of Stitch.  They did.  There are some projects I definitely want to try.  I was happy to see that one is by Melissa.

I took the girls for haircuts - a nice summer bob for Kate, a trim for Jane.

I cut out a skirt and am ready to start sewing .

And just when I thought I had that silly cat all figured out, she decided that peonies are not for her.

May 12 006_1_1

Thank goodness.


Account Deleted

Oooo, I love Stitch! It's fast becoming my favorite sewing magazine.

Sarah Jackson

busy busy!!

I picked up Stitch in San Diego. There are several things that I'm excited about, including Melissa's projects. Yay!


Wow, what an industrious day - makes you feel good when all goes to plan - looks like your have tos and want tos are evening out very well.

Sarah Jane

whew! i'm tired just reading it!


melissa has a project? I'll go find it!


Jeezum. You are one crazy productive girl. I can't wait to see what you're growing in your beds. xo


i wonder what it was about the peonies...


can't wait to see some of your new projects! have never seen stitch, might have to look for it.


holy cow! you had a day...thank goodness for the sweet smell of peonies and the lovely softness of a cute kitty. sherry


you've been busy!

Dawn Suzette

Oh... looking forward to seeing those beds...
And of course your projects!!


Oh, so you had a slow day, huh? The busy life of a mom.


I think I need to track down a copy.


Your day sound full of important, useful and beautiful things... just perfect!


What a full day! I'm growing geraniums this summer too. They're red and lovely. Hope yours burst into bloom soon!


and the day came when you found the flowers that weren't in danger of getting nibbled...I hope that day comes for me sometime soon.

I must get some peonies and see what happens.

Modern Crush

Scout! I love your kitty!

melissa f.

thanks erin!! you might want to try stiff interfacing for the brim to give it a little oomph. i just used flannel for that one.

i feel like stitch had another good, solid issue, don't you? something for everybody. i'm happy they are planning another one for fall.


I have been pouring over Stitch myself, its full of really good projects.

And, I have yet to figure Gracie out. I don't think I ever will.


i loved that pillow melissa had in Stitch.

I gave E a summery bob haircut yesterday--her perched on top of the washing machine (note to self: not a good idea, when there is clean wash inside b/c all the hair falls in). But I chopped a little too much out of her bangs. I'm telling myself it looks very european.

happy weekend, e.


by the way, E would be elizabeth, not emma--thank goodness.the poor girl would have been mortified. elizabeth takes it all in stride, of course. :)


What a fabulous post over at Lecia's. You have a lovely blog here Erin. May I first say-I had never been a fan of Granny squares~ until I saw these- LOVE the color combination. I may need to learn how to do those- any special books to read? I already know the very basics crochet stitches...


What a beautiful photo! Great blog, by the way!

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