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School is out in two weeks.

The strawberries should be ripe right about then.

Then come the raspberries.  And the blackberries.  And the black raspberries.

I'm ready for the you-pick bonanza, the jam sessions that will follow and the sweet bursts of summer in my mouth.

Melissa just listed some berry bowls yesterday.  If you plan on eating lots of berries, you might want to buy one before they are gone.  I love mine - use it all year round and not just for berries.  It's seen grapes and even small batches of pasta.  Super handy and so well made.

We're off on a road trip.  Happy weekend, all.



That bowl is just so sweet. What a wonderful idea. Our berry bushes are just flowering, I can't wait for the deliciousness they hold.

Tara Thayer

Thanks for the berry bowl link. I think it's the same one Molly had a picture of this week. Need me one. Have a great weekend!

barbara brown

delicious looking. thanks for sharing her shop with us.


Oh, I can't wait for canning season to begin again, either! It's so weird-- I always relieved when it finally ends, but I spend all winter missing its prideful productivity.


I ADORE my bowl. ADORE!


Uh-oh! I just broke my no-spend vow and ordered a berry bowl!


ha - I was coveting the bowl as I clicked into your post and started reading, and then you provided the details of it. Lucky! I too cannot wait for school to be out and have my kids around all the time for things like hanging out and picking and eating berries.


We are going peach and blackberry picking today, too.


We just planted and assortment of berries here - raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and cranberries. Too bad we'll have to wait until next year to see any fruit. That bowl is so cute and functional - my favorite kind of gift.

Sarah Jane

Thanks for the heads up. I just ordered a yellow one. I had seen a post be Molly a while back and put it in my esty favorites. Happy berry eating.


I forgot sometimes how out of sync with the rest of the country we are. Strawberry season is over here and blueberry is almost gone. But, its okay because its peach season and watermelon season is almost here. :)

Marci Simonini

Love the berry bowls, we could use a couple at our house, we go through a lot of berries. If you pick and preserve berries I would highly recommend reading this story book to your kids, "Jam & Jelly by Holly & Nellie" by Gloria Whelan. I have no connection to it but we keep re-newing it from our library.


holy moly melissa has some beautiful things! i love the berry bowls, the fern honey pots, and the portly pitcher! thanks for sending me there (although my mastercard says otherwise!)


Erin! thanks so much! i have never heard of a berry bowl!


i love berries...can't wait till july and august when our are usually ready!


I had my first punnet of local strawberries this week and they were the sweetest thing.

Have been hoarding jam jars all winter in anticipation of a jam-fest this year.


Melissa's work is beautiful. I may have to get one of those - we planted raspberry bushes along our property line last year and I am hoping to get at least a few berries this year. Thanks for the link to her shop. I love her little lady bug honey pot too!

Gretchen Skovron

I love love that bowl. I too am so ready for summer berry goodness. bring on the jam!


i was just thinking today how much i would love to learn to make jam. . . if you have a recipe or tips to pass on, i'm all ears!


Oh my that is such a lovely bowl and the berries! We are floundering in root veg down here in the southern hemisphere - not nearly as appealing! Love you blog.


It's almost time for a lot of things!


Yummmm. Can't wait for raspberry season - they're my favorite.

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