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Really, that is about all I can say.  Well, that and thank you to all of those who supported my shop.  I am completely flabbergasted, humbled and just plain excited all at the same time.  For those of you who have emailed asking if there will be more camera straps for sale, the answer is YES!  I am not sure exactly when - at least a month, maybe two.  I will keep you all posted via the blog.  Again, thanks.  You guys made my day!

I should be in bed seeing that I need to be up in about 5 hours to catch a flight.  I'm still packing, too.  Ahem.

I threw together some quilt blocks last night.  I'm feeling so-so about at least 1/2, maybe 3/4 of them.  If all things go as planned, I'll come back Monday with a better plan.

May 7 024_1_1

That's right.  I'm going back.  Hope you have a fantastic weekend!



I was sick with jealously the first time you took this class . . .now again?!? Lucky Lucky you. Can't wait to see your posts about the class. Have a wonderful time . . . um, how could you not!


Have so so much fun! and congratulations about your shop!


have a fabulous time. such a perfect way to spend your mothers day weekend! xx

Kendall Micayla

how fun! i hope that you have an amazing time-cant wait to see what you make! remember to tell us all about it :)
have a great weekend!


I'm jealous!! Have a great time!!


so happy to support your fantastic shop. Happy Mother's Day!


Have a great time!!!


Hope you revel in the success of your shop! Happy Mother's Day.

amy h

Ooh, have fun at the workshop!

Karen at sew and sow life

Congratulations on the successful launch of your shop! And have a blast at the workshop. You might want to take a peek at my fabric giveaway...just more "trouble" to get into!

Account Deleted

Luck you! Have a great time!


I can't wait until another sale (missed this one) but all I can say is that your sewing is inspiring-especially to a novice like me (I'm in my mid thirties and just learning to sew!) Thanks again for the inspiration and have fun on your trip (I bought her quilts book, and I love looking thru it).

Ana Kreutzer

It looks like a little bit of Heather Bailey there. Love it. Have fun!

Mama Urchin

lucky duck!


Love those blocks.
Hope you have an amazing time at the workshop.
I'm turning green with envy!!
Take lots of photos for us so we can live vicariously through your camera!
Andi :-)

cindy : quaint

have fun! i received my strap yesterday and it was happiness in a box. love it. i'm sure my photos will improve, too ;). at least, i'll look better taking them.

I received my camera strap in the mail on Friday and I love it. It really has made taking pictures more enjoyable for me. I posted a picture of it on my blog if you're interested. Thanks again!


i'm so darn jealous that you are going back for another class! good for you, though. i can't wait to hear all about it.


Have a great time! Missed your camera straps too!!! Oh, no! About your squares, the colors remind me of a granny squares blanket I have... very colourful but all the squares are framed in black, it gives it a nice dimension but I am not a quilting pro;-)

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