In the last 24 hours...

This is what 38 looks like

Photo 1

And I like what I see.

So far it's been a great birthday - some good presents, lunch out with Fatty, lots of phone calls.  I'll be making margaritas later on and eating some chocolate cake.  I'm looking forward to it.

Lecia asked me to write a guest blog post about motherhood.  I was completely flattered to be asked and am honored to share some of my thoughts with her and all of you.

I hope you have a great weekend.  We've got a garden to plant and I have a new computer to figure out.  Fun stuff!



happy happy birthday, erin!! xoxo


Happy birthday!


How refreshing to hear from someone who's not groaning about getting older yet again!

I wouldn't have guessed 38 - I bet sewing keeps you young :)

Happy Birthday,

Erin in PA

Wonderfully written post! Have a relaxing and celebratory birthday!


my mom wouldn't let me wear clogs either! xo. enjoy that cake!


Have a wonderful Birthday! Hope I look as good at you when I'm 38, you look fab xx


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You look fab!


38 looks pretty great! Happy birthday. Hope you continue to have a great one.


You look beautiful! I so enjoy your blog. Thank you

amy h

Sweet post on motherhood. Enjoy your birthday weekend, Erin!


Happy birthday!!! 38 looks darn good!

Sarah Jackson

Happy happy birthday!!! I'll be drinking peach sangria in your honor.

Nadia Lewis

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day. :)


Happy Birthday Erin. If this is what 38 looks like, then sign me up! Wishing you another amazing year to come.


Happy birthday! Thanks for your very inspirational blog!

Sarah Jane

looks good! happy day!

Lisa Clarke

I wanted to post what 38 looked like on my blog, too, but I'm peeling something awful from my weekend of too much sun, and figured it wouldn't be a fair representation :-D

Sounds like you're having a great day! Enjoy the rest of it :-)


You look beautiful, my dear!

Happy birthday!


38 looks beautiful indeed! Cheers to you. Thank you again for your lovely post; I've read it through several times & I get a bit teary every time I read it. Just perfect.

Meg Evans

Beautiful post on motherhood, and happy birthday!


38 looks good to me! Maybe 33 will be as good to me later this year. Happy Birthday!


happy, happy birthday erin! you are such a lovely lady!

Modern Crush

Happy Birthday to you!!

Melissa Crowe

Looks damn good to me! Have an awesome birthday night!


Happy Birthday! and to many more happy years to come.Enjoy the day. cindy

dani@little fists

Have a good look great! Enjoy the margaritas and cake...


Beautifully written post on motherhood. Thank you for ending a very long week on such an uplifting note. Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday!!!
Looking good at 38!
Enjoy your day. :-)

K. Purl

have a very happy birthday and memorial day weekend!


I hope you drink an extra margarita, just because!


Happy Birthday! 38 looks fantastic!


happy birthday!

Dawn Suzette

38 looks great on you!
Happy! Happy Day!


Here's to a fantastic birthday, and a fantastic year ahead!


Yours was the last blog post on my Bloglines list tonight and whoa - I am thrown a bit. You see, it is my birthday too, and I am 38! So, Happy Birthday to us both :) My day was also nice. Cheers!


Happy Birthday! Hope it continues to be blissful!


Happy Birthday! May your 38th year be filled with health, happiness, love and of course, craftiness.


Happy Birthday, sweets!


Happy birthday - 38 looks good on you!


happy birthday, you.
i really wish i could cling your glass.


Thanks for all the inspiration...sewing and otherwise. Maybe now I'll be inspired to post my 38!


Hello, Erin. It looks like we share a birthday also, though I'm a year ahead of you at 39! Looking forward to another year of inspiration from house on hill road.


Happy Birthday Erin - you young thing! Such a lovely post about your Mum and being a Mum. It's the best gift in the world really! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Jane Weston

Happy Birthday! I'll be 38 next month ;o) 1971 was a good year!


Happy Birthday Erin!!!


Hapde Burfday Erin!


38 looks fabulous. Happy birthday, Erin. Here's to another year of great eating, drinking, traveling, creating, and enjoying life. I think it gets easier with every year.


Happy birthday! What a wonderfully written guest post about your own mom and being a mom.


Happy birthday! I second Jane - 1971 was a fine vintage indeed.

Dara Enns

Yay Erin - hope your birthday is fab! You are crafting hero - and the best blogging redhead out there!

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