The winner is....

Wednesday is the day

I finally made up my mind.  The shop will open on Wednesday.

April 27 008_1_1

There will be 30 camera straps for sale - five different colorways, six of each colorway.  No two straps in each colorway are *exactly* alike.  They include the same fabrics, but different widths of each one, and in some cases, they are sewn together in a different order.  I will show a photo of a finished strap in each colorway, but the one you may receive may be slightly different than the one pictured.  They are all the same length and constructed the same way.

Does this make sense?

I am not going to commit to a specific time.  Not having done this before, I am unsure how long it is going to take to get it all set up.  When everything is up and running, I will post the opening here and on my flickr page.

All right.  It's a big weekend here.  I'm off to the races!  See you next week.



Congratulations! I can already see back orders having to be placed! :)


I really hope I can buy 2 but I would settle for just one! I have never ordered online like this before so it will be a 1st for both of us! - mcg

The 6 O'Clock Stitch

Congrats! I can't wait to see them all.


how exciting! and have fun at the derby. hope to see some pictures of your lovely hats. I remember the beautiful one of you and your mom.


Yay! Best wishes for your shop.


Congrats! You'll be sold out in minutes :)


Yay! I'm hope I'm on time. ;)


PS: Have fun at the races, and I love your lilacs!


woo hoo!
and i am so envious of your weekend. wish i was there.
have a great one!!


I'm hoping I can snag one of them!


good luck getting everything set up by wednesday! congrats on opening up shop. you'll do great!


Good for you for committing to a deadline. We're all anxious to be your first customers! Best wishes for a successful shop and business.

Kendall Micayla

Congratulations-very exciting! i am sure your shop will do well, everything you make is lovely!
happy friday, dear!


i'm so excited for you erin! i've always thought your camera straps were incredible--i can't wait to see them all! and 30? wow!


i'm so happy for you erin! you're shop is going to do so well, best of luck! now only if i had an slr... i imagine my tiny point and shoot would look silly on a big girl camera strap. hmmm...


Cool! I bet I would love one of your camera straps - must make a note in my calendar.


WOO to the HOO!!!

Gretchen Skovron

Awesome! Rock it sista!


Talk about a guilt trip! Have been toying with same shop notion but it keeps ending up in that too-hard basket. Then again, if I had 30 lovely camera straps to proffer... sheesh, you'll be sold out in an hour!

cindy : quaint

oh boy, i really hope i can snag one! congrats on opening your shop.


wahooo! (hope you had fun yesterday. xo.)


First of all...I have been in hiding for awhile now. Life is hard sometimes. Our daughter's school has also been closed due to Swine flu...not too fun...I just wanted to say...I can't wait for those camera Straps...I hope I get my hands on one. Also we all have bad parenting days...I am not the most patient person and sometimes I feel like I am not doing as much as I could too. You are not alone and that is a very important thing to remember. We are people first...we make mistakes and get tired and need personal raising kids is the big challenge/reward in life and you are doing a FANTASTIC job!!! I have always admired you and your blog. You share a lot but do keep it upbeat and it's okay to be slightly negative or very negative from time to time. In fact I think it is very healthy. I also keep forgetting to tell you I never did get the calendar? Super weird...I get all my mail and never have any problems at all.....
Thanks for being you Erin...and I think you ROCK!!!

heather smith jones

oh yay, are you so excited!?!? it's going to be an amazing shop opening.

Tara Thayer

I want one! And no pressure: I bet you could send whatever one you wanted, whenever you got around to it, to all of us, and we'd be pleased as pie.
PS:Love that clock.
PPS:Longtime listener, first time caller.

Ana Kreutzer

Good Luck with the shop. aNa

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