What a weekend
Sarah and her ranunculus



Stunning! They must just make you smile as you walk by, or notice them from across a crowded room...
Oh, and I love the green wall!


just beautiful.


Peonies are one of my favorite flowers - beautiful in all their stages.


love this erin.
you should make a triptyque.


Your wall is the perfect vehicle for setting them off as well.




gorgeousness x 3


Amazing! I'm dying to plant some but think we'll move in the next year or so so I'm making myself wait. Then I'll plant a dozen!


I think these are just about my favorite flowers. I was getting bunches of them from my boyfriend's mom, but they are done blooming for the year now. So sad how quickly they go.

heather jane

peonies really are amazing!!!

Stacey B

We have some of the blooms in our yard I can't wait to watch this progression.


I have to say that one of the worst things about moving to Southern California from the midwest is that we can't grow peonies!

Candice D.

My favorite- and I agree with Kathleen above, as SoCal would be a much prettier place with peonies! :)


I love them! That is so neat how they lighten up!


ummm. yeah. amazing. i have serious peony envy.


:) You know how I feel about this, but I couldn't just walk by silently.


and martha's right.


wishing i had been there with my paints!


Love them! Mine are finally opening up!


Wow, that is simply amazing. This is why I love nature; it is always full of surprises.


Very pretty too!

Ellie - Petalplum

oh oh oh. ooohhh.
seeing these photos fills my heart to bursting. love peonies.
we can't have them here, in Brisbane, Australia. it's too hot, we rarely see them in the florists, and they never last once you get them home.
so, thank you for sharing.

chicago sarah

Thanks for the photos! I am adding a peony tree (bush?) to the list of things I need in our future-house.

Kendall Micayla

wow, that is cool! really pretty too :)


beautiful! the photos look stunning!


i love all flowers, but peonies are a real treat aren't they? i actually like them in their semi-closed state best!


the peonies at my house will not bloom because there are no ants to open them up. I am going to do my own little study to see if cutting them works. thanks for pictures to plant the idea.


So beautiful, Erin. What a neat thing, to witness that change.
I was just reading yesterday about how it's believed that some flowers change color to signal pollinators... something about their age, availability for pollinating and nectar content.
Nature never ceases to amaze me.
You either :-)


apparently coral peonies do that. i just talked to my florist about my bouquet that i just had.


i love peonies. and as an aside...i can't see them without thinking of you. i picked some buds and brought them inside today. within an hour they were opening up. i was shocked!


it's hard to decide which is more stunningly beautiful- the peonies or your photographs of the peonies!

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