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How can it be Tuesday already?

Things of note:

    - Sorry if you came to the blog in the last couple of days and tried to comment, or read comments, but couldn't.  I tried to switch over to threaded comments, but something went awry.  I have switched it back now that TypePad has seen the problem.  Hopefully, they can figure out what is going wrong because I really want threaded comments.  Anyhow, sorry if it was frustrating for you.

    - The girls are home from camp.  They had a great time.  The room re-do went over so-so at first, but has now been fully embraced by Jane.  More on that as we finish up some projects - pillows, framing photos and the like.  She's excited to be involved and I think we will work together ok.  She has definite ideas that aren't always practical, if you know what I mean.

    - There's a new banner on the blog.  My friend Marcia shot this photo of Fatty and me driving away from a mountain bike race last week and was kind enough to let me use it on the blog.  I'm pretty much in love with this one and some others she took of the truck.  It's nice to be on the other side of the camera every once in awhile.

    - We picked, and ate, the first cucumber out of our garden last night.  That may sound boring, but it was cause for great excitement around these parts!  I also made some refrigerator pickles that were fantastic.  I'm going to try another recipe and then I will let you all know which one is the winner.  Now if the tomatoes would just ripen....

    - Saturday night, I made the kale chips again.  This time I just used olive oil and sea salt and turned the oven to 375 degrees.  They cooked about 15 minutes, maybe a bit less and were perfect.  Way better than the first batch and both of the kids ate them.  Success!

OK - I hope to be back with something crafty soon.  Chat with you later.



Loving the photos of your truck!
It's such a classic.


what a fantastic truck. color and all. I could see it all done up with red speckle ware tin mugs, a wool throw, and picnic hamper on the tailgate ... Amy Butler-style. Great photo prop and no doubt fun to drive around.

Must try those kale chips. thanks.


I'm about to have our first pickle and tomato of the season. It *is* very exciting.


I made the pickels, and they are so yummy! Kate keeps asking for the Kale chips, which craks me up. Photo looks great up there. m


We are celebrating the first harvest prizes of our garden as well. Glad to hear you are too!

Missy knits

I picked my first 2 ripe tomatoes last night and did a happy dance all the way inside the house...my dogs looked at me like I was nuts! I can't wait to try the kale chips.

M. Pannell

Love, love, LOVE the new banner!

dani@little fists

I'm so trying the kale chips. Kale was in regular rotation on the menu a few years ago...but the reality was that I threw most of it away. Hopefully this will put it back in its place.

I am glad the girls are back and all is well.


Hooray! Glad you enjoyed the Kale chips. We just got another round in the CSA box yesterday, so I'm making another batch soon!


LOVE!!!! the new banner. What a classic picture.


i absolutely, positively LOVE that truck.


the banner is awesome! we have ripe tomatoes, but no cukes yet. trade?


That banner shot really is fantastic. But please, oh PLEASE make prints of the one with Fatty's arm around you. PLEASE.

p.s. The steering wheel shot is pretty great too.

Carrie S.

That is a most awesome banner - I'm in love with that truck!


Love that banner...just like everyone else!!


i'm waiting for the first cucumber. ALWAYS a great cause for celebration. yum, yum! love the new banner, too. it's wonderful.


Love that new banner, and the bike in the back made me smile. I also love the mixed reviews I get from Emma when we redo her room. Somehow seeing it done makes her realize that it would have been better if we'd just done such and such.

Yeah, I hear ya Em.


What a great new banner!


I LOVE the truck - seeing trucks like those epitomise rural America. You are one lucky gal!


I'm going to have to make kale chips with the kale that is ready from the garden!

I can't wait to see the room redo!


Love the truck! I have dreams of one day having an old truck of my own Your blog is always so lovely, thank you.


That's a lovely truck, very American (in the best sense of the word!) and romantic! Love your blog, always brings a smile to my face!


Love the truck and the new banner - I want one just like that in cherry red!


The banner is fabulous, as is the steering wheel picture. I thought you were very brave to redo the bedroom as a surprise, but also totally understand how it's easier that way, too. Gotta go get some kale to make those chips. Yum.


Your new banner is simply Fabulous!!!

... as your blog is... I love it!


love the new banner pic.

Lecia/A Day that is Dessert

Pickle recipe please...

I solove your new banner! I think you ought to frame that photo and hang it in your house.

I wondered what had been going on with your blog - the blogroll on mine said 'technical difficulties' below your blog title the past couple of days...


that has got to be one of the most awesome banners ever erin!

i can't wait for the unveiling of the bedroom re-do!


kale chips sound so good! i am going to try some. i did not plant any this year- thank god for the farmer's market. i have been thinking about ways to eat more kale. great idea, thanks!
love the new header. it is perfect.


the banner is good, very very good.

Laura Zarrin

Great photo! Know what you mean about the room redo. My little guy has definite ideas which don't always mesh with mine. Won't let me paint his new desk and it's really bugging me. Oh well.


Love the new banner!


Love the new banner. Yipee...some fellow mountain bike racers. The number plate gave you away. That's not a single speed, is it?


I love the truck. I've been itching for my husband to get a truck like that. Great header for your great blog.


Great new banner! I'm going to try the kale chips this week with our CSA kale. Any guesstimate on how long the chips last? I'm having people over on Sat, but I'd love to make the chips Thursday night and have 'em ready to go.


I love the new banner! What a great truck.


I tried those kale chips and I am in looooove. I never, EVER dreamed I could love Kale. It is practically a miracle!


LOVE your new header!


Love the new header!


Love the truck! My Dad had a truck like that back in the 1970's -- but it wasn't new at that time -- and it didn't have that cool paint job either! Some things just never go out of style! :-)


Thanks for the tip about Kale. Who knew??

Chara Michele

Love the new banner! :)


ooh ... love kale chips - Jen turned me onto those last year! They're SO good! You can do the exact same with broccoli too. Equally delicious.


The first thing I wanted to say was "I love that banner!"



I am SO in love with your truck! Hoping to get a Ford F100 Custom Cab Camper Special one of these days. A 66 perhaps? Heck yes!


the banner is awesome. such great colors! and so summery.

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