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It's hard to admit, but I am never happy when I see kale in the CSA bag.  I have tried cooking it a few different ways, but no one around here really liked it.  My neighbor mentioned that she makes chips with kale that her kids love and then Jennifer gave me the link to this recipe so I gave it a go.


I mixed 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar and 2 tsp olive oil and tossed it with 1/2 bunch of kale, torn into pieces, on a parchment lined baking sheet.  I seasoned them with salt and put them in to bake.  I had the oven at 350 degrees and kept them in there for about 18 minutes.  Next time I would up the temperature and and decrease the time a bit to see if I could get them a bit crisper that way.


Fatty and I ate the whole batch Wednesday night before dinner.  They were delicious!  I saved half the kale so I can make them again for the girls.  My bet is that one will like them and the other won't.  We pick them up from camp later this afternoon and I am so excited to see them.  They have been sending letters which has been fantastic and funny.  I finished painting Jane's room and got the curtains made and hanging.  I didn't get to everything I had hoped to, but I think she will be surprised nonetheless.  I'll share some photos when we have it all put together.

Happy weekend to you.



OK, I have to admit that our family LOVES kale. But I'm going to try these anyway. :)

Mama Urchin

I found ours needed about 20 minutes too. I thought Katie would like them but she smelled the vinegar when I was making them and won't eat them on principle. Stefan says he can't get past the kale-ness of them? So, more for me :)


Try them at 375 for 5 minutes, then flip the pieces and cook another 7-10. I did them this way on Wednesday and they were delightful- although I did not use cider vingar, just olive oil and salt.


I love kale but would have never thought of making chips with them. Thank you for the link, Erin.

Happy Girls' Homecoming!


I love these, little boy doesn't. He does like kale cooked with some italian sausage, onions, garlic, and served w/ spaghetti and parmesan. That's how we do most of the kale at our house.


Bookmarking, thank you! Our kale has just come up in the garden so I've got a bit to wait before I can try this.


Ok, I'll be trying this recipe! We too get kale every week and yes, it is so good for you, but I run out of ways to use it. Here's another tip-- cut it into small pieces and through it in with the pasta and water for a few mintutes until the pasta is finished, rinse. Then, you have little bits of kale in whatever type of pasta your making. I posted a creamy sesame seed recipe on my blog that I used with the kale & pasta.


as soon as i saw that you were unhappy about kale, i was going to suggest frying it. i've only eaten it that way once at a wedding & haven't found a recipe. i may just have to do this. baking would be better for me anyway.

Pam - captured by our cameras

Kale is a favorite of my husband but not a favorite of mine. Maybe I'll give it another go with this recipe and maybe I'll try it with rainbow chard.

Lecia/A Day that is Dessert

I'll try this! We all kinda hate kale but it is such a powerhouse food..


thank you so much for posting this recipe! we always cringe when we get kale in our csa package.
next time we get some i'm going to make these.


I've had good luck feeding kale to my fmaily by steaming it, then sticking it in a blender and using it as filling in ravioli's and one notices it's not spinach!

I am also so pleased I came across your lovely blog today! Yay! New inspiration!


What a fantastic idea!!! I feel just the same as you when it's the kale season in my organic box. Can't wait to get it now to try your recipe!!


Oh, YUM! I wonder if you can do it the same way for spinach?


Do you think this would work with Kohlrabi greens?


interesting. i've never tried kale, at least i don't think i have.


yep, yep ... same feeling when i see our kale in the box on friday! thank you so much for sharing this recipe ... i am going downstairs to try it right now!


Aw, now I hate to waste a good kale like that, but if this is the only way to use it to get the family to eat it.... then I understand.

I love to saute kale with olive oil and lots of garlic and onion and serve as a side dish. I totally love the idea of another reader to blend it and use as a stuffing for ravioli! I'll have to try that.

Account Deleted

This sounds really good! I have a few good (but few) recipes for Kale in soups, remind me to give them to you this Fall, everyone picks out what they don't want. But this sounds super good for a total change of pace. I'm going to try it.

Melissa Crowe

The man who hosts my writing group did almost this same thing but without the vinegar and with lots of salt, and it kind of blew my mind. Totally delicious.


i'm a dutch girl and grew up eating kale cooked with potatoes, my grandmother might shudder to think outside the box like this, but they look like they have potential!


I like kale anyway, but I am inrigued by your recipe. May have to give it a whirl. I'd guess it's a little like crispy seaweed.


i had kale in my share this week also. they told me this was the way to eat it! still sitting in the fridge, but will absolutely be making this today!
happy homecoming to your girls.
(i bet it feels like they were never gone) :)
can't wait to see janes room.

Erin M

Thank you for posting this about the kale chips. I just fed our CSA box kale to our chickens...I really do not like that veggie! But I will give this recipe a try.


I love kale! Glad you were won over. These sound tasty...

It's also killer in soups.


I can't wait to try the kale chips. We've got a ton growing in the garden right now. Our favorite kale recipe (good enough to want to lick the bowl) is:


this makes me wish we had some kale in the fridge right now.


*LOVE* the banner! :)

Missy knits

Love the the new banner more!!


Have you ever had Zuppa Toscana Soup? A hearty and delicious Kale/Sausage/Potato soup. One of our favorites!!


Did you grow up in KY - do you know Paul's Fruit Market, that is my Dad's market and he used to bring home "messes" of kale, one day my Mom got the idea that it would be easier to wash it in the washing machine....she is a bit of a Lucille Ball! It was a hot mess.
I love kale.....the chips sound yummy.


These look yummy!

I have found that one of our fave ways to have kale is with pasta. I make a light cream sauce to mix with pasta noodles (such as penne or fusilli), add in kale which I've sauteed in olive oil and red pepper flakes, then top the whole thing with some parmesan.Yummy quick dinner!


Ooh, I really needed this recipe. I had no problem with kale until a recent recipe failure and now I'm reluctant to try it again. This is just the thing to inspire me :)


Ooh, I needed this recipe. I was fine with Kale until a recent recipe failure and now I've been reluctant to give it another try. This is just the thing to inspire me :)


Glad you liked the recipe - and if you have a food dehydrator, they come out even crispier and stay that way - perfect to pack in lunches. Most times I make these, I omit the vinegar and simply use olive oil and whatever seasoning is tickling my fancy that day.
Lemon pepper is my numero uno right now!

Happy Eating!


I love Kale! I use it pretty much everywhere you could use spinach, only we like it way more because it doesn't get mushy. I put it in lasagna, potato soup, toss with pasta, tomatoes, garlic. Adding sausage or bacon with it always seems to be a great combo. I may have to try your idea. happy kale!


Thanks for mentioning this recipe! I have made them two nights in a row and eaten the whole batch myself. Yum!

amy j.

Just wanted to let you know that my very picky eater of anything green seven year old just gobbled up a plate as well as my very picky overall four year old! And their mommy too, who had never had kale before. I varied it and sprinkled it with a bit of chili powder before cooking. They were awesome. Oh, and I only used the olive oil.


We like kale. I've made a chopped kale salad (no cook) which is great for the summer. It lasts several days in the fridge too.


I love kale. I'm excited to try this.But here's my favorite use for kale:
It's delicious and a family pleaser.

Anne Koski

Ok, we tried the kale chips recipe. We loved them. Then I made a "Kale Chips, I tried 'em." Button for my sidebar. Join the club (although I'm not sure how to share it)!


I just made this a few days ago. I was taught 300 degrees, and to keep the oven propped open (I used metal tonges) so that to moisture can escape. Also I put a cookie rack on top of a cookie sheet so it vents better. Maybe that would help you :) I live at 4,000 ft elevation and I cooked it for about 25-30 minutes. If you're closer to sea level it would be less time. Hope that is good advice for you.


I got linked here from another blog - we make kale chips ALL THE TIME! We try when we can to use dinosaur kale and then we call them "Dino Chips" -- which somehow makes them more appealing to the under 8 set!


We're trying this tonight. If my 4-year-old will eat them, it will be her first time voluntarily eating greens...and I'm promoting you to temporary-deity status. Or at least rock star.

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