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Fatty and I dropped the girls off at summer camp yesterday.  It's oddly quiet in the house this morning probably because I know that they won't be bounding down the stairs ready to fix a bowl of cereal or asking for a toasted bagel.  I didn't think I would miss them so much right away!  No matter - I am glad that they are at camp.  I have great memories from my own stints at summer camp and really want them to have their own camp experiences.  And they will be back here on Friday - I am sure five nights will fly by!

As we were going over the packing list yesterday, I realized that I had never made the laundry bags that they needed.  Up to the sewing room I went and after about 20 minutes I had two complete bags!


This is a super fast and easy project.  I took a piece of fabric (about 30 inches long) and sewed a seam up the selvedge side starting about 2 inches from the top.  I pressed the side seam open and then folded and pressed the top edge down to make a casing.  I sewed around that and stitched up the bottom seam.  To finish it off, I threaded a length of ribbon through the casing.  Easy.


If I had thought of it sooner, I would haved added their names to the bags - either by applique or embroidery.  I think this makes a sweet graduation gift or maybe a good birthday present for camp age kids.   Or maybe whip one up for your own kids so they can drag all their dirty clothes down to the laundry for you?

I'm off to exercise and then figure out what to do with my day.  I think there will be more sewing involved.  And definitely paint.  Jane's coming home to a surprise room re-do.  New wall color, new curtains, new pillows....

I have a feeling this week is going to be gone before I know it.  That's just fine.  I miss those girls.



hard to get used to that *silence*. these bags are great. my sister is making one for our college girl here. have a good, productive though quiet week.

dani@little fists

I am enjoying the silence of my kid-free house right now. It is the vacation I have dreamed of. No packing, no laundry, and silence. Blessed silence.

Love the bags. I think I will make one for The Boy. He can't seem to find the laundry hamper to save his life. If it has skulls maybe he will be more likely to put his worn items inside.

Lisa Clarke

I love the bags. My oldest loves to "vacation" at his grandparents' houses during the summer, for a few days at a time. Bet he'd like a bag like that. I imagine you could use a pillowcase, too, if you don't need it to be too big.

Enjoy the time alone! I don't think I'd even know where to begin, if I had five days all to myself.


my kids go to "NANA & PAPA CAMP" for a week each summer... and it's a highly anticipated time for all of us (i love the 100% sewing/redecorating time). but when they actually leave, that empty panicky feeling can be overwhelming. i try to use it to satisfy my normally guilty, insatiable craft cravings so i'm full when they get home. : )


the fabrics are adorable, and i love the ribbon cords. great for a novice sewer, like myself.


Cute bags- is that a Kokka print?


Cute cute!

Yes, Friday will be here any minute!


Cute project. I'll be the house is pretty quiet. But you're right, they'll be back before you know it, especially with a big project like that on your roster.


One of my daughters is at preschool 'camp' all week in the mornings and I thought it would be strange to get used to! I can't imagine having them gone overnight all week. But it's so good for everyone involved. Have fun and take advantage of your quiet time.


Ohh, my little bag lady will love one of those!
Today is her last day of school -- we're delivering coffee cozys made from your tutorial to her lucky teachers. THANKS!


This made me miss going off to camp myself. I can't wait until my little kiddos are old enough - I have so many happy memories of camp, and the special quilt my mom would send with me.


enjoy your kid free week! i can't imagine...


Love the bags! I'm totally going to make some to take along on all the trips we've planned this summer. Thanks!

jen j-m

my kids go for a week of sleepaway camp in a few weeks. i think these bags look like something i could actually pull off, so thanks for the inspiration.
enjoy your week with fatty.


You and I posted very similar things today, except I made the laundry bag for myself!


So cute! I did receive a laundry bag for high school graduation and I lugged it everywhere for years. They are great gifts!


Definitely the cutest laundry bags! Enjoy your time--it will probably fly by.


You're so clever...all the kids at camp will want one! Great idea...and how they will smell when they come back home, loaded with camp clothes!

Modern Crush

I made something similar for Christmas gifts last year - shoe bags. Same idea, but smaller for shoes. Shoe bags are great because they keep dirty shoes covered in the car, in your suitcase or in a gym bag. Awesome. I did some embroidered initials for each person, and they did come out quite nice. Lovely bags Erin!


oooh, very cute! i'm going to whip up a few for the round of summer camps that start next week!


great bag!! Camp is so fun! Enjoy your time.

Mama Urchin

These are exactly like the bread bags I just made, but bigger. I tell you, a drawstring bag is a handy thing to have.

Indiana Lori

I made an almost identical bag yesterday...I LOVE sewing pattern free! I used Amy Butler fabric from a lounge pant project and made a small drawstring bag. I have a Vera Bradley ditty bag that I use as a makeshift diaper bag. I throw all of my diaper changing supplies in it and stuff it in my purse. Therefore, when I do an out-of-the-house diaper change and I can pull it all out of my bag in one fell swoop. My only difference was an extra seam at the top and I left 2 inches open on each end, looped two drawstrings through and around so it cinches into the middle.

Making this exact bag (only much smaller) for my daughters' joint Rainforest Birthday party. Found fern patterned fabric...only 20 favor bags to go!

Camp ROCKS. It's so awesome!


Indiana Lori


Oh, my girl is going to camp for the first time this year! It's just a mini 3-nighter, but still.

I'm pretty sure the camp list included a laundry bag. Now, wouldn't it be fun to make like you and make one?


sweet gift idea! send them a postcard and enjoy the time on your own!

Stacey S.

Funny, I am making laundry bags for recent graduates and also including a roll of quarters and a Starbucks gift card. I wanted to give them something that they'd actually use.


i can only imagine how productive you can be in one week without kids!!! and a surprise room! how exciting for jane!!!


great bags! take lots of pics of the new room!

Dawn Suzette

I am looking forward and not looking forward to when mine head off to a camp...someday!
Those bags are great!


Hmmm, great idea- my 2 oldest will be going to camp in a few weeks...
Enjoy your week, and when they're back, enjoy your weekend together!


I am missing my girl too..She went to the beach for the week with my sister. So good for her to have that one on one time, but gosh, it is quiet around my house. I miss her "shows" each night. She loves to put on plays and sing for us. It is so hard for me to be away from my kids...

The Knitting Archaeologist

I think I will try to make a few of these bags to hang in my bathroom for used washcloths and undergarments. I don't like having to sort them out later! Currently I am using plastic grocery bags...and have been for 6 years...though I do change them out every few weeks...ummm yeah... I'm also going to line these with umbrella type material so they are water proof:)


What fun laundry bags for your girls! I'm sure the bags will come home not only filled with dirty laundry but also many stories & memories from camp.

I still have the 2 that my mom made for me when I went off to the college dorm (err...'92) & still use them. They were just cream colored muslin but I still giggle every time I look at all the "fancy stitches" she used at the top & the different places where my name appears in the stitches. :)


hope the girls had a fun week. have a great weekend.


what a terrific idea! i'm a high school senior so we're all graduating- i just made three for some parties this week (my first-ever sewing project!).


Cute, cute bags!!! I often use pillow cases for laundry bags when we do things like going camping.But the drawstring is a great idea! I remember also, when my daughter went to camp, I sewed up a bunch of smaller bags, and used shoestrings for the drawstrings. I filled them with goodies from the dollar store, and gave one to each of the girls going to the camp for the week. My daughter still uses it and she is all grown up!

Hugs from Michigan - Diane

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