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I made my friend Marcia a set of five market bags.  Sorry for the bad photos in low light - it's been gray and rainy here and I couldn't do much better.  Anyhow, I used the Jane's Market Bag pattern that Alicia is selling over at Posie gets Cozy.  Totally worth the $6, in my opinion.  It's well written, easy to follow and the fact that I didn't have to figure out the dimensions, add seam allowances, etc. was a plus.  And they are really cute and don't advertise a particular store.  Am I the only one who feels weird shopping at one place with a reusable bag from an entirely different store?  Anyway, you'll look stylish carrying your groceries in these.


You could do some serious stash busting with these bags if you wanted to.  I didn't buy a single piece of fabric for these - it was all on hand.  I left the pocket off of one side of the bag so that saved some cutting and sewing.  I would like the handles to be a smidge longer, so next time I will add an inch or two.  They come together pretty quickly.  I'd say it's a day long project for the first one, but that is a total guess as I made mine assembly line style.  And after you make one, you will want to make more.  Think holiday gifts.  I am.

In other news, I have not sewn a stitch this week and it is making me cranky.  It turns out that painting a bedroom with crown molding, chair rail, baseboard, four windows and three doors takes about 3 hours per coat.  It's all that cutting in.  Fun, huh?  I'm getting ready to start coat number 3 (tinted primer plus 2 top coats) - thank goodness for no VOC paint - and plan on rocking out to my new summer music mix.  Then the sewing machine is coming down to the family room where there is space and TV and hopefully a good DVD from Netflix.

Oh, and we got postcards from the girls.  So funny.  Kate wrote one sentence:  "I like camp."  Jane wrote a whole bunch of things mostly centered around dinner and the fact that she figured out there is a "vegetarian stand."  Awesome.



Great bags! That would make great gifts! Love that yours pop with colour!


I would totally help you with that painting, you know I would. I kind of like to paint. Although the last time I painted it was just one wall. :)

That vegetarian comment from Jane... heehee. Nothing with a face!


these are so cute! i think i'll need to make myself some! :)

Jennifer Tan

I love your bags! So much prettier than the standard cloth grocery bags. :)

Julie Alvarez

I also make my market bags!
I stamped some texts and images on them too. But then again, they are much more simple than these lovelies you made here!


I had to quickly stash them in the car! Anna was already checking them out for a pool bag! I love them...the colors and combos are perfect! Thanks! Marcia


Having my kids away and still not having sewing time would bum me out too. I hope the mail provides just the Netflix background noise for your sewing break.


Thanks for sharing the summer mix link. I'm a sucker for a good mix!


My husband teases me because I always say I feel uncomfortable using the bag from one store in another! it is nice to hear I am not the only one (although I was pretty sure that I wasn't!) I just bought this pattern and I can't wait to make some. I agree that is is a very well-written pattern. I also love the bag patterns from Grand Revival. I have so many bags but I just love making making them for market bags is great because you need a lot of them!! I love the fabrics in yours!

Modern Crush

I know, I love Alicia's pattern and I have Christmas gifts in mind too - so fun!


How cute are those? They'll make great gifts. I adore Alicia (and her cute family).


Very nice! One of these days I'll get around to making some market bags...


Love these! Great idea! We just have the yucky store bought ones that rip after a few trips. Need to make some of my own!


What a great gift idea. I want to make some too! Maybe some sewing time will present itself... but I'd better not hold my breath! :)

Lisa Q

great idea! I love using the reusable totes and these would be a dream to use!


i was thinking about making reusable grocery bags for gifts this christmas too. might as well start now! i have plenty of non sewing family and friends that would use them, i'm positive. :) and if it's stash busting, even better.

love the notes from camp. so darn sweet.


Very cute! But somehow I can't get into spending time on such mundane projects. I LOVE taking my Trader Joe's bags into Whole Foods or Central Market and people here in Houston recognizing them and going crazy with stuff like "I LOVE Trader Joe's! Is there one here?"


Great bags.

I kind of like carrying different bags into different stores - I like to think it keeps them on their toes :)


Really cute and I'm feeling your painting pain having spent the past year in renovations and we still aren't done. Sewing is my stress reliever.


Oh I love painting! I know...crazy. Love, love those bags too. You always put the best fabrics together!


love these.
are they as big as those whole foods bags?
i can REALLY pack those.

libby wants a new room..... and i hate to paint! urgh.

Mama G

The bags are lovely. I'm with you, I generally do not like carrying the store's bag, but there are a few exceptions. I love my Ashland CO-OP bag which I bought on my first stay in Ashland (attending the Shakespeare Festival via a class). And I like the FEED bag I bought at Whole Foods. Other than that, give me a flat bottom and some wide straps with a little cushion and I'm happy.


So after telling my mom and showing my hubby your cool bags, I bought the pattern. Now to choose the fabric!


I am so afraid someone would say something like you can't use those here. I live where there is really only 2 grocery stores so they are kind of competitive


Those are lovely! same pattern but different fabrics make them all look very different and unique. Beautiful!

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