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Sarah and her ranunculus

My friend, Sarah, is an amazing photographer.  Many of you know this already.  Her use of light is wonderful and when paired with her polaroid, it's magical.  I was very excited when she decided to sell some of her prints.  I was over the moon when I found that they were all of ranunculus.


I had a hard time choosing because they are all so beautiful.  In the end, I went with the one above.  It arrived yesterday and I love it.  It's 8 x 10 and I love how it looks like a gigantic polaroid.  Today, I'm off to find a frame - I am thinking simple and white so the photo will really shine.  Stop by Sarah's shop and see the rest of them.  I bet you have a hard time choosing too.

And because I have been thinking about Sarah, I finally made my square for her month of the Virtual Quilting Bee.  Sarah sent the two darker solids and asked that we make something with texture.  I struggled with this assignment, mostly because both of my original ideas were used by other people in the VQB.   But in the end, I went with something I know we both adore:  ranunculus.



There is a high possibility that Sarah will not like this one bit.  She is not a ruffly kind of girl and I know that.  But she does like flowers and I had the idea so I made it.  I like it, but if she doesn't, that is fine.  I have lots of fabric left over.


Sara + h

I'm all verklempt. I do so heart you. I do, I do.

dani@little fists

I am not a ruffle girl either, but that isn't really ruffles but texture. It looks grand.


wow. wow wow wow. This is so great.


Love it all!


That turned out great!


nicely done!


damn you both and your extreme awesomeness. that block is so great. seriously.


I don't think it looks girl either- very modern and simple. I adore it! You've given me some great ideas with this one...


erin, I need this on a skirt! tutorial?


very cool quilt square!


It's gorgeous!
I'm saying tutorial to?


I think it's just gorgeous, the neutrals keep it from looking frilly or too girly, I know I'd be thrilled if it were mine :)

Shear Delight

I love the ruffled flower and I think it's given me an inspiration for what I'll ask the girls in my virtual quilting bee to make. I'm thinking blocks with 3rd flowers. I'm just not sure if I would keep the color palette muted or go crazy with color. Luckily I have until October to decide.

SilverLining Designs - Diana

Erin, That is a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y gorgeous!!! I love love love it. Sarah is very lucky.


I wouldn't call that frilly at ALL. It's more like uber-texture. Fantastic!


it's great. really really great. now i just need to get myself in gear and make up my mind over at the shop!


Your block is simply beautiful! Ranunculus are one of my favourite flowers... I'm possibly going to plant a whole load of them this fall.

Ana Kreutzer

Oooo I like it! Very cool!


I really love this idea, and I've now got an image in my mind of a quilt made of different applique blocks like this. Muted colors, curvy lines, and lots of texture.
so pretty!


Love the flower. Recently I saw a linen dress in dark navy and that flower...one similar... was the entire bodice..it was so pretty. I need to find the link and show it to you.


this is one of my favorite blocks. i am in love with all of it. the simplicity, the linen, the neutral colors. tutorial, please!!!
I think i need a pillow like this. beautiful, erin!


She's selling prints! Its about time!

Your square is gorgeous, love the muted colors.


This block is perfect! The colours, the flower just perfect!


The ranunclus in my garden are all dying back, it's nice to see them still in their glory.

I tend to have fairly masculine style myself, but even I would adore that square because it's a real flower, and because the gray keeps it elegant instead of twee. I think it's lovely.


how could she not like, um, love it???

Peacock Chic

wow that print looks fabulous. I was thinking it would look pretty cool using a pants hanger as a hanger like the link below.


Can't wait to see what you do with it. Your friend is so talented as are you!

Mary-Anne thorn

Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase post a tutorial its just gorgeous- if not a quilt then a cushion. WELL DONE


Oh, Erin, I love it. I am a ranunculus lover, too. Though we don't have any. I'm hearing conflicting reports on whether it's too late to plant here now. I might just try it.

Anyway, that quilt block is awesome!!!!

Better than what I came up with. ;)


beautiful pic and beautiful block! hope sarah likes it!


oh, well. i just love this entire post.
and sarah's comment. love that, too. :)

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs

I love it when I start reading a blog and then find out we have common friends. Sarah's fabulous! And so are her photos. I have a couple that I have yet to find the perfect frames for.

Love the quilt block! You're right she's not the frilly type but she does love herself a single flower, so I thin you did good.


It looks beautiful!!!


Erin, that block is beyond fabulous! I want to steal it and turn it into a pillow for my couch. It would look so perfect there!


If she doesn't want it... I'll take it for sure! That square is beyond awesome!!


I have my hand up for a tutorial, too! Gorgeous!


Love that block, but if you did want to go for frilly and girly, I would love to see your 3 dimensional interpretation of a peony (to continue your study!)

Gretchen Skovron

that square is stunning!

heather at brown robin

wow, erin! that is the most amazing quilt block i have ever seen you produce. it is stunning in it's simplicity and completely inspired!

Amber SR

I'm going to have to agree with the others requesting a tutorial. C'mon, share the goods sista! It looks great :)


Wow. Ranunculi and peonies are my faves. That quilt you got from your friend has almost all my fave fabric ever in it. I'm so jealous of you right now! :)


This is absolutely beautiful! I am sure that she will adore it! Is there any way that you might create a tutorial? I love this.

Jen B.

I'm not a ruffle kind of girl either, but that is gorgeous!+


That is beautiful. I can't stop looking at it. She just has to love it.


Love it! And my 5 year old loves her new twirly skirt. Thanks for the pattern.


I agree, not frilly, just fantastic! love the non-color colors.


Just stunning, Erin.


Excuse me, but that square it really beautiful! Of course she'll love it. Simple graphic, stunning result. Now stop doubting yourself! You've inspired me to go try to make something with texture now.

Account Deleted

Gor. Geous. And it really does look like a ranunculus. I love the creams and grays.


Oh, I LOVE what you did with that quilting square. What a glorious idea. Beautiful!


That is amazing - I'd love to know how you did it. I wouldn't like ruffles but that isn't; wonderful textures though
Chris x

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