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What a weekend

We are easing into summer around here.  Swim practices, play dates with friends, getting ready for camp, backyard barbecues, impromptu parties and just hanging out.  It's been good and tiring all at the same time.  I've been falling in to bed, exhausted after long, overfilled days.  All good.

Tracy came to visit over the weekend.  We hung out and drank beer.  We took the girls swimming and chatted poolside.  There were margaritas and corn salad.  Caroline took the two of us on a field trip.  We took lots of photos of old buildings, tramped through fields in inappropriate foot wear and had many laughs.  There was a flat tire on the side of the highway and the nicest rescue ranger got us on the move quick-like.  Oddly enough, the flat tire only added to the fun of the afternoon.  Tracy also made me a quilt.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.







What a weekend.



Really, what a weekend. I feel like I have so many stories. :) And I keep smiling when I think about it all. It was all so so good. Thank you, so much. I miss you and Jane and Kate and Fatty.

Kendall Micayla

wow, i love all of the pictures. it does look like a beautiful weekend. i had a pretty good one too.
the quilt is gorgeous!!! what a great present to get, i bet you love it to pieces.
today im trying out your coffee cup cozy pattern, for a swap im doing... i think ill make a few for me too :) thank you for sharing it with us, its so much fun!!! ill let you know how it goes.
happy monday

Michele Jansen

That exploration looks wonderful!! Old barns, wildflowers... right up my alley. :)

rachel | buttons magee

what a fun way to start the summer!

heather jane

I love that quilt. I'm looking forward to some fun adventures this summer. Right now I'm building my arsenal of distractions and hoping to minimize the fighting and declarations of "I'm bored". Pray for me.


What a weekend indeed! I'm thirsty for marguritas just looking at those photos!


What a weekend indeed!!


sounds like it.
man, i need to get out of town one day :)

Modern Crush



what a lovely gift! it looks like the most perfect weekend ever!


Funny how a little thing like a flat tire can bring a ray of sunshine.


Show more photos of the quilt. It looks wonderful. What a great weekend with friends.


Your post is sparkling the pleasure of the day. What a wonderful quilt!


your weekend photos = awesome.

liz elayne

oh this sounds like perfection really.
(and that quilt is simply lovely.)


Looks like a wonderful time- and that quilt looks so incredibly cozy! You have wonderful friends, but then, you already knew that!


love the barn. and the quilt too, of course!


all that green... so so good.


field trips and friends--it sounds like a beautiful weekend, in every way!


The (second and third) pics are fabulous.


oh, so so fun.


looks like a fantastically fun weekend!
i really love those field trip photos.


looks and sounds like a wonderful weekend indeed! love the quilt :)


Phew! So fun! I'm so jealous. ;)


What beautiful sights of summer! We are still in school here. :(


Beautiful pictures and it looks like you had a really great day! I wish we had scenery around here like that (I live in South Florida but am from New England). Thanks for sharing.


Wonderful pictures. I want some friends to do that with!

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