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I put together this little outfit for a friend who turned 8 last week.  The skirt is 1/2 yard of fabric, selvedges sewn together, hemmed and shirred with elastic thread.  So fast and super easy - really, the whole outfit took about 45 minutes.  Crazy, huh?  I sewed the waist in a subtle spiral with a regular stitch length (3.0 on my Bernina) and then used the steam iron to make the elastic pull in even more.   The fabric is My Secret Garden by Alexander Henry that I ordered from Purl Patchwork a few months ago.  The t-shirt is from Old Navy, out of the stash, with a flower just like the one I made for Sarah's quilt square.  And, yes, I will do a tutorial since enough of you asked.  I took the photos while I made this one so as soon as I have time, I'll get it together for you all.  Probably next week.

OK - gotta run.  Fatty and I are on vacation.  There's a beer calling my name and a patient husband waiting.  Oh!  And a fabric store to visit, too.  Back here soon.


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Erin that is so so cute. I love the fabric, it kind of reminds me of Liberty prints, which I love.


oh, have fun!


What a cute gift! I can't wait until my little girl is bigger and no cutting is needed for skirts.

San Fran! Lucky! Enjoy your vacation.

Amy Hodge

Cool! You're in SF! Do you hear me yelling hello from just down the Bay? Hope you're having fun -- the weather is particularly great down this way right now.


This is adorable! As the mother of a 13-year-old, it makes me miss the days of 8!


I swear my grandma made me a skirt in the fabric in the '70's!!


How fun! Easy to make, easy to wear. Perfect for summer fun! Thanks for sharing!

amy h

Very sweet. And a four-floor fabric store?? Have fun!


Oooh, have fun on your vacation!

And I LOVE this fabric! Such a cute little combo here.


that is adorable! Love those quick fun and adorable projects! I will wait patiently for the tutorial on the skirt!


Very sweet gift, have a wonderful vacation!


so pretty! i love the fabric too, it reminds me of a vintage sheet.


Ooh, love that waistband! I should try that one next time, rather than a casing. :)


cute cute. looking forward to the tutorial!
and enjoy your vacation lady!! xo


So sweet and I have to say I am more than a little jealous about Britex. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Lecia/A Day that is Dessert

Love the fabric! I wondered where you'd been - have fun with your husband.


lovely fabric, just perfect for summer and flowers


Beer, holiday, fabric - three of my favourite words in one sentence!
I love the skirt fabric so much.


What a sweet outfit! Reminds me that I should hop-to-it and make a couple new skirts for my girl...have a nice vacation!

Amanda P.

Erin, that outfit is precious! Love it! Have a great time on your vacation!


The outfit is too cute :)
Have fun on your vacation!


Cute outfit. The fabric looks like a vintage sheet. So sweet.


have a great time!


Well, I have to say that is a fabulous skirt (look here to see why I am so smitten - ).
However, my girls do not have cutie-cute shirts with such lovely flowers on them, so I will be looking forward to your tutorial.


So funny: last night I made a skirt exactly like that for my 6yo niece, with the shirred waistband. I totally winged it, but did pretty much what you described. Easiest thing ever! And is there anything better than a made-with-love-by-hand skirt for a little girl? I think not.

I love the fabric you used; reminds me of a vintage pillowcase.

Have a wonderful vacation!!


The 8 year old LOVES her new outfit!!


Very cute. I'm adding elastic thread to my shopping list!


So cute!. Can't wait for that tutorial!


love the skirt erin! you are amazing the projects you can accomplish! some little girl is going to be VERY happy


love this skirt! Thanks for the great idea :)

Jane Sumner

Hello! Britex Fabrics in San Francisco here! I hope that you enjoyed your visit with us. You have some lovely things on your site.

We now are on Facebook (as Britex Fabrics) posting pictures of items made of fabric from our store, so send in pictures of your creations and I'll put them up!
-- Jane

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