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We arrived home last night and the kids should be here with their grandparents in a few hours.  I have laundry going and have been to the grocery and got the car's oil changed.  I am completely exhausted due to the three hour time difference.  I think a third cup of coffee is in order as there is much to do and not much time for a nap.  I am having a hard time getting the cleaning started, let alone finished.  Can you tell my mind is muddled?  What I really want to do is cut fabric and sew.  But a rotary cutter, sharp needles plus lack of sleep only adds up to a bad idea.  Later, then.  After the cleaning and the nap, when the laundry is folded and put away, and after a good long cuddle and chat with the girls.

I'm so happy to be home.


jen j-m

welcome home!


Sometimes a vacation from the vacation is in order.

rachel | buttons magee

home is such a great place to be.


Welcome home! I can't believe you got all that done despite being tired... I'd have been on the couch with the telly on lol!

Mama Urchin

hello to you too


there's nothing like sleeping in your own bed! welcome back.


welcome home! I hope you recover soon from the travels!


I'm glad you're home too. Threw my routine ALL out of whack.


My chatting routine, that is. HA! Didn't want you to read that and think I meant Scout!


re-entry is so hard! Welcome home Erin.


Though vacations can be wonderful and relaxing, there's nothing quite like coming home.


welcome home. the shots from the vineyards on flickr looked so good! glad you made it home safe.


always good to settle back in. :)


Sometimes I wonder if holidays were invented to make you fall in love with home all over again.


yep, sleepy cutting is never a good idea...
naps usually are :-)


Wishing you a smooth and easy re-entry into regular life.

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