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One of a kind


Don't get all excited.  It's not time for the shop update, but I am slowly working my way there.

This camera strap is one of a kind - you won't be seeing this version for sale.  I made it for Caroline and it was long, long overdue.  You see, she's the type of friend who goes and buys two camera straps from my store to give as gifts even though I had given her strict orders that behavior of that manner was not to happen.  Well, she didn't listen.  So I made swift promises that her very own strap would be made lickety-split and now, months later, here it is.  I'm a bit embarrassed that it took me so long because, really, she's the friend that feeds my cat and takes in my mail and waters the jungle of a garden when we go out of town.  Besides that, she listens to me gripe when I have had it up-to-here (imagine me holding my hand way above my head) and she makes me laugh, too.  She deserves way more than a silly camera strap or a sample pack of kick butt olive oils.  But until I figure out what exactly will fit the bill, a camera strap and olive oils will have to do.

So, I guess what I am saying, besides that I have a fantastic, one of a kind pal, is that the sewing machine and I were reunited this weekend.  And that, my friends, is a great thing.


Meg Evans

Absolutely wonderful! You two are lucky to have each other.


well, then i'm extra happy to be meeting her!


awesome camera strap...It's great to have friends like that!


this makes me smile:)
good friends are priceless.

Tara Thayer

I did get all excited, actually. I had it in my mind I would buy my Caroline (that's Callie, for real) a strap for her hand-me- down camera.
I'll keep my ears perked up for a shop re-fill!
Nice colors on this one-lucky Caroline!


You guys are lucky to have each other. She's a keeper, that one. And I love how you wrote this. (And this strap feels like her)

Sarah Jackson

That's a cute one! And Caroline is a very deserving friend indeed. :)


That is a very beautiful camera strap and a beautiful description of your friend.


Lovely, lovely, lovely! The colors are just awesome.


I have a friend like that... and she gets homemade baked goods sent to her often :) The camera strap's so cute... she's going to love it!


friends are good. and you are a good friend, too.


I bet your friend will LOVE it! :D


...reunited and it feels so good...!

Ellen Patton

cutest strap ever!


she is a good one, that caroline. and you are too.




I'm sure you are as good a friend for her as she is for you :-)


I'm jealous too! It is beautiful.


how nice to have a good friend like that. it's a beautiful camera strap. i love the way you do patchwork. :)


Ohh, lucky friend. Lucky you to have the lucky friend. Now I have to make it to the shop in time to get one of those for myself. Or for a good friend. Who wouldn't love one?


Caroline does two are lucky friends~


I am very much looking forward to visiting with your friend when she's in NYC next week!


i am thinking that is an absolutely fabulous gift, homemade handmade is always best!


How beautiful... the camera strap, you, your friend, your friendship, and your post.


Ah! This is fantastic. Do you take special requests in the fabric? I'd SOOO buy one.

Molly Stokeld

Hello there! Its me, Molly, your server from the "the girl and the fig" Sonoma, Ca. I have really, really, enjoyed looking at your blog. I wish that we lived closer because I am sure that you and I would be friends! I love your passion for crafting it reminds me of me. It is very inspiring to see all of your creativity with your children too....Thanks for sharing your website with me!! Take care, Molly

heather at brown robin

I'm so glad that you have a friend like that! They are the best aren't they? The strap is beautiful. I'm having my first blog birthday and doing a giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment, and it's open till Fri. Come on by if you have the time and spread the word!

Chara Michele

Friends like that are wonderful :) I bet she will love her new camera strap! :)


And you already know that this post would make me cry. Yep. Sitting on the ferry with big crocodile tears.

You're a keeper girl, that's for sure. xoxox

And this strap couldn't be any more perfect.


The strap, the olive oils and this beautifully written about the appreciation you feel towards your friend, confident & neighbor will tie her over until you find an appropriate gift. It's simply adorable.


Cute strap!

Plumbing Australia

I love the vibrant colors of that camera strap beautiful indeed one of a kind.

Manila Real Estate

Lovely strap, it’s very nice thanks for showing this to us. I’m so excited to see what’s coming next on your blog.


Very cute strap, I adore the little apple print. I have a feeling your really great pal will love it too!


gorgeous as always! love the prints.

i just received my own package from a blog friend in montana today.

i cannot say enough how wonderful good friends are!


oh, i will be reunited with my machine tomorrow. i cannot wait. you must be pleased as punch!




i adore your camera straps and was so sad when they sold out so fast a few months ago...are you making more soon?? ...or would you share where you get the leather parts to finish your straps!?


I have some in my circle who I feel the same way about. Thankfully, if they are that great, they love in spite of great thinking not quite getting done on time! ;) It's always so nice to hear of wonderful people like your friend. I do believe that most people are good, or want to be and they just don't know how.


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