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Quiet afternoons around here....

Kate stitching

Jane 3

call for embroidery.  Some back stitching for Kate.  Split stitching for Jane.  Lots of needle re-threading by me.  All in all, nice way to spend a rainy, summer afternoon.

Both of the girls embroidery transfers came from the Sublime Stitching Craft Pad.

Back tomorrow with the winner of Vintage Baby Knits.  I haven't forgotten - just been busy watching my nephews and cleaning out the studio!  Scrap bags coming soon!



I found you when I was doing an image search for craft rooms...I'm dreaming up a craft/guest room once my siter-in-law moves out, hopefully sooon! :) What IS that paint color??? Or is it a secret??? Love your blog--glad I found you!


Oh, my 1 1/2 year old is SO fun but I really look forward to the day we can enjoy quiet crafts together (or any quiet activity that involves me sitting down for more than a few seconds!)

Melissa Crowe

Ah, yes--the endless needle threading. When can a girl be reasonably expected to thread her own needle? ;-)

Annabelle has had a great time drawing her own designs in pencil and then filling them in with a backstitch. You get some pretty awesome keep-sake-type results this way. Great as teacher and grandparent gifts, too.


How wonderful!!
How old are your girls?


Leil chose the same lucky cat pattern. Love it! I'm doubled over laughing about the re-threading. And all those knots ...


My first thought after reading the line about the re-threading is that you are a patient mom. I admire how you share your crafting with your girls.


That does sound like a nice day. I suppose you were up cleaning and organizing while they were stiching away!


this reminds me of when i learnt to embroider. i could spend hours doing it!

Kate Mills

Makes me excited for when my girls are older!

Please share the paint color as well. I love it!


I have her first sublime stitching book and her craft and I just put Embroidered Effects on pre-order. Love 'em! How fun you can do this with your girls. My girl wasn't in to needlework, but she's only 20...I still have hope. =)


i love embroidery. i have 2 hoops going that will eventually be hung in my kids' rooms.

i can't wait til my kids are old enough to do more needle work.


I have been trying to get my children caught up on all the fun crafts this summer. I've taught them to sew on a sewing machine (they made quilts for their babies), and crochet (they are making hats and scarves for friends for Christmas). I have not yet had them embroidering. I think they would really love it. Thanks for inspiring me to teach this to my girls. The pictures of your girls doing it was beautiful and just feels right, doesn't it!?



What a lovely way to spend a rainy afternoon. My girls and I enjoy knitting together.

chez danisse

I think it's great that you are teaching your girls to embroider. I recall learning to crochet, macrame, and needlepoint with my mother and grandmother when I was a little girl. Those are memories I hold very near and dear.

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