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I'm itching to make something.  Anything really.  Well, anything except the one thing I am supposed to be working on.  I should just sit down and get it finished, but I am at a bit of a standstill with it.  I have a deadline and it's soon.  I am trying to be better about my procrastination problem, but sometimes, it just seems easier to wait-until-the-last-moment.  The problem is that when I get to the last-moment, I realize that I shouldn't have waited.  Uh-huh.  On the plus side, I sat down and paid the bills in full swoop yesterday without any procrastinating.  And yes, it felt good.

Also, I keep getting emails asking about camera straps.  I am making more!  I promise I will let you know when they will be listed at least a few days before they go in the shop.  I don't know when that will be.  The girls go back to school in one month and I want to make the most of what is left of our summer.  When I think about how fast time is slipping away from me, I get all worked up and when I get worked up, I really can't do anything at all.  Not a thing.  I am also feeling overwhelmed with stuff.  I feel the need to purge, clean closets and trash out.  The studio, in particular, is a huge mess.  I will probably put together some fabric scrap bags for sale.  Again, no time table.  I'm just wondering if there is any interest in something like that.

We have a busy weekend ahead - school carnival and citywide swim meet.  I think that is why I feel so overwhelmed.  Normally, the weekend is my down time and this one is going to see me coming and going like a crazy person.  If I see you out and about and I appear to be in a daze, take it easy on me.  Next week, I'll find my sanity.

After I meet that deadline, of course.



Hang in there, Erin! There is something about summer -- I think of the cycle of the year in terms of inhalations & exhalations, and summer is the great, big exhale. So, in some ways, it's a beautiful relief. And in some ways, all that gregariousness begins to feel frenzied and exhausting, and by the time autumn rolls around, the chance to inhale & turn inward is so very welcome.

Anyway, try to live these moments, even the crazy ones. My happiest childhood memories are of the things that I don't particularly enjoy as an adult, and I wonder why that is. Obviously I've changed, but I also think that maybe I'm just not as good as letting go and living in the moment as I was then. Anyway, I am trying (as you know) to learn to embrace every moment, not just the fun ones!

So much more I could say about this but feeling scattered and a little rambly here.

lots of love to you for now, and I'll give you a call sometime in the next week or two. xoxox

Jessica Brown

Just piping up to say that I would definitely be interested in a fabric scrap bag. And that I feel your pain about procrastinating. And about summer slipping away!

heather jane

scrap bags would be lovely. And yes. Enjoy what's left of summer. Camera straps and everything else can wait a bit.


I hear you on the feeling overwhelmed and then that feeling overwhelming you and a horrible spiral starting. So many things to do, so little time. Breathe, just breathe.

At least that's what I chant to myself when I'm feeling overwhelmed. Lately it feels that I'm even chanting it in my sleep.


oh, i hope the weekend goes easy on you. you just returned home!
i hear you though!
i'm beginning to get angry with myself for having sooo much to do. and this being on the road so much is pun nuts. i even missed a deadline!
and, i'm keeping an eye out for a strap for my new camera!


I've been feeling a little crazed lately too. Like it's not supposed to be quite this busy during the summer. And I hear you on the purging business. I did my closet a few weeks ago. It took two days, but what a relief. Now I'm thinking that if I do one kitchen drawer each day, that might make a big difference.

Be sure to take a few minutes for yourself this weekend -- even if it's just a quiet cup of coffee somewhere. Oh, and every time I see my camera strap it makes me smile. I have the blue/green one. You do great work!

Jen Gough

Oh yes! I would love your scrap bags!


Love it! Glad to know I am not the only one! Hang in there.


I, too, am a crunch-time crafter. Sometimes it works well and sometimes I'm up til 4 in the morning trying to finish a gift for a baby shower that morning. I do not learn. I just keep doing it.

And I would love to buy a scrap bag!

Mama Urchin

Funny, I was just going to email you about some scraps. Sometimes it's hard to just remember to breathe isn't it. Try to enjoy the weekend.


I am so glad there are others who share these same feelings...thanks for sharing!


i know. i feel the same way a lot. hang in there, and take a bit of time for yourself if you can!


I am feeling the need to clean out as well. In fact we are having a yard sale tomorrow....wish me luck. Sounds like you need to stop, breathe, and hang out with the kiddos for an afternoon. I would love to buy a scrap fabric bag when they are available.


Yes, please go ahead with the scrap bag idea but once summer is over and you have had time to catch up.

Nothing can be more importantthan time with your children.



Erin. Sit down, take a breath, have a friday evening cocktail. I'd also be interested in a scrap bag if I can get there in time.

You only have so much summer left. We have about 3.5 weeks now. I'm through with "work" and "have to do" for the summer. He'll never be this little again, neither will your girls. Enjoy the time you have left. Because lordy, if I can stop and take the pressure off myself, you can to.



ps. I wish we could take an early morning run together. Oh but for those almost 400 miles.


I know exactly what you're saying about procrastinating - it seems like it makes sense initially, but then as the deadline looms, you wonder what in the world you were thinking! i'm exactly the same way... hope you take some time for some fun activities this weekend.
and i know i won't be the only person who's excited about your scraps, especially if there are any scraps of that cute japanese little house print! :)


I so understand what you are saying! It is the overwhelming feelings that do me in... Puts the crafting to a hault! I try to enjoy just each day and be in the moment, but it is really hard!

Account Deleted

I have had of those Fridays feeling like Mondays lately, I wish you the overwhelming urge to jump in and organize like crazy, then tackle that list (maybe I should send some fairy dust).


i have been purging like heck around here. have a big pile in front hall, calling Cedar Lake to come by & pick up all sorts of goodies. Was hoping to make it to your school fair this evening, but it was not meant to be - lets try to catch up next week!


I ALWAYS believe I will be saner next week! And feeling overwhelmed makes me throw stuff away too. Hope your weekend is good. Sometimes it's best to just go with the chaos!


I am in total agreement with purging as a remedy to feeling overwhelmed. It can immensely satisfying. I would be interested in scrap bags, but enjoy your summer first!

Amanda P.

Still awaiting my camera strap! ;)
And yes, I would definitley be interested in fabric scraps!
B R E A T H E...


as soon as i get overwhelmed i pick things off the floor and pop them right into the garbage. seriously. but it feels SO good.
and no one "usually" misses them.

my summer days have been so crazy.... i am actually really looking forward to august.... swim team and a lot of our other commitments will be over. i just want a stretch of those lazy days of summer i dream about!


a big YES on scraps! :)

Laura Zarrin

I know exactly how you feel. I'm there, too. The thought of school coming soon with all it's struggles, puts me in a panic. We have lots going on this weekend and that always messes me up. I need quiet weekends for sanity. I also have a bag of sewing I just can't get myself to do. Crazy!

Jenny Yarbrough

Time does get away from us doesn't it? My daughter will be starting back in a few weeks...1st grade. I can't believe it. I try to treasure the time left with her before her days with me are short again. Hang in there!

I too would be interested in your cast-offs :) You should do it.

Jenny Yarbrough

I forgot...I just finished the sunny day shirt for my daughter and it turned out so cute! Thanks for a great tutorial.

julie green

i hope your weekend helped you slow down a bit... you do sound harried here...


I have a jean quilt i am suppose to be working on...everything else is calling my name! even mowing seems more exciting right now...sigh!


I seem to wait till the last minute too. While I work faster during those crunch times, I feel like crap for waiting.


Deadlines suck. I so know that feeling (as I've been procrastinating on a project myself). I haven't touched my sewing machine in a few weeks, and it's killing me. I thought I would get the chance to make something this weekend, but other things came up (no complaints on that, but still!). School starts for us in about 3 weeks - where did the time go???


good luck with your deadline. i wish you the best with it. :)


Oh, there's interest in scrap bags.

I feel that same way when a deadline is looming. I need a deadline in order to get anything done at all ever, but still, that deadline makes everything in my world all topsy turvy. Like, I can't just sit on my porch and do nothing? Really? Not fair.

I hope you come out of that daze soon. But I'm empathizing with you hard.


oh. i ache to sew. i keep wanting to purchase new fabric and actually bought armful of old sheets at the thrift store in west virginia for pjyama pants, but it's summertime. i guess it will wait for colder days!

good luck!

Jane (Knit Nook)

You just described being a mother! It's obvious you are a great one.
Hang in there and enjoy it all ... even the chaotic times.

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