I never left the house yesterday
I had good intentions



This weekend I'm going to...
Go to the Fair
Have lunch with friends
Play Pitch with friends
Have barbecue at a friends
Work on my Cathedral Window Quilt
Welcome my son home from Washington, DC
Embroider a baby pillow for baby Gabbie

Mary-- The Yellow Door Paperie

I'm going to drink a homemade lattes
take a nap
do some yoga
finish knitting a baby hat
back to school shop
bake cookies with the kids
shop at the farmers market
can peaches and mint jelly...


What a great weekend plan!
I only have work on my agenda...


good morning erin.
your weekend plans sounds so good.

rachel | buttons magee

drink lots of coffee(and wine)
sew something
get some film developed
take a nap


We're packing up the minivan and headed to the Boundary Waters ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boundary_Waters_Canoe_Area_Wilderness ) so I will be
:: swimming- if the water is warmer than 65 degrees
:: reading the History of Love
:: watching the cousins play

The review of Julie & Julia in the paper was great. So excited to see the movie. Anxious to hear what you think of the book.


Oh wow you have a busy weekend.

My weekend unfortunately involves work (Saturday and Sunday), huh paid work! But I will definitely fit in some time to watch my son play Aussie Rules Football, visit a coffee shop, walk the dog, and definitely sew.sew.sew.

ps it is already very late Fri evening here, finally some time to catch up on some blogs!


Have a baby, hopefully!


I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog! We have some things in common- I love to take pictures, have an EOSxsi, I had to get the one with the bigger screen cuz I couldn't see the old one! I crochet (close to knitting)I do it during practices, I cuss, too much for my own good, I call my kids Fatty Bear (after an old computer game) I have a Bernina 640E, a serger, and I just ordered and HQ-16, I think you said procrastinate, I do that real well- And lastly you have inspired me to start a blog for my childrens sake. I bought beautiful monogrammed journals and haven't written in them- imagine that! I have read hundreds of blogs and I can say that your has certainly reached me. I know sounds corny- but I'm fixin' to send my son to college in a week and he'll be 6 hours away!! I am an emotional wreck right now. Anyway, keep on blogging because ordinary people like me love reading it and enjoy all the photography!! Oh, my weekend will consist of: finishing my son's quilt for college, taking care of my daughter who just had foot surgery, going to my quilt shops Christmas Carnival, making homemade cc cookies, running, talking a lot to my twin sister, washing my dog Harriet!


making a lunchbox chart pdf
bookclub- and mexican cojita corn to go with!
going away party
nature center visit
farmers market
long sunday run
fruit leather
getting ready for the first day of school!!!!!

Lisa Clarke

Mornin', Erin!

I'm planning a family party this weekend, just for kicks, so today there will be some last-minute prep work, and tomorrow there will be grandparents, cousins, and aunts & uncles hanging around. Am so looking forward to it!

Your weekend sounds fabulous, too :-)
P.S. I read Julie & Julia last month before I even knew there was a movie coming out. Enjoyable read, I thought!

dani@little fists

Hmmm. I pick up The Offspring today. I plan to detox them after eating a week of rubbish at Nana and Pappa's house. They should expect oraganic, whole grain, leafy green goodness.

We have some school shopping to do.
I need to meet my nemesis: laundry.
I would love to make some head-way on That Damn Afghan.
New crochet thread is calling me.
Mad Men season 2, disc 1 is waiting to be watched.

That's at the top of the list. It's the last weekend before teachers report back to school. I will enjoy it.


That sounds like a heavenly weekend.
Work in the garden.
Work on store stuff.
Finish a little quilt I'm making.
Write a runner pattern.
Go for a nice long hike on a pretty forest trail.

Have a great one!

Sarah Jackson

I'm going to:

-drive a Budget truck to Tucson with Lindsay's furniture in it and unload it into a 2nd floor apartment in 100 degree temperatures.
-drive to Flagstaff to get out of the heat and spend some time with dear friends before school starts and we all get busy.
-hopefully pick up a new to me Bernina. maybe I'll get to do that today so I can bring it to Flagstaff.

I think the next weekend I'm just going to rest.

Mama Urchin

I'm planning to visit the farmer's market library, and church. At home I'll be canning, sewing, and knitting. Sounds like it's going to be a good weekend.


Your weekend sounds lovely. Ours:
hanging out with friends
lots of junk food
Royals baseball game
breakfast with girlfriends
playing with new laptop and ipod touch
cooking with spinach


My weekend plans;
A day at Coney Island with my kids
Meet friends for a picnic in Central Park
Get some sewing projects finished
a trip to the farmers market
A trip to Purl.
Wow! I hope it's all as much fun as it sounds.


your plans sounds so good!
on my list is:
getting over my sick stomach and then a lot of packing because we are moving in two weeks
finish the floors in the new house
party with the girls while the boys do the hard work there
knit a little bit
finish one or two stuff toys
make salad with DREW┬┤S sesame orange dressing my friend send me from NH to Germany!


I love making plans for the weekend! On my list:

a massage
a little Project Runway
the farmer's market
reading The Weight of Silence
assembling a quilt top
a long walk
shopping SOWA handmade market


How fun to see everyone's lists :) (mine's on my blog) It sounds like there are lots of good weekends planned around here. Highlights from my list: teaching the dog to swim (this should be fun) and buying a new front door.

Have an awesome weekend everyone :)


Oh, I loved Julie and Julia. Hope you enjoy it!

This weekend I'm going to:

make a cobbler
attend my husband's graduation from his master's program
drink some tea
enjoy having family in town

Your lists all sound so lovely. Here's to weekends!


I'm back to running again too. Hopefully will get two runs in this weekend.

And sew a flag garland.

And play with my kiddos.

That's about it.

Happy Friday!


triathlon training!
some reading!
some time with friends!


Bake a million and one cupcakes for my niece's birthday party.
Attend said party, and eat lots of rubbish.
Take my sister to a berry farm for pancakes.
Lots of quilting.
Snuggle with the hubs.
Go for runs.
E-mail my parents to know I'm alive and kicking.


Nice to do list. I think I'll just cut and paste it onto my list. All I have to do is cross out Liz and write Lia.


Oh! I want to play along!

This weekend I'm going to:

Host a birthday party for my darling husband.
Sew a picnic blanket. With Amy Butler prints.
Enjoy the *cooler* temperatures!
Visit the Farmer's Market.
Take pictures. Lots of them. As usual.
Attempt a homemade loaf of bread. Without the bread machine.


Farmers market as well
corn on the cob
take a drive in the country
art exhibit opening
stretch a canvas
great taste of the midwest
finish a dress
wear it!

have a good weekend!


oh, and I LOVED Kitchen Confidential. One of my favorites.


Great weekend. Mine is more or less the same, but with no running and a little cleaning because friends are passing through.

You need to read My Life in France by Julia Child. It's my favorite book I've read all Summer and one of my favorites period.

mona cardwell

- finish the green random strips quilt and add the binding
- make macaroons
- see Julie and Julia w/ my friends and host dessert at my house afterwards (macaroons, lemon sorbet with blackberries and Prosecco)
- take my son for a haircut tomorrow
- take 2 very long walks
- go to church on Sunday morning
- find a new book to read


i'm loving your plan.

my plan...

--farmer's market
--picnic by the river
--lunch with father-in-law's family
--a birthday party
--knit! i will knit!
--perhaps find a new book to read
--pull the crazy onion flowers out of my yard

Hilarie Mae

~ see Julie & Julia
~ make tinctures of calendula, licorice root and chamomile
~ go to the farmers market
~ start some crocheted christmas presents (yes, i know it's early.)


sounds wonderful.
this weekend i'm going to the farmers market, finish my book, go browse (or graze) my mother's garden, knit, go to my favourite LYS, a walk on the beach, bake, and to start it off right: sleep in!


oh, i like the nap idea on your list! i am taking a lakeside break, complete with offline time and a book. or two.
your photo looks a lot like one i post on my blog on thursday! :)

jen R Sanctuary arts at home

That sounds like an awesome weekend!


hmmm sleep in with hubby...finish recovering Mom's chairs..buy dinner fixings for son's fiancee's birthday dinner...wrap pressies...relax...have fun everyone


Hang out and take care of my daughter, who had her tonsils and adenoids removed yesterday
Work out
Pick vegetables in the garden


sounds fabulous...
and i am sure you will accomplish a lot more since you are the most productive person i know.

the boys and i are off to listen to a little classical music in the park...
i may have to bribe them with a donut run. :)


That sounds like a great weekend. I think mine may consist mostly of laundry.... with a side of baking peanut butter cookies. :o)

Moden Crush

Go to work.
Got to the second work.
Kiss my kitties.
Maybe get a little farther on reading "The Host"
Get some crafts done:)

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