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This weekend I got to everything on my list except the quilt binding and the hand sewing.  Not bad.  I made the binding today and it'll go on tomorrow.  Hopefully, I will finish it on Wednesday.

We did go to the farmers market as a family.  After I had bought two huge cinnamon rolls for the girls, I picked up some roma tomatoes, yellow squash, french red fingerling potatoes, pork chops, bison steaks and zinnias.  Later in the morning, we embarked on a family adventure to Madison, Indiana.  On the way there, we picked up some peaches and blueberries.  Once there, we walked around town and shopped.  It was a fantastic day.  Fatty and I know how to shop well together - I blitz through antique stores and he lolly-gags.  He's always calling after me, to show me the good stuff I missed. We came home with a lot of treasures.  LOTS.  And that isn't even the best part.  The best part is........



This, in and of itself, was worth the trip.  These young ladies lasted all day through two large antique malls plus a few stores here and there.  Fatty gave them each $5 at our last stop.  They shopped and shopped, trying to find THE PERFECT THING.  And in one of the last booths we entered, there were tons of vintage, handmade doll clothes in a basket for $1 to $2 an outfit.  I helped them go through and decide which would fit the dolls they had at home and for a couple of bucks, they each took home a treasure.

The way I look at it, we all came home winners.

And, I get to thrift and antique a little more often.




What a great new era! I can't wait until my kids want to antique with me, and not just pull stuff down and run around.

Mama Urchin

well that is wonderful news, the apples don't fall too far from the tree


it sounds like a wonderful day.
and reading about the girls and the doll clothes, I feel like I'm 6 again -I can just feel the excitement of going through that basket:)

Tara Thayer

very lucky, indeed. and not just about the girls. i've got a patient shopper for a husband, too, and it never ceases to amaze me. glad you had a great family day.

Lisa Clarke

Oh, niiiiice. My kids seem to be headed in the opposite direction - resisting shopping of any kind. *sigh* boys!

heather hales

oh, Erin, you totally scored!! Kids that will antique with you. You are my hero!


what a wonderful family weekend! sounds just perfect!!

melissa f.

oh lord. i can say with confidence that my boys will never, ever be like that. maybe manny. i'll just have to come and hang out with you all.


Love it! My daughter is already showing positive signs....!


My hubby can hardly manage shopping, let alone the boys. But maybe one day I'll discover the secret shopper in them.

Adore your flower photo - such wonderful colours.


SUCH a perfect day....

Bea's Closet

Sounds like you had a perfect day.....


you are SO lucky....
well, libby does like it... but the boys cry and whine and NO WAY want anyone's "used" stuff! :)

Sarah Cosper

Madison is my favorite day trip. So good to run into to you too! El Mundo was where our first date was 11 years ago...and my favorite frozen marg. in town.


Wow! I used to hate going to antique places with my mom when I was that age. although now I love it. I'm impressed that they're into it!


Can I have $5 for the doll clothes basket too?! I've got my fingers crossed that my two will be good antique shoppers. We've begun their training early, at yard sales. So far so good! :)


In my humble opinion, that sounds like the perfect day. You are so lucky that your hubby and the girls are willing to go with you. I can't say the same thing for my family.


awesome! My little one used to call the antique mall "the dolly store".
Have you hiked at nearby Clifty Falls? They have a pretty decent pool there as well...hike and swim.


Madison's a great place, isn't it? I may try and take Elliot antiquing one day this week. He loves to shop, hadn't thought of taking him antiquing and giving him a small amount to spend. Thanks!


That is SUPER sweet!


you are a lucky lucky girl! I doubt I could get my two rambunctious little boys (6 and 8 years old) to even step foot in an antique store ...

that is one thing I think will have to be a solo activity for me!

lovely photo, btw!


that sounds like the best time ever. the shopping at the market, the antiquing! how fun. my husband and i love to go, but when the kids are older i hope they are just like your girls. I hope you had a fab. meal out too! my idea of a perfect day!

Danna Snider

One of my fondest memories is antiquing and thrift shopping every Saturday with my parents. I love that you take your girls. I miss going.
Maybe when my daughter gets a bit older. She's only two and very restless so I can only imagine the disasters waiting to happen! :)

Thanks for sharing!


lol! that's awesome. (this part, i mean:
"The best part is........





oooh. how far away? can we go when i visit?

Account Deleted

sounds really perfect! Emma loves to go thrift and antique shopping (especially with a little pocket money to spend), Ian? Not so much. Oh well!

this little light

That is wonderful that you did all this as a family and that your girls enjoyed it! That gives me much hope with my 6 year old! She always asks me why I like old things so much!


My girls can also antique for hours if they are given $5. They'll hunt and hunt for the best bargain and, best of all, they won't ask us for tons of things.


Way to go...I wish I could convince my kids that craft shows are just as fun!!! :D

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