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Kid crafted wrapping

Kate's tote


While looking for a birthday gift among the craft kits at Target, I saw Crayola fabric markers.  The wheels started turning so we picked up a box of those in addition to a bead kit for Jane's friend.  When we got home, I pulled out a couple of plain canvas totes and set the girls up for some craft time.  I instructed them to draw a sketch of their idea on plain paper before they started drawing on the tote.  An hour later, Jane had produced the cutest bag for her friend Kathleen and Kate had a new tote of her own.  I heat set the markers by putting the bags in the dryer on high for 30 minutes.  The whole project was fun for the girls and kept them occupied for a good chunk of time which was good for me.  We wrapped the bead kit in the tote bag for the cutest, reusable wrapping.  You bet we will be doing this again.


Sarah Jackson

what a great idea! my kids would love those markers. I think everything would be adorned.


I spent $60 yesterday on 10 coloured fabric markers. Wish I'd seen your post earlier!!


I need to get some of those markers.
the ones at the art store cost a fortune...


and these are super cute:)

Tara Thayer

This is THE idea of the year. We will definitely be stealing this idea. Definitely.
I thank you.




we discovered those markers earlier this summer and now have a pillowcases and each kid has a few "stuffed animal pillows" they each fun and cute and occupied them for much of an afternoon!


I LOVE this! We like drawing on fabric at our house, but so far just have a collection of artwork on muslin, waiting to be turned into placemats and pillows. Gift bags...genius!


what a wonderful idea - thanks for the inspiration!


How clever! Love this idea...and now to find me some of those markers!


These are wonderful! I love fabric markers.


This looks fun Ive never seen those markers.


That's a great idea! I wish my little one was ready for some grown up arts and crafts time. I guess we'll settle for crayons and paper for now.


that is such a great idea Erin, so cute too. We've tried the fabric crayons and the kids really loved seeing how the colors popped when we ironed over their drawings, but they are hard to draw with on most things. Fabric markers sound much easier, I should get some.


Fabric pens and kids art are a match made in heaven! Bet the birthday girl loved her bag.


I didn't know that Crayola had fabric markers but you can bet I'll be on the lookout for some! Great idea!


Fantastic idea! My kids would love to do something like that.


this is a great idea for boys and girls! love it!
thanks for sharing all your creative ideas with us!


What a great idea. I need to get a couple boxes of those myself.


That's totally great.


Another brilliant idea! Where did you get the tote bags?


What a great way to present a gift!


Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing! Actually, I'm making totes for my children today.


Looks like a perfect library bag! Nice work!


Great idea! Kept the kids busy and also created a wonderful gift and wrapping, ingenious!


very cute! Girls are soo different than boys :)


i adore that gift bag idea!


My daughter loves scribbling anywhere. She will love these specially the idea that she can design her t-shirts.

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