A small gesture
Kid crafted wrapping

Liz's quilt


Our babysitter, Liz, has been watching the girls since she was in 7th grade.  She has been my number one, go-to sitter for six years and she is leaving for college next week.  I get a little teary thinking about it - I actually did cry at her graduation party.  The four of us are going to miss her, but she is headed off on to her newest adventure and we couldn't be happier for her.


I finished Liz's quilt on Tuesday night and washed it yesterday.  I am really happy with how it turned out  - in fact, it may be among my favorites.  Blue is Liz's favorite color and I wanted it to play a strong role in her quilt.  I also wanted the design to be something simple and fresh, young and vibrant just like the girl who is receiving it.  I started with a few sets of Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party fat quarters.  I cut 30 separate fat quarters in to rectangles measuring 13" x 15.5" (my fabric was pre-washed).  I arranged them in a grid and sewed them together.  This took me a few hours on a Saturday afternoon in late May.


For the back, I used two pieces of a turquoise solid that I joined using a patchwork strip.  The patchwork rectangles were from the scraps of the original fat quarters.  The back still wasn't long enough so I added another strip.  I told you all what happened with the batting.  Once I had a piece that was big enough, it was time for the quilting.


For the quilting, I chose a blue thread that is slightly darker than the aqua that is on the back.  I'd call it a French blue.  It took me a very long time to decide how to quilt this.  I contemplated many different options until I settled on the wavy horizontal lines.  I used my walking foot and started sewing the lines free motion - well, as free motion as you can with a walking foot.  They were very fun to sew and I love how they look.  For the binding I chose a yellow polka dot (not sure who makes it, sorry) because I really thought the quilt needed a good pop of color.  I think it works well.

On the chair

After washing and drying, the quilt measures 60" x 88".  Now it's time for us to wrap this quilt up and deliver it to Liz.  And then we have to say good-bye.  Pass the tissues.  I'm going to need them.



Gorgeous! I babysat for a family with four girls throughout high school. They gave me amazing handmade gifts when I left for college that I still have. I just re-connected with them on facebook just like 28 years hadn't gone by, the quilt is a beautiful gift that she'll keep forever.


Yep...the dots were perfect!


That is the sweetest gesture. I'm sure it will be a comfort to her during that first year at college, and throughout her life! And it's gorgeous to boot :)


Its a wonderful quilt Erin, lucky girl and the binding really pulls it all together perfectly. I am hoping next week to have a photo to share with you, I took your baby quilt idea with the hourglass blocks and made one for my grand daughter. I love it, I used extra blocks on the back like you did with this quilt.


it looks awesome! and i hate hate hate it when babysitters graduate and go off - i get attached to them just like the kids do! (and i need a quilt here tonight. freezing.) xo.

Danna Snider

Beautiful! I love the rich colors. I also love that you can see tiny hands holding the quilt at the top, but no feet at the bottom! I know they are on a landing or something, but it's funny.
Thanks for sharing!


Wow! The binding works wonderfully.


i think this is my favorite erin quilt. hands down. love the colours. the binding. and especially those waves.


I love it! I love the simplicity of using larger pieces of fabric - it means they can all sing out their own loveliness in combination with the others. Nice work :-)


I love your quilt! It's so pretty!

manuela eichenberger locher

It's the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen!
I wish I was able to do it...


Absolutely beautiful! I just love the colors. I'm sure she will cherish it.



Oh! How sweet and thoughtful of you. I'm sure she'll treasure it in college and beyond.


You turned all the last minute challenges into assets. Way to go!


This is positively a fun and fresh quilt. Love the wavy stitching.


How wonderful! I think a quilt from home is a perfect gift for a college-bound lass.


its beautiful, the blues are stunning. what a great gift to give someone that's so important to your family, its like you're sending her off with a hug.


this is so stunning! she is sure to love it. such a sweet gift, straight from the heart.


Perfection I tell you, absolute perfection!!!


Wonderful work! Love the color choices, and especially the large, bold squares!


Nice blog, beautiful bright quilt!


really really gorgeous!




This is a treasure!


What a heartfelt and thoughtful gift! It's gorgeous!


Following the story of this quilt has been so nice. I babysat for a family for just about the same number of years as Liz has for you, and I really felt like they were my family. It was so hard saying goodbye to them when I left for college, too. I'm sure Liz is going to love the quilt. I just hope you'll find another great sitter!


That quilt looks so beautiful...makes me want to make one!


So vibrant and lovely Erin. Every woman should be lucky enough to venture out into the world with a love-infused quilt to remind them of comfort, home and memories.


It's beautiful she's going to love it.


WOW - love this!


I love the wonky "straight" quilting. I just popped in on a whim to see what this blog was all about.

Great site. I'll be back!


She is going to LOVE that, and be so proud to have it on her bed in her room. AMAZING work. :)


MY WORD! I love this quilt. This is exactly what I had in mind for my own quilt! Lovely!


A timely post, well for me anyway. My daughters will be juniors this year and I have been thinking that I should make them each a quilt for college. I should probably start now so I will be finished in time! ;0) I love Anna Maria Horner's fabrics. Fantastic quilt!

Amanda P.

So pretty- what a fab gift- she will love it!


wow. i'll take one!


What a sweet and thoughtful gift to give.
Not only is it warm - but so lovely.
Surely Liz will treasure this!


The colors, thought and intention put into this quilt make it beautiful. Great job.

Anna Maria

Oh wow, what took me so long to see this?

gorgeous job, a good baby sitter is GOLD, I tell you.
xoxo,Anna Maria


erin, it's beautiful! i love the fabrics you chose... they are so vivid and pretty and work so well together. i am sure that she is going to treasure this for a long, long time!


Absolutely amazing quilt. I check out your blog often and like it (yet never comment) but I had to comment on this. You made a beautiful quilt!

stephanie alaine

this is beautiful gorgeous shining. i love it! you are a talented thing!


Awesome! Bright colors, cool prints, great combinations---so inspiring! I have so much fabric, but do I ever get to it? No! Maybe this winter??? Thank you for sharing this quilt--the babysitter will cherish it always.


I love the quilt!


this quilt is gorgeous; love the fabrics and the colors. what a lucky recipient! ;)

Farmgirl Susan

This quilt is fabulous! What a wonderful gift I bet she'll treasure for years and years.


This is MAGNIFICENT! I'm no quilter (or, even, sewer), but we're launching on a fierce cold winter, and I'm dreaming of just such a cozy to keep my youngest two bundled on the a.m. school run. This may be my inspiration. Thanks for sharing.


I've always loved this quilt. :)

I recreated it at my quild's latest retreat. Photos here (front) and (back)! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to quilt this and get the binding on.

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