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Kid crafted wrapping

Liz's quilt


Our babysitter, Liz, has been watching the girls since she was in 7th grade.  She has been my number one, go-to sitter for six years and she is leaving for college next week.  I get a little teary thinking about it - I actually did cry at her graduation party.  The four of us are going to miss her, but she is headed off on to her newest adventure and we couldn't be happier for her.


I finished Liz's quilt on Tuesday night and washed it yesterday.  I am really happy with how it turned out  - in fact, it may be among my favorites.  Blue is Liz's favorite color and I wanted it to play a strong role in her quilt.  I also wanted the design to be something simple and fresh, young and vibrant just like the girl who is receiving it.  I started with a few sets of Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party fat quarters.  I cut 30 separate fat quarters in to rectangles measuring 13" x 15.5" (my fabric was pre-washed).  I arranged them in a grid and sewed them together.  This took me a few hours on a Saturday afternoon in late May.


For the back, I used two pieces of a turquoise solid that I joined using a patchwork strip.  The patchwork rectangles were from the scraps of the original fat quarters.  The back still wasn't long enough so I added another strip.  I told you all what happened with the batting.  Once I had a piece that was big enough, it was time for the quilting.


For the quilting, I chose a blue thread that is slightly darker than the aqua that is on the back.  I'd call it a French blue.  It took me a very long time to decide how to quilt this.  I contemplated many different options until I settled on the wavy horizontal lines.  I used my walking foot and started sewing the lines free motion - well, as free motion as you can with a walking foot.  They were very fun to sew and I love how they look.  For the binding I chose a yellow polka dot (not sure who makes it, sorry) because I really thought the quilt needed a good pop of color.  I think it works well.

On the chair

After washing and drying, the quilt measures 60" x 88".  Now it's time for us to wrap this quilt up and deliver it to Liz.  And then we have to say good-bye.  Pass the tissues.  I'm going to need them.


Amy Hodge

Erin, this is all kinds of wonderful for a new college student. Something with color and love mixed right in. I wish I had had something like this to wrap up in while studying to the wee hours. College just got a little bit better. :)


It's LOVELY!!! I don't think I'll ever make another quilt with a plain back (I think the backs of your quilts are always my favorites!)


gorgeous quilt! i love the color combination - so bright, modern, and vibrant. i bet she'll think it's lovely. the pictures made me smile because i could see four little hands holding onto the quilt at the top, but not four little feet at the bottom to match. took me a second to realize they were standing on the stairs. so cute. :)

Mary Beth

It's just beautiful, Erin. What a lucky girl your babysitter is. Congratulations to her for heading off to college soon.


so lovely.


Wow! I'm inspired.

Jellybean Soup

Wow! I really love it! Sometimes it's wonderful to see the actual pattern in fabric, instead of cutting it all up into small pieces. And the blue backing with the yellow binding? Awesome! :)

amy j.

LOVE it. I have yet to make a quilt, but so desperately want to. I love that design...simple, but so pretty. The fabrics you chose are just perfect. And I love the dotty yellow binding!!


That is GORGEOUS! Sometimes simplicity is the prettiest. I love how it shows of those gorgeous prints. That's one lucky girl!

Jellybean Soup

So beautiful! It's nice to see the pattern in fabric sometimes, as opposed to always cutting it up! And the blue backing with the yellow binding? Awesome!


Oh my gosh! Absolutely stunning! I'll be working on a college quilt this month too.


I think it's great! I love large quilt blocks and your horizontal quilting looks terrific!


so much love has been put into this gift- beautiful!

Alicia A.

Good grief. Do you ever stop?! This is amazing. I think I want to make a quilt now. It's been a LOOOOONG time since I made a quilt. And this might be an easier way to get back into it. Hmmmm.


its so wonderful! I love the way you quilted it too! Sizes and colors are perfect


Great job!! I love the colors.

kelly jo

That is very beautiful, she's going to love it! Just remember, not only is Liz a huge part of your life, but you, your husband and your girls are a huge part of hers as well!


its gorgeous. i love all the AMH fabric and the wavy quilting. and the yellow binding definitely gives it a pop. beautiful work!

Lisa Clarke

Beautiful! So vibrant, and I love the wavy horizontal quilting.

Forget tissues - use the scraps and make yourself a pile of pretty little hankies to take with you :-)


what a lucky girl to get such a beautiful quilt.
great colors!


This quilt is just wonderful! I love all the colour and its simplicity! Such a beautiful gift :)


what a lovely & simple quilt. she will surely love it.


This is just beautiful - I love the use of color and print! She is one lucky girl.


What a beautiful quilt! I'm sure Liz is going to love it!

Ellen Ban

Lucky Liz! I just dropped my youngest off at college last night and I'm still needing the tissues today! I think the yellow binding is perfect! Your work is always exceptional.


The quilt is just beautiful! I love the Garden Party collections, and that yellow binding really pops. Great work!!


Soooo beautiful! I especially love the blocks with the single large flowers- sort of O'Keefe-ish. Anyway this seems semi-doable. I'm starting to work up the courage to try a quilt. I'm getting closer!


it's gorgeous! she is going to love it. I just started free motion quilting a quilt and now I wish I would have done wavy lines!


This is an absolute stunner! I love it. I am already considering some impulse fabric shopping. You have such inspirational pictures and posts. Thank you for sharing such lovely ideas and thoughts.


That is truly beautiful! What a lucky girl!


This is absolutely spectacular!! What a treasure of a gift.


i love it so very much! nice choice on the yellow binding. just perfect.

mrs. Doodle

I have a bundles of FQ from that AMH line and I was thinking of making a quilt like this... it sure shows the fabric off. Thanks for making yours and posting pictures because now I am motivated to start mine:) I love this one.. you did an awesome job!


I love the balance of floral and geometric prints. It's really beautiful.


erin - it's absolutely beautiful! i love the garden party fabrics and that simple design is perfect for those larger prints! what a wonderful gift!

Jessica Brown

Wow, it's stunning. The binding is perfect and I absolutely love both contrast between the pieced parts of the backing and the solid and the wavy quilting. Actually, love it all, really.

A beautiful gift.


Amazing!! This is so gorgeous. I love the large bold fabrics all together. It's such a nice thing to do for Liz, and I'm sure she'll miss you and yours as much as you miss her.


This is so beautiful! Our favorite babysitter graduated and went to college last year -- she had also been babysitting for us since she was in 7th grade (starting when Elisabeth was just 4 months old!). I wish I had made something this nice for her. Maybe I still will. Goodness knows she deserves it!

Beautiful work.

And now I'm officially turning the computer OFF. xoxox

Modern Crush

Absolutely amazing!! What a fortunate lady!!

Lee Anne

I love the quilt. I've always wanted to try my hand at quilting, but most of the patterns seem much to complex for a rookie like me. You're is bright and bold, and I think I could actually make this.


So pretty!


Simple but stunning! A perfect college quilt.


I love the colours in this quilt. Good job!


oh those big blocks of Garden Party--how divine!!

dani@little fists

Very nice. Wavy quilting lines are all I do.


It's beautiful! A fantastic gift.


This is amazing - you always inspire to hop to it and sew something! Beautiful, really.


absolutely gorgeous! what a fun, colorful gift to take to college with her- she's going to have the coolest dorm room on campus! what a treasure of a gift.


Oh this quilt is just divine!


It's a lovely quilt and I'm sure Liz will love it very much!

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