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I never left the house yesterday



Today's plan was to turn this quilt top into a quilt.  It's been sitting around for almost two months waiting for me to finish it up.  Procrastinate much, Erin?  Well, yeah, I do.  But I have been getting better.  Or so I thought.

This morning I pieced the back and taped it to the floor.  I unfolded the batting and smoothed it out over the backing.  I put the top down and gasped.

The batting is 1" too short.

One flipping inch.

And I could probably piece the batting, but I haven't done that before.  Because this is a gift, I am not willing to experiment this time around.  If the quilt were staying here, I might just cut some off the quilt top and call it a day.  But I can't do that - it'll ruin the design and again, it's a gift.

So to the quilt shop we go because our most fantastic babysitter goes to college in a little over a week and her quilt needs to be finished.  Good thing I didn't wait until the absolute last minute because then I'd really be screwed.  Or pulling an all-nighter.  And for goodness sakes, I am too old for that.

I've got lots of other little projects in progress.  Back with some show and tell soon.



oh dear - how frustrating.


I cannot believe that you get the corners to all line up so perfectly! I won't make a quilt out of squares simply becuase I can't align them! (Ok, I'm a complete quilt rookie...)


Oh, I've experience the "batting-too-short" phenomenon. Hope it goes together easily once you have the right size!

Mama Urchin

why is the batting you have never the right size? Good luck with finishing it up.


Beautiful quilt although as a newbie quilter I can attest to the pieces backing working well. I just line up two straight edges and do a long zig zag on the machine over the butted edges. I've seen it go through the wash and quilt up just like a whole cloth batting.

But it never hurts to visit the local store and get more fabric LOL.


ahh! a quilt for your babysitter... to take to college... you are So good, erin. so so good.


Ugh that's happened too many times... not fun! But piecing batting isn't bad at all and is very simple. Although I wouldn't want to have a first go at it when the quilt's a gift.

Lisa Q

what a nice gift! She will love it! I wish I'd have gotten a quilt from the family I babysat for when I went away to college. So nice.


Sometimes I do my best work at the last minute. Good Luck.


I'm a last minute girl myself...but your quilt looks beautiful! (But I also wanted to let you know that for next time, piecing batting is way easier than I ever thought - just line up the edges and do a big zig-zag stitch (don't overlap) and it turns out beautifully...you can't even tell with the finished quilt). Your babysitter will LOVE the quilt!

dani@little fists

It's always 1 flippin' inch, isn't it? I can't wait to see the finished product. Your babysitter should be stoked.


Oh, guh-ROSS!

I have had that happen to me before. I see some gals like to zig-zag but I just butt two pieces up together and lay some fusible interfacing on top and give it a quick press.

Works like a charm!


can't wait to see the quilt...AMH's garden party line is my all time fav!


what a sweet, sweet gift... good luck!


...been there


That looks familiar! :) Ive pieced batting before and it turned out pretty well. But I understand the hesitation. I can't wait to see it finished!


Hi! I came over from PVE your blog title caught my eye. I'm glad it did! I wish I could sew, knit or Crochet... sigh... maybe one day. I still have fears as a child taking sewing lessons. Many, many... summers ago during summer break, my mom signed me up for sewing lessons. The sewing teacher begged me to ask my mom to put me into something else for the summer. LOL...

I'm off to sign up to follow you too!

Have a golden day! xoxo


I'm right there with you!!! I am working my first ever quilt, and I was just following the directions cut the batting 3 or so inches shorter that the back.. yeah well it's also 3 or so inches than the top too!! After reading some of the comments I might try to piece it, especially since it's just for me...the next thing I need to conquer is quilting it.


Piecing is actually really easy and the quilting helps to keep it in place. But you know, for an inch...I would just stretch it a bit. :) I know that probably goes against everything anyone has ever said or taught about quilting, but it never has been an issue when i've done it. Quilting and washing hide a multitude of mishaps. :)


Hey, I think about 75% of all my quilts so far had pieced batting, and I had the polyester stuff, so it was really nasty piecing - no one including me could ever tell afterwards where the seam(s) were. CrazyMom has a great tutorial on piecing batting, she does it the same way some of the others described here and posted pictures. I described how I piece polyester on my blog, but I see you're using the nice stuff, good on ya! I'm slowly working down the super-cheap-sale poly stuff I've got, but I've treated myself to cotton/bamboo batting recently - very nice to work with!




The babysitter will love it... you're the sweetest! Can't wait to see the final product.


OH, I am so sorry! I can't wait to see the finished quilt. I love the colors!


A good babysitter is a lovely thing. I am sure you will miss her, and she'll love your quilt.

Kelly Wilsey

Oy vey! ONE INCH?!?! I like the glimpse you showed us. HAPPY FRIDAY!

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